Death and dissolution


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Death and dissolution
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Inner feminine withdrawal/separation

The ninth step in the creative/creation process is stated as: death and dissolution into component parts [inner feminine withdrawal/separation]

Death (Top)

Death in the creative/creation process is not what we think it is and how most of us experience death.

Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. In any one moment all the energy of Creation is either in form or flowing into form. To create something new, something old must be transform. Something old must cease to exist. That is death. Death is only the dissolving of the old form into the basic materials of creation to be recast into a new creation.

Death is the full dissipation of a flow of energy. It many ways it is like a river flowing from the mountains to the sea. When it reaches the sea, the form and the energy of the river is lost and water of the river dissipate into the sea. It may take a little time for the waters of the river to actually mix with the sea and totally dissolves and dissipates into the sea. But once the river has reached the sea, it can be said the river meets it death.

Death is the completed return or a full cycle of the ebb and flow of energy. It is the full cycle of separation and return to wholeness. It is annihilation of the creation and that from which the creation arose. Death is the final joining of the masculine and feminine aspects of creation such that the masculine and feminine pair which gave rise to the flow of energy cease to exist. In this regard, any joining of the masculine and feminine will result in a death of some type.

Death is a liberation. It liberates the materials of creation to make them available for the next creation. In this sense death is orgasmic. The freed energy will create a “rush” of energy. There will be a feeling of expansion in the death as the energy becomes freed. Death can be experienced as the dark night of the soul as we hold onto that which dies. Or, it can be experienced as the Kundalini rising to give life.

How ever we look at it, there must be a death for life to arise. If we postpone death in some way, are only preventing a new life from arises. There is no death as many of us conceive it and how we think of it. Many of us see death as the end and fail to see it is only the transformation into a new life. The form of the materials may change but their essence does not.

As a human our essences is the energy and awareness which gives rise to the body. It is not the body. That which is us is like the minimum flow of energy which gives rise to the creation of a particle and antiparticle in pair production. It is not lost when the particles are annihilated. That energy still exist. Only its form changes. Our essence is the awareness which observes. It cannot not exist. It was and will always by. It may go to sleep and become unaware of itself. But it nevertheless always was and always will be. There is no death. There is only the transformation of one form into another.

Death, experienced as the ceasing of something to exist, exists only because of the perspective we hold. If we look at the life of any creation there is it birth, it preservation and then its death followed by a quietness or not existence. But this perspective is to view the creative/creation process from either within the eyes of the creation and/or within the world of the creation. There are multiple perspectives available. Form other perspectives we can seen that within the perceived quietness there is also a birth, a preservation and death in the unseen world. In the unseen world beyond the world of death there is life. Death exist only in relation to an expressed creation. In actually there is an ongoing, never ending, cycle of birth, preservation, death, dissolution and rebirth. We can look the “Making music analogy for the creative/creation process” and look at the quiet between the notes as the death of the note. Yet, there is movement in the unseen to make the next note.

Dissolution (Top)

What is important in death is the dissolution of the existing form. Without the dissolution and dissolving of the existing, the new cannot come into existence. Creation, and the natural processes of creation, do a pretty good job of dissolving the past so that it can be recast into the new. Without the interference of consciousness choosing something new, the naturally ebb and flow of energy will recycle the current form into a new form as the energy of creation flows in and out.

What is important is how our consciousness interjects itself into the process. Any single flow of energy can be expressed in a infinite number of ways. Creation at any level of being forms, or comes into existence, by directing a flow of energy based on how and what we think and believe. What is important is whether or not we allow the energy giving rise to any one experience we have to totally and adequately dissipate to be available for the next. We are the creator of the experience we have. We will experience the creative/creation process unique to ourselves for it is what is giving rise to the experiences we have. It doesn’t matter what others do. It is us who are determining what we are experiencing and we do it by how and where we bind, block or otherwise not let our creative life energy to freely flow.

What ever view we choose to take to view creation/Creation, we have experience after experience encountering our world. We define ourselves by those experiences. We are a creative living process continually redefining ourselves by our experiences. Some experiences reinforce the identity we have. Other experiences for us to change who and what we think we are. Nevertheless, we are constantly open to change in moment. The question is how big a change do we make in any one moment.

Death happen around us not to us. We are the awareness which looks out from within. We are not the identity we give to the awareness. Look all that has fallen from our life. It is the same at every level of being. What we don’t realize is we are multidimensional beings and we do this at a variety of levels and each level produces a different experience in the process. Physical death is only one space of the dying process. There are an infinite number of levels of constantly dying and coming alive. We have only localized our consciousness in the physical expression of our being in our body. Yet there is an infinite number of other dimensions in which we can localize.

Consider the myriad of different roles we play in life. We claim the identity of those roles and die to the experiences in those role allowing, or not allowing, the experience of those roles to dissolve or not dissolves from our memory. We follow this cycle of life and death whenever we have an experience of any aspect of creation. We have these experiences every day when we awake and go to sleep. It is not different when we are born and die. It is just a different level of being.

Our problem is we frequently attach ourselves to fragments of the experience so we usually never complete dissolve the previous experience. We hold these fragments in our mind as our memory. We hold them for so long we identify with them and the become part of our ego structure. Memory and identification with the memories is what create the ego and the ego is false.

The ego is what is afraid to die. The awareness that is us not afraid of death for it knows it cannot die. It simply slips into a new identity. Yet we tend to be afraid of anything new which may destroy the ego. It trying to protect ourselves from our a perceived death, we fractionate our energy and slowly give our power away to the past memories or to external attachments.

When we die to an experience the energy of the experience dissolves and dissipates. When the energy of the experience dissipates, we can experience the death of the experience. The memory of the experience will always remain. Some of those memories we use to define ourselves. Others we just hold. The question is whether or not we keep energy bound in the experience. By keeping energy in the experience we hold ourselves bound to the past. The energy is no longer free to flow into a new creation. Rather than flowing into the sea the bound energy continually seeds the energy we free in our life to crystalize or form into a new creation that is based or patterned on the past. How much we create that is truly new and how much of it is only a repeat from the past determines how much energy we allow to be bound in the memories we hold. It is here that the seeds of heaven and hell reside.

If we are in heaven, our creative life energy is free and it is available to create whatever we desire. If we are in hell, we cannot free our energy and we are stuck in the past. We have little freedom to create something new. Yet, hell is only a cage of our own making. No one holds us to the past but ourselves. We hold the key to our own freedom or imprisonment. No one can unlock the door to our cage but ourselves. Each death gives us the opportunity to let go and become free.

Each death giving us the opportunity to let go and become free is why so many perceive heaven to be something that occurs after life. Many see the need to transcend and/or leave the physical to become free and/or to find heaven. But heaven, as is hell, is here an now. It is simply matter of allowing our creative life energy to be free or bound in the memories we hold and the experiences we have. It is a matter of how we have or have not defines ourselves in the experience we have.

True freedom and freedom from the experience of death is to become like the wind, coning with noting and leaving with nothing. There will always be change and there will always be the transformation of energy from one form into another. But the experience of death is only the view we get from the perception we hold - namely from looking from the perspective of the creation or from the world of the creation.

Incompleteness (Top)

Death at any level is important because it is a stripping away that which is not of the essence at that level. It gives us an opportunity to become free. When we die to any experience, there are things that remain uncompleted or incomplete such a unfulfilled desires and aspects of relationships with people that are still drawing our energy. Any item that would bind our energy to the past on the death of any experience are the items that need to be completed. If we physically died right now, the question is, “What things would remain uncompleted or incomplete in our life - do we know what they are and are we making any attempt to complete them?”.

We can look at completion with something or someone as being a state where the energy around or involved in creating the experience is totally dissipated. If we have energy still bound in an experience in any way, there is something or some aspect which remains incomplete. These must be completed if we are going to free our creative life energy.

Normally our energy is attached to something incomplete in one four ways. One is through our desires and wants. There are things we want and desired that have not been fulfilled. The second is our refusal to deal with an issue. There are aspects to our being such as certain protective habits of the past that do not allow us to fully express one or more aspect of our being. The third is binding our energy to a memory in any way and not let go. It could be something we resent or cherish in what we experienced. It doesn’t matter how we bind our energy. What matters is our energy is bound. The fourth way is a little more subtle. Any experience to which we have a relatively strong attachment and we have not experienced the all the aspects of the attachment. This is a desire that has been met but not all the way. It is incomplete not meet because of us facing habits of the past. It is not that we are trying to avoid some aspect of the experience or simply want the thrill or enjoyment of the experience. It is simply the experience was not fully had for one reason or another.

In all cases, it is us who remains uncompleted. The object of our focus is only the external manifestation of the internal condition. We need to determine how we are going to address what is in complete in way that does not deny ourselves and further bind our creative life energy. The biggest completion issue we have in our lives is revolves around the question, “Are you having the experiences we incarnated to have or are we living our life other than what we incarnated to experience?”

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Inner feminine withdrawal/separation

Inner feminine withdrawal/separation (Top): As discussed in the creative/creation process Energy Generation Step, energy generation is about the arrangement and movement of objects in relationship to each other. What this means is that each creation unfolds with a given initial amount of energy which flows toward some ground point where it is dissipated. Natural death occurs when all the energy is dissipated. The energy that is flowing to sustain the creation to dissipation is the inner feminine creative aspect of being. The dissipation of the energy and subsequent death can be seen as the withdrawal of the feminine and the feminine becomes totally separated from the creation. What is interesting to note is that if the feminine which is supplying the source of energy to sustain the creation is withdrawn for whatever reason before all the energy is dissipated, part of, if not the creation itself will die. Here again, it is important that the inner masculine is available to create and protect a safe and secure space for the inner feminine to nurture the desire creation.

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