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Enlightenment on a given subject is about obtaining revealing or broadening knowledge or to know or to understand a subject. It is to gain an understanding of the concepts and principles governing a topic and knowing how to use them. Relative to creativity, enlightenment is about understanding our creative ability and creative power as to how we create our experiences and how we create the reality we experience. Most importantly it is to understand that our creative power lies in what we feel.

It is to understand we can feel when we are free and when we are constricted. We can feel when we have the passion to act and when we have no energy to move forward. It is to know there are a variety of different types and kinds of experiences which can give us the feelings we desire. Similarly there are a variety of different types and kinds of experience that us feelings we wish to avoid. Becoming enlightened about what we feel, why we feel what we do, and why we accept or reject what we feel and why, bring us an awareness about ourselves and Creation. To become enlightened about what we feel, we need to be open to feeling at each and every level of our being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. In being open to what we feel we open ourselves to the unseen realms of Creation.

Although there is much we can study about creativity and how we create our experiences, all creative actions start with feeling. Unless we feel an existing condition is somehow inadequate and no longer serves us, we will not act. Relative to our creative power, the question is, "What spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or physically allows us to feel freedom and fullness of being?" The answer to this question is were will access our creative power.

Exploring this question takes us to the intention for our life and the experiences we incarnated to have. When we align our life with that intention, we optimize the creative power available to us and will find a fullness of being and an inner satisfaction that never runs dry. However to access that intention, have to become open to feeling and learn to discern what we feel.

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