Conditions You Face in a Creative Endeavor

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Any creative endeavor is to bring into existence something not previously experienced and/or significantly different from the past. One view is that we must enter the unknown to find what we need to manifest what we desire. However, there is another view. It is the view that all already exists. We just don't see it because of how our attention and awareness is focused. In this second case, there is something that is blocking us from seeing and/or experiencing what we desire to have. Here the condition we face is not so much the unknown as such, but rather what is within our own mind that keeps us from seeing that path to what we desire.

Creation can be seen as a vast pool of oscillating energy moving into and out of form. All arises out of the experience we have of this energy moving into and out of form. What we experience is simply based on how we focus our attention and awareness. When we shift our focus, we can see into the future and/or into the past for there are deep undercurrents giving rise to Creation. How accurately we see is another issue. But we can see. We can know how we should or shouldn’t respond in any situation. If we are present in the moment, we can feel the changes before they come. Although we can not be fully prepared for the changes before the come, we an have a reasonable idea of how to move.

For example, animals have been observed to sense certain changes such a earthquakes or forest fires. We tend to try and explain such events for example saying the animals are more sensitive changes in the local magnetic field as a result of the earthquake or they can smell the fire before the fire actually comes. It doesn’t matter how we try and explain what they sense. What is important to realize is we are made of the same “stuff “of creation/Creation of which they are made. That is, somewhere within our being, we have the same types and kinds of abilities. We can sense the seen and unseen realms of Creation. We only have not developed those abilities.

To be aware of the conditions we face, and develop such abilities, we need to be living in the moment as a detached witness. To be in the moment our attention and awareness must be focused on what you are doing and on the situation at hand. Our mind cannot be preoccupied with worrying about other things.

It is said in this material that our creative life energy flows to create an experience that on which we have placed the focus of our attention and awareness. Relative to creative endeavors, it needs to be realized that if we do create our experiences and the reality of those experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness it is only the focus of our attention and awareness which is obstructing what we desire to experience. To manifest what we desire it is an issue of changing our focus.

However, most often what we face in a creative endeavor is external to us. There are things we need to do in the world and there are things the world has not given us that we need to create what we desire. It appears that our creative endeavors are held hostage by the external world. However, as discussed in the topics the “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors,” “The Bridge Point of the Inner and Outer Creative Power,” and the “Environment and Unfoldment of a Creation,” our inner world is reflected externally and they are connected like a paper cut out and its hole. Although the external world and the issue which we need to face in the external world seem separate from us, they are integrally connected to how we have focused our attention and awareness.

The conditions we face are ultimately the internal landscape our creative life energy must flow through to manifest what we desire. The intention we hold creates a flow of energy. That flow of energy is what gives rise to the experience we desire. It flows the path of least resistance through our internal landscape to give us the experience we desire.

The internal environment consists of the landscape created by our beliefs structure. It also gives rise to the creation we experience externally. The environment in which it will flow is determined by our conscious, subconscious and unconscious beliefs and intentions. They form a mental landscape across which the flow of our creative life energy as determined by the intention we hold must flow to manifest what we desire. Fear, past memories, the beliefs we hold and the like create this landscape. More often than not it is the fear and pain of the past which arise as obstacles to what we desire to create. We may experience the obstacle externally in some way, but ultimately they lie within. They lie along the path on which the energy if flowing to manifest our desired intention. These fears and past memories are part of and inherent to what gives rise to our internal landscape as it exists. They cannot be avoided. It is only natural that they arise as our creative life energy flows through that landscape.

The internal landscape is much like the terrain of a continent determines the rate and pattern of flow of a river traveling across that terrain. As we change our conscious, subconscious and unconscious beliefs and intentions and address the fear and pain of the past, we change the terrain or landscape across which the flow of energy created by our intention must flow. Hence, we can change the rate at which what we desire can manifest if we do the correct mental work.

What needs to be realized is that if we fear one thing or another, internally or externally, it is only the past surfacing to obstruct our creative endeavors. When fear does surface, we can use the wisdom and lessons learned of the past. We can wisely use what we fear to provide ways to address any hazards, new or old, that may be found in the unknown. The key to making any journey safe is to not walk blindly. It is to walk both internally and externally in mindfulness and awareness of the conditions we face as they arise and incorporate the lessons learned by us or another, as appropriate, for our creative endeavor.

Key to this process is our creative imagination. It is there we can go and experiment and explore in the safety of our own mind the options that are available to us. We can then bring those options out into the world through a ritual or metatheater to pilot test them to see how they feel and to get an idea of how successful they could be.

What needs to be realized is that the creative imagination is the equivalent of the classroom experience of a subject. The manifestation of that idea is the equivalent of the laboratory experience. The laboratory or experiential part allows us to feel the energy of the idea flowing into manifestation in Creation. Creation of a ritual or metatheater allows us to feel the energy to know if it is the feeling we desire to create. It may not feel exactly the same as the real experience, but it will give us a good idea as to whether or not we are moving in the correct direction for what we desire to create.

We will have to experience the two and explore different options and how different environments affect the manifestation. There is an enormous amount of information we can gain to understand how to manifest what we desire before we cast it into a form that is hard to reverse. It needs to be realized that some environments are readily supportive of our desires and others do not. But the fact your current environment does not support our creative endeavors only means you may have to change the environment to create what you desire. The question is, “How?” The answer to this question lies within how we have focus our attention and awareness.

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