Natures way of dealing with the issue of the feminine giving more


The implications of the feminine giving more as it applies to our creativity

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Natures way of dealing with the issue of the feminine giving more
Nature’s way
The implications of the feminine given more as it applies to our being
The implications of the feminine give more on our creativity

The natures way of dealing with the issue of the feminine always giving more in a creative effort provides some insight about our body, our being, and our creation, and how we need to be aware to nurture and cherish the body.

Nature’s way (Top)

Within the creative/creation process the role and function of the feminine will always give more than the masculine role and function requires. In essence, the female gives part of herself to become the new creation. The energy for creation comes through her and often a part of her is transformed into the creation. Additionally she needs to have or create a safe and secure space to nurture her offspring. She looks to the male to help provides such a safe and secure space.

There is an interesting observation in nature that appears to be a direct result or recognition of the fact the feminine gives more to any creative effort than the masculine. Scientist who have studied the mating patterns and sexuality believe that the male ornamental characteristics in many species are to entice the females to select them. Males fight competitions over females for the right to mate. Normally it is not the other way around. Females do not fight for the right to mate.

There is a seduction through sexual display and female choice. It is believed the female are given the right to choose because of the effort expended in raising young. Because the female spends so much effort in raising offspring, they want a good mate. Hence the male competition to get female attention.

The females hold out for the best genes as displayed in what the species has evolved in the male ornaments. The important indicators of the best males, the male traits or secondary sex characteristics, then become literally or figuratively bright and exaggerated over time. In this process of demonstrating suitability, the behavioral traits can be as important a physical traits.

What is interesting to note about this process is role reversal. Role reversal does happen in nature where the males nurture the young. In these cases, the females are observed to take on male characteristics. It all appears to depend on which sex competes for mates as opposed to those that nurture the young.

Yet this is in some way true for any creation. The feminine is often unwilling to commit herself until it is in a space where it feels safe and secure. Alternatively said, conditions must first be correct for the masculine and feminine to join to create the required flow of energy for the creation to occur and it is the feminine who determines what is safe and how to proceed. Otherwise, the feminine in some way is violated..

The application of this understanding to our creativity enters around two areas. One the body and the other is our inner feminine.

The implications of the feminine given more as it applies to our being (Top)

This phenomenon is important because it has a bearing on our being and especially the body and how well our body functions in our creative effort. Energetically, as the energy flows to create the human experience the body can be seen as the feminine for it is what is nurtured and sustained any experience in accordance with the flow of creative life energy to create the experience desired by creator and our mind.

It needs to be emphasized, the feminine is energized or catalyzed into action when it loved, accepted and embraced for who and what it is, and feels safe, secure, protected and taken care of by the masculine aspect of being. In our case, the body will function much more efficiently when the mind creates a way where the body is loved, accepted embraced for who and what it is as it is and is give a safe and secure space in which to grow. In many ways much of our lives are spent in trying to make many of these things happen to at least at the physical level. We look to create a home were the body is safe, secure and protected. However many of us fail to effectively move into the spiritual, mental an emotional realms with the being. Our body is only one aspect of our being. We need the same for our spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of being.

Many do not meet their needs at a spiritual, mental and emotional level. Alternatively said, the body, is literally and symbolically, our being and a manifestation of energy within energy consciousness has a consciousness. That consciousness has spiritual, mental and emotional and physical needs. There are things the body needs of which our mind may be totally unaware of existing because of its beliefs and how it has focus its attention and awareness. Many find it difficult to love, accept and embrace the body for who and what it is. Yet, in denying it we deny our being.

Many do not realize the fact that the body and our being seek a warm and fuzzy place in safety and comfort. The masculine mind does not feel. It is relatively cold and enduring. The ability of mind to be cold and enduring can be seen in the many disciplines yogic techniques that subject the body to extreme disciplines and control even to the point of atrophying parts of the body. Yet, to deny the body and what it needs is only a denial of the feminine aspect of being.

The feminine effort is reflected in dancing, nourishing and surrendering to being present to what is and allowing it to happen. It is the opposite of controlling and forcing an action. The feminine flows with what is, as it is. To get in touch with that flow we must be open to allowing the body and our being to feel and respond to what it feels.

Within our being, this means the mind does not control the heart and what is symbolized in the heart. Rather, it does everything in its power to create a space to allow what is symbolized in the heart to freely express itself in the world. Externally, the feminine aspect looks for that warm and fuzzy, safe comfortable place where it feels the nourishment it is accustomed to giving. In many ways our body is the external reflection of our feminine creative aspect of being and what we create with that body is reflective of our masculine aspect of being. We only need to look at the external world we have created to get some idea as to how effectively we have, or have not, balanced our inner masculine and inner feminine.

The implications of the feminine give more on our creativity (Top)

The implications on our creativity of the feminine giving more is related to the inner feminine and the effect lies on a spectrum. At one extreme many see little to no effect. At the other extreme, it can be debilitating. What we experience depends on how open we are to what we feel.

Within each of us is an inner masculine and an inner feminine. Our inner feminine is what nurtures all our creation and our creative efforts. It is what supplies the energy to act in the world. It is why supplies a passion for life and feeling alive. Our inner feminine is reflected in our creative spirit and the flow of our creative life energy. It is what gives us life. As any feminine, it seek a safe and secure space to be protect to nurture its creation. It looks for that masculine aspect who will provide what it seeks.

Our inner masculine is reflected in what we think and believe and it can span a spectrum of options. At one end, it can reflect the our truth and the truth of our being. At the other end it totally reflects our enculturated programming and the experiences of our life. Most of us have been trained to have our inner masculine act on our enculturation, and in fact, most have had their inner masculine castrated. Our inner masculine provides that which excites the inner feminine to create life within our body to act to create and nurture creation. The inner feminine is what gives rise to our passion to act in life. The passion to act is the inner feminine supplies the flow of energy to nurture the desired creation. It creates both an inner and outer life. The inner life is the passion, desire and will to act. The out life is the life we create by our actions in the world to create what is desired by the inner masculine. If the inner feminine is not sufficiently excited by the inner masculine, she will not act and we will not have the passion or will to act. Or, she can be excited sufficiently to act but in a way that does not server her or the inner masculine.

In the external world the female usually has more than one male from which to choose. So too the inner feminine. The inner feminine has more than one masculine from which to choose. Usually she has three. There is the inner masculine that is reflective of the truth of our being. There is the inner masculine reflective of our enculturate and what we have come to think and believe. Then there is the inner masculine who listens and looks externally for what needs to be done in life.

We all possess an inner knowing. We all possess an inner truth. That inner knowing is reflective of our the truth of our being and the truth that lies within our creative spirit. It is to live true to ourselves and who and what we are. It is accessed by what we feel and discerning what we feel in any given moment about the situation we face.

However, there is a seeming paradox to reveal this inner knowing and inner wisdom. It is for the inner masculine to surrender to the wisdom and knowledge contained within our creative spirit. It is for the inner masculine to make it safe for the inner feminine to nourish the truth within itself. It is here that lies the truth that all spiritual traditions seek. Yet to access it and live it causes us to be different. It causes us to walk the left hand path in the external world. It takes a very strong will and courage to live this truth. Without a mature inner masculine, the inner feminine will not be safe in living this truth so she will seek what appears to be a safer partner with whom to creative life. She look to that enculturated inner masculine or to someone or something in the external world to make it safe.

The truth of our own being is then replace by who and what we have come to think and believe as a result of the experiences we have had in life. Here we replace our own truth and what we know form an inner discernment of energy by our past experiences. It is to take all we have experienced in life, including our enculturation, and act on what we have come to claim as our own truth. It is to live true to what we personally have come to know and understand. Here we walk our own path in life but it is not as radical as the path we travel when we live true to our own inner wisdom. This inner masculine is reflective of our ego and what we want in life based on who or what we have come to believe about ourselves. It is to create a life based on the ego. Although the inner feminine may not be fully served by the inner masculine as defined by our ego, it is usually sufficient motivated to act in life to create a life arising from the ego.

Yet, there is often an even stronger inner masculine to claim the attention of the inner feminine. It is the external authority replacing the inner masculine. It is to come to believe that we do not know what is best for us from any understanding within ourselves. It is to rely totally on an external authority of some type to direct and guide our life. Usually this external authority castrates our inner masculine in some way such that our inner truth is rendered totally infertile to excite the inner feminine. Here the inner feminine is taught to totally rely on external guidance as to what her energy nourishes in life. Her the inner feminine seek the best offer externally.

We will literally “sell ourselves to the devil” if we feel we can get what is needed to nourish our inner feminine and create that space for her to nurture her creation. Sadly, most of us do. It is when this inner feminine is not free to nourish the truth within her being reflective of the truth within our creative spirit that we create a life that does not serves us. If we are open to feeling, we will feel pain and may be driven to numb the pain in some way. Here lies the root of many addictions. The life that we are being asked to live so inadequately nurtures our inner feminine that we have to numb what we feel. We then become addicted to whatever it is we use to numb the pain.

Whether we realize it or not, most of us have been trained and enculturated to trust the external first and only trust the knowledge we gain in living life and in what we are taught about life if we are well positioned in society. That is, we are taught to seek an external recognition of our truth before we act on the what we have come to know and understand about life. We are also taught not to list our own inner wisdom unless it corresponds to the external truth given to us. This is why we are lead to we seek those external authorities how “know” our problem when we face difficulties in life. Yes there are individual who can be a great help in any situation we face. But we also have an inner wisdom that arises from the intention for our life and why we are here in the first place and know the uniqueness of our own being.

The dance we face is to come to know when our inner wisdom should guide our life and when the external knowledge is more appropriate. It is to know how both the inner creative powers/Creative Powers and the outer creative powers/Creative Powers. It is to know when to rely on one versus the other or go into that bridge point where both come together. More often than not, the wisest choice is to return to the bridge point to create the appropriate seed condition for the time and place in which we find ourselves and allow it to unfold in our life.

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