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The following is a story from a copyrighted text. It is provided here for educational purposes. In particular, to bring the readerís awareness how we are all equals and each play a role for another or others.

The following is a story told by Swami Muktananda that reflects how we each are equals playing a role for each other in Creation. The story is a follows:

There was a group of princes that decided to open a club where they could come together and socialize and be with their peers. The reason for this was quite simple, being princes, they had no other peers in their kingdoms with whom to socialize as an equal, other than maybe their brothers. As everyone knows, no brother considers his brother a peer - they are always older or younger. These princes wanted to be completely free with each other in every way so they wanted no one other than a peer within the confines of the club. But that posed a problem. Who would cook for there were no cooks? Who would clean for there were no servants? Who would handle the finances of the club because there was no finance minister? The list when on and on. So the princes decided each to play a role based on what they liked to do or thought would be interesting. One decided to cook for he like cooking. One was an neatness freak so he chose to keep the club clean. Others liked to paint and fix things up. Others like accounting. And the volunteers went on and on. In the end, the club of princeís ran well, each prince playing a role he had elected to play.

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