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One important insight from the pair production phenomenon is that when we look at the creative/creation process from within the process something seemed to be created out of nothing. The particles of mass spring into existence and it appears as thought mass spontaneously appears out of a void of nothingness. As discussed in the topic, “The unseen realms in a creative endeavor” this creation from nothingness is explained by changing our perspective and viewing the whole process.

A second insight is more related to what we experience as a human. As said above, if we view the pair formation from the point of view from one of the particles, or rather as if we were one of the two particle, it appears that we, the particle, suddenly sprang into existence out of nowhere. Since matter is created out of non matter and we are the particle, we did not exist as non-matter. Therefore there is the valid appearance or perception of us being created from nothing. If we, as the particle, had consciousness and we identified this consciousness as the particle, then we did not exist before our creation. In this view, we would have no understanding of what could have come before our creation because we as the particle didn’t exist to experience it. From this view there is the perception that we did not, and could not, exist before our birth.

In many ways, we the particle, did exist before our creation. We existed as part of the energy that created the particle. If the particle were consciousness and tried to go back to a time before its creation, it would have to annihilate its individual identity and merge back into the oneness of the energy that existed before it’s creations. Yet in that oneness, the particle does not exist as a particle.

But the pair production phenomenon occurs in pairs. If a particle is created, so is its antiparticle. If we get a particle, we also get the antiparticle as part of the deal. We can’t just get half the process. What is inherent to the process is the creation of a pair of particles. We can say this gives rise to a creation rule. If you create something out of nothing, in addition to creating what want, we will also create its opposite or “anti particle.”

This has profound implications in the realm of our thoughts. We routinely seem to create our thoughts out of nothing. What we don’t realizes is that to create a thought we also create the equivalent “anti-thought” although we may not see it or recognize its existence. The implication of this is that if we bring the thought into manifestation, we also bring the form of the anti-thought into manifestation also.

What needs to be realized is that for any thought we have, there is that which is not the thought. Whether we realize it or not, we create particle pairs all the time. But we live in a world of separation for we only perceive one half of the creation process. We create particle pairs with our thoughts because we are unaware of our thought process. Consequently we live in a world that is perceive as very dualistic and we are puzzled why our wonderful and good ideas always seem like a two edge sword having an evil or corrupt side to them.

We fail to realize that the thoughts we have are part of a larger process that gives rise to our thought. When we realize our thoughts arises because of a larger process, we can see ourselves and others as part of that process. That, in turn, opens the door to much greater creative possibilities and options for we can being to work with the energy and deep undercurrents which gives rise to creation and give rise to our thoughts.

When we being to understand how we think and hold our thoughts creates separation, we can being to understand how our inner world is reflected in the out and the environment we experience is just the other half of our own thinking.

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