Role of the unseen in the creative/creation process


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In looking at the discussion topic “Making music analogy for the creative/creation process” the steps in the creative process in the unseen is where the energy is made available for the creation to unfold and the essential “blueprint” or outline for the new creation is formed.

In the making music example, the thought process that gives rise to the music is done in the unseen. The selection of the instrument to be use and the actual note to be made is determined in the unseen. From the world of the creation and/or when viewed from within the creation, the process that occurs to give birth to the creation is incomprehensible and does not exist. In essence our perspective masks the process. But there is much that goes on in the unseen relative to the creation.

What needs to be recognized is that energy and consciousness are one and the same. Both exist together. Physical Creation as we know it is energy in the form of mass. Energy transferred is what animates Creation as we experience Creation. Without the flow of energy there is not movement. This world of mass is animated more by radiant energy - “massless” energy or energy without form. In our music example, a flow of energy is generated by the thought to create music. The flow of energy is reflected in the action to implement that thought to play the piano key. The energy then flows to the hammer which strikes the string. The energy vibrates the string which in turn vibrates the sound board which in turn vibrates the air to create the music. Through out this whole process is a flow of energy which arises by acting on a thought that is held.

So too our creations and the unseen. There is a flow of energy which animates the events we experience in our life. That flow of energy flows through all the events in the unseen realm which will give rise to that which we experience. If we are open to what we feel we can sense this flow. If we are willing to surrender to the flow wherever it leads, there is a calmness that it provides. However, for many, since mind does not understand what is being sensed, to feel this energy create anxiety within their being. This unseen step of the creation process where the unseen is orchestrating the pieces for our new creation is often perceived by mind as chaos in our life, the chaos of creation. If we numb what we feel or deny it as we do when we view from within the creation and focus on the silent space between our thoughts, we can experience a calmness. However in doing do, we risk creating an addiction for the calmness does not arise from the flow of energy flowing to dissipation but rather it arises from the perspective we create with mind. Thinking in itself can become an addition in such instances including our meditation practice.

In this regard, conscious creation is not meditation. Both can create a place of calmness but the calmness arises for different reasons. In conscious creation we do not want to be able to create a calm ripple less state within out being as traditionally taught in meditation. However, rather than holding the silent space between thoughts in meditation, it is to hold an unwavering focus on what we desire to creation as done in meditation. But in this case it is to surrender to the flow of energy and have the calmness arise from the dissipation of the energy in the fulfillment of our desires as the creator/Creator. To do this need to be able to create with full awareness of the body and its sensations without denying any aspect of our physical being. The goal is have mind hold an unwavering focus and step out of mind yet to be fully mindful and aware of what the body wisdom and intuition are trying to communicate . If we do this, we can begin to see what unseen influences are influencing, or in, our life.

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