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In the end, it doesn’t really matter if the model and/or the mind set you use to explain the universe ultimately works or fails. The question is, “Does your model, your mind set, your understanding, allow you to explain and integrate all that you are seeing and experiencing to continually grow and expand?”

If how and what you believe effectively answers all your questions then continue to use it until the experiences you have no longer fit your model and your understanding. Then, when your understanding of how the universe works is not allowing you to create what you wish, then find a model that does and again use it until you again out grow it.

In developing any theory or perspective, we cannot deny the validity of our observations and experiences of nature because they don’t fit the opinion of some prevalent model or understanding given to us. Rather, we need to assume what the universe would have to look like to fit what we see and experience. We can assume that what we experience is nature and nature cannot be wrong (it works quite well without anyone’s theory). So whatever we think about how nature works must include our experiences.

After making our postulates, our understanding of what he see and experience should expand. In that expansion we should discovered new information and new knowledge for we are beings of unlimited creativity. Although we may find our new observations no longer fit the model and perspective we use, there is no reason we cannot drop what we believe and find something more effective at integrating all that we know. By developing a new understanding that fits the new data from our expanding knowledge we can then again expand our awareness. Again, in that expansion we can replace our understanding with a new and improved understanding. This is the story of humanity. It is to expand and grow beyond who we were. We need to break out of the mind set of the past to incorporate and integrate new understanding into a wholeness.

Think of shedding your understanding of how the world works like shedding your childhood clothes as you outgrew them. In the author’s case, there were several things he could not explain from the models of the universe he was given as a child. For example, he never experienced or felt a separation between body and spirit and he could not understand why, if God created the world as many of the world’s religions said, did so many people want to leave God’s creation and transcend the physical plane or spend eternity some where else. What was wrong with God’s creation?

The author found the physical experience rather enjoyable and found it was his own actions that usually upset the balance that caused discomfort. Additionally, he was puzzled how so many of the world’s religions could claim to be the true and only correct one. Yet they seemed unable to agree on what the correct answer looked like. So he looked for a model, a perspective, a way of looking at the Universe, that resolved and integrated what he saw and experienced.

His logic was simple. Since there was one set of physical rules that applied everywhere in the universe and if God created the world and was everywhere as claimed, why was there no analogous set of non-physical truths that similarly applied everywhere? Why was there no one set of integrated truths? A set of integrated truths in science allowed the phenomenal human advances we have in the physical world. Why weren’t there a set of integrated truths for the non-physical realms? Most importantly, he noticed that science seemed to make tremendous advancement only when it decoupled itself from the spiritual traditions that surrounded it and there was freedom to experiment and explore how the universe really worked. That gave rise to the following questions: “How come freedom did not exist in spiritual traditions? Why was the dogma of a spiritual tradition not subject to the same rules of effectiveness as science? Was the non-physical reality really that different?” The author asked, “What one model of the universe would explain all of this? What would the model of the universe look like to be able to incorporate all these disconnects into an integrated understanding for life was whole and experienced no such separation?”

The author found such a model to satisfy his needs. Some aspects of that understanding are provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. You will need to do your own explorations to see what looks for you. Hopefully, the material provided here will help you in your exploration.

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