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For any creation, there is a creative/creation process which governs the expression and unfoldment of the creation. It contains what appear to be several discernable steps or aspects with associated characteristics. The steps can be generally described as follow but they are arbitrary distinctions. As we look at this process in Creation and the world we experience, we can always find the aspects of these steps but they will not necessarily be as cleanly distinguished and delineated as we have done here. Depending on the creation, some steps occur simultaneously with each other and are inseparable. In these cases the steps are not always individually discernable. At other times the steps occur independently. Nevertheless each step and the associated characteristics are present in some way.

Additionally, these steps are presented as though they occur in sequence in time. For any given creation some of the steps can span almost the entire creative process. The Energy Generation Step is one such step. For some creations there is an initial Energy Generation Step that occurs once and no more energy is added to the creation. For example, the creation of a single note of music. However, other creation require a continual energy generation for the duration of the creation. For example the creation of a song or melody requires many different individually created notes strung together in a continuous stream.

Conceptual formation
Dissatisfaction with what is - masculine thrust (phase I - choosing to act) - mature inner masculine - programming and reprogramming - rainmaker - blueprint - clear intention - intention - establishing the foundation for internal harmony - internal seed condition- creating a seed crystal

Creating the space for creation - preparing the environment
Masculine thrust (phase II- choosing to surrender) - external seed condition - calling forth the feminine - calling forth the creative spirit - seeking the receptacle - the paradox of the creating the space - the need for the mature feminine

Energy generation
Annihilation - union or coming together of essential components - sacrifice - single point focus - Cauldron of Creation - masculine and feminine joining - rainmaker - chaos - establishing internal harmony - forgetting and becoming lost

Seeding the creation - planting the seed and/or uniting complements
The way the masculine and feminine join - conception - rainmaker - setting the mold - the point of creative power - single point focus

Feminine - rainmaker - pulling from the unseen - filling the mold

Separation or birth
Feminine -creation midwife - separating the mold and the casting - potential for the awakening of consciousness

Nurturing to self sufficiency
Feminine transition - creation nanny - growth of the inner masculine - awakening to the self

Growth and unfoldment
Feminine sustaining - inner feminine - inner masculine - inner dance - outer dance - marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine - the third dance

Death and dissolution into component parts
Inner feminine withdrawal/separation

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