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As a human being, to create is to bring into existence something not previously seen or experienced or significantly different than which is seen or experienced in the past. The most basic process we use to create is that we find ourselves within a given environment or situation and get an original thought. We then act in the best way we know how to manifest that thought. Because it is new and previously unseen, we stumble and have our false starts until finally we gain a sufficient understanding, that minimum set of experience, to manifest the thought we hold.

As such, our initial exploration of creativity involve looking to get those creative thoughts. A variety of techniques are used. We use vision quests, brain storming sessions, looking to see and learn what others have done (lessons learned) and what did and didnít work in our own past. As an initial approach, and for many of the things we desire to create in life, such an approach works fine.

If we explore creativity and how we create the experiences we have, we find there is much more to our creativity and what we are capable of creating that we can first imagine. We find, as a minimum, we are greatly influenced by the environment in which we find ourselves. Ultimately we are each part of a larger process and play a variety of roles within this larger process.

If are capable of finding the creative ideas we need and manifest them in our life, we really need to do nothing. We have what we need. There is no need to explore creativity and how we create to any greater depth.

However if we are unable to find the creative solutions we desire and/or are having difficult manifesting the thought we have, we will need to dig deeper into the creative/creation process. In most cases the issue is not that we cannot find the solutions we seek nor manifesting anything we desire. What we usually find is that it is our own thinking and beliefs which keep us from accessing what we seek. A deeper exploration into creative is no so much learning about creativity and how we create, although that is part of the process. Rather, it is a journey into the exploration and discovery of ourselves. It is a journey of discovery and exploration of who and what we really are and how and why we have come to think and believe want we do about ourselves and the world we inhabit.

The recommendation made here is to hold our creativity sacred and allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth. If we choose to explore the creative/creation process and/or delve deeper into the depth and breadth of what creative power we actually possess, we have two options. One is to do what our mind thinks the other is to follow our intuitive guidance.

To follow what mind thinks is to use the masculine aspect of creation. The masculine way of manifesting a thought is to act on the thought by inserting that though into reality by our actions. It is to act based on what mind knows. Using the feminine aspect of creation is to put that thought into the fertile field of our being and grow that thought into a form in the way we would plant and seed in a fertile field. The feminine way to create is to act based on what intuitively arises from the unseen

To follow what our mind thinks, we do whatever we think we need to do. However, understand mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. By following what mind thinks we risk simply recreating the past in a new way. There are a variety of applications of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity if you wish to start your journey into explore creativity with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials.

To follow your intuitive guidance, ask it what you need to do then honor the intuitive guidance you get and iterate our inquiry as necessary. Although it may not be obvious to our mind, it will lead us in the fastest way to create what we desire. Why this is true is explained in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials.

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