Implications and observations from pair annihilation


Living in a world in which we don’t belong

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Implications and observations from pair annihilation
 Living in a world in which we don’t belong
Transcending the duality of the creation
Living in a world in which we don’t belong

In looking at the pair annihilation phenomenon, two observations can be made applicable to our creativity. The first is the benefit in transcending the duality of the creation. The second is the types and kinds of kinds place on the antiparticle to keep it “alive” in environment that is not its natural environment.

Transcending the duality of the creation (Top)

The natural process is for the positron to be annihilated by an electron. However, by manipulating the environment of the electron-positron pair, we can create a new environment and hold the positron in a magnetic field in a vacuum to prevent its annihilation with an electron. We can literally “keep it alive” indefinitely. Of course, although we would have to expend some energy to do that, we can nevertheless do it. It is interesting to note that the path of the positron in this containment field will be circular or of a cyclic shape. We cannot make the containment field infinite large such that the particle can travel other than in a circular path and be kept from annihilation with an electron.

The important point here is that to understand how this particle is kept in existence we need to step out of the particle’s view and look at the pair of particles and the entire process from outside the positron. If we did not do so, we would not see the solution and understand how to change the environment to keep the positron in existence. By not stepping out of the particle’s view we would not see that the anti-particle was really in an unnatural environment and the environment needs to be radically changed to allow the positron, the anti-matter, to exist in the material world. Under the correct conditions the material world will allow positrons to form and come into existence. But the environment cannot sustain those forms unless the environment is in some way altered.

The observation that needs to be made here is that it is sometimes necessary to transcend the duality of the creation and the material from which it was created to find the environment that will sustain our creation. The fact that you have created something new does not necessarily mean that our environment will sustain it. We may have to create a new environment.

What this means that often we will need to transcend the duality of our own thinking. We need to realized our thinking is what created the original idea that we execute in our current world. To transcend the duality of our own thinking and the environment of that thinking we will need to suspend how and what we think about the situation. This includes suspending our beliefs and judgements about the situation to look at a new environment that will sustain the creation. We need to understanding our current thinking is an environment in which to conceive and/or perceive certain types and kinds of thoughts. To think differently and have different thoughts we have to change what we believe. Alternatively said, we need to transcend the duality of the view we used to create our creation or to find or create a new environment that will sustain our new creation.

Living in a world in which we don’t belong (Top)

What is also interesting to note is assuming the positron had feelings, from the view of the positron, captured in a magnetic field, it probably would feel very confined and unable to have the freedom of movement that it would like. However, the freedom of movement it would like would annihilate its existence. The fact that it is captured and contain is what allows it to remain "alive" and experience creation in particulate form. It is the boundaries of its containment field that keeps it in the form that it is. If you remove the boundaries you destroy the particle.

The second way to see pair annihilation is to return to the paper cutout we create from the pair production phenomenon as in the “Creating a cutout” figure. If we return the paper cutout to the piece of paper from which it came  as diagramed in the figure “Cutout remaining in the hole”  and simply put the paper heart back into the hole in the paper it is much like pour a cup of water back into a bowl of water. We annihilated the paper cutout and returned to the original state before the creation. Once we have returned the paper to it original form we can then do a new cutout, one that is more to our liking.








There are two comments that we can make relative to arranging the physical world based on returning the cutout to the hole. The first comment is the recognition that our physical existence may not be our natural state. Actually the reverse may be true. That is, we are like the antiparticle. We have come into an existence as a physical form that would go quickly out of existence unless there was the imposition of some type on the environment that sustains our physical form. Rather than seeing our physical world in the way an electron would experience the world, we may need to see our physical world as unnatural and we are kept alive by the way our life is contained within set of boundaries as we would keep the positron “alive” in a magnetic field.

For many individuals, their consciousness feels trapped within a physical form that does not allow its full expression of who and what it is. The consciousness seems to know that is it capable of doing and being more that its physical body and the physical experiences it has, yet it can’t seem to act on these feelings. The consciousness can feel very trapped.

What is suggesting here is that these feelings are very real and are in fact true. Our consciousness is confined and trapped within a controlled environment to allows us to experience physical existence as a human. In much the same way antimatter must be contained within a vacuum and a magnetic field to sustain its existence in the physical world, our consciousness must be contained within certain limits and barriers of the physical form of being human to experience human life. Additionally the feelings that there are cyclic patterns to our lives and the physical world is also true and only a result of the containment field that is uses to sustain physical creation.

If we break out of the boundary of being human, we will annihilate ourselves and cease to exist as being human. It some ways we are like the astronauts who experience walking in space and on the moon. They need to be contain within their space suit to have the experience. Although the space suit limits the full experience of being in space or on the moon, without the limits and barriers of the space suit they could not be in that environment. Because the space suit can only contain so much oxygen, one must continually return to the space ship to replenish their oxygen supply so the astronauts life has a cyclic pattern to it that cannot be escaped.

You could say that our bodies only contain so much capacity to experience life and we need to return to a place to recharge and resupply our creative life energy, hence we all need to return to sleep several hours every day or we just do not have the energy to sustain ourselves. By the proper working with our bodies, we can increase both our supply of creative life energy and how much energy we can use or channel at any given time. This then allows us to expand the creativity that we can achieve for we have greater supplies of energy to form creation than were previously not possible.

On this note, humans die and leave this physical environment in which we find ourselves causing our physical form, namely our body to dissociates (if we allow natural process to occur) and return a basic state. The human being can be said to be annihilated on our death but it just takes a little longer for our bodies to dissolve for the physical plane does have a time lag associated with its processes. We can also use this fact to assume that this physical state in which we find ourselves in not our natural state. These physical forms that we inhabit, are only the physical particulate form or expression of the energy that is our being.

Realizing that our physical body is only the physical expression of our energy, the same can said for every level of our being. Our spiritual, mental, and emotional aspect each aspects have an expression. Some are reflected in actual physical form and some are not. This is an important concept that we will build on for learning how to transcend the duality of any situation to find creative solutions. Here the duality refers to us seeing ourselves as a separated and isolated particle in the universe as opposed to our external reality being commonly shared and are one and the same and each is only a reflection of the other.

The second comment about feeling contained within a controlled environment is that knowing it is possible to create an environment that sustains a creation that is unnatural to the environment in which it is created and that we are such creations, we can annihilate parts of ourselves and recreate what that part represents by combining that part with it opposite or “anti-part.” We can then take the energy that is released as the supply of energy for the recreation.

This then takes us to sacrifice and learning how to sacrifice the correct things. To do this, first is the recognition that it is possible and our physical form is the unnatural state. We only need to then select what part we wish to annihilate and find its representation in the physical world. We then merge the two parts together and take the energy releases to recreate the part in the manner of our choosing.

If you recall, we said the antiparticle is defined by the external world and the physical boundaries is the fabric and what defines the hole. We only need to look at what “boundary” exists external to us for that part inside ourselves that we wish to annihilate. In the world of oneness there are no boundaries and there are no limits. It is our boundaries and limits that create and sustain our form. By address what we think is a boundary or limit of defining who and what we are, we can annihilate that part of ourselves and recreate it with a different set of boundaries more to our liking.

Whether we realize it or not, we do it all the time subconsciously. It is hoped that the writing on this and related web sites provide you with an understand as to how to do it consciously for any aspect of your life. This understanding is the key to how we create our reality and how we are creation within creation recreating creation.

To sustain ourselves in physical form with all the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects that go with our current particular physical form takes energy and it is our creative life energy that sustains our this form. Here the physical form we refer to is not just our bodies but the also the world we have created around us. However, some aspects of our current form, whether it be a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical aspect takes more energy than we have to expend to sustain that form. If we learn to let go of those aspects of our being that require great expenditures of energy we will find life becomes much more pleasurable and harmonious.

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