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Creativity is much like what is found with antibiotics. You find a antibiotic that works but in time, the bacteria evolve or mutate to become immune from the antibiotic you use. So you have to create a more powerful antibiotic only to find the bacteria evolve to require an even more potent antibiotics - and the game goes on, and one.

So too our creativity. As soon as you think you got it and understand it, it will challenge you to something even greater. The creativity perspective is one that recognizes this fact and continually challenges oneself to move past whatever they have created. If you think about it, this is what almost everyone does with their life but they do not recognize it. The ageing process of life continually challenges us to go beyond where we were - from a child, through adolescence, young adulthood, mature adulthood and old age followed by death.

Since you are unique, what you do and what you need to learn to hold your creative sacred will not be the same as another. There will be similarities but you are unique and you will need to embrace your uniqueness. What does serve oneís creativity in a given situation will not always be logical to the mind and yet at other times, it will be extremely logical and straight forward. When holding oneís creativity sacred, everything else is seen as malleable including oneís concept of God, whatever concept of God you choose, and those provided by Science. These concepts are seen as malleable for neither can, or will, fully explain the process for neither looks at the entire process. The reason for this is both the concept of God and the concepts of Science are a product of the unfolding creative process of which the human imagination is only a part. To fully understand, you have to be able to view the whole process from outside the process. Being within the process we can only infer the entire process based on what we have learned from within the process.

However, similar to both the concepts of God and Science, the creativity perspective does not look to explain the entire process. It only looks to what allows one to perceive their own creativity and how to cause that creative ability to grow and expand and to find what is effective in your life for your creative needs. It does not seek The Answer about the Universe. It only seeks to allow you to understand, access and claim your own inherent creative power within the universe to its full depth and breadth.

You can keep your concepts of God and Science as you desire if you feel they serve your creative needs. The creativity perspective only seeks to find effective answer for what one desires to create, which can include what you seek to find in God and/or Science. However, only you can determine what is effective for you and your creative needs. Only, you can do this. No one can do it for you. If you donít do it, your creative spirit will create situations to challenge you that your mind may judge as unacceptable and something which you would prefer not to experience. Analogously, the creativity perspective is directed toward optimizing the creative ability you can access and, to the extent possible, even generate greater ability.

Life itself is designed to continually challenge oneís creativity. All the creativity process really does is embrace life. But to embark and create life there needs to be a death, a death to the past in some way, in one form, or another to make room for the new. In essence, we must become the mythical phoenix. The creativity perspective provides you a way to face any death that needs to occur. It does so through your creative ability to cause an effect. To cause both the death of whatever needs to die to make room for your new creation and the subsequent birth and unfoldment of the new creation.

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