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Learning to unlock the cage of mind which mind created that holds our creative spirit captive is about exploring our past as to where our creative spirit lost the freedom to be true to itself.

There are two ways to unlock the cage of mind. One way is to think something needs to be fixed or healed. It is to perceive there is something wrong with what is. This way drives us to outside authorities, to healers, to teaches, to anyone who claim to know what we need to do. This is the way most approach trying to access and release their creativity.

The other ways is to realizes that we are an infinite creative being that incarnated to have certain types and kinds of experiences. It is to realize there is an intention for our life which is pulling us to have those desired experiences. It is to understand that we created the experiences we have only because we were unaware as to how to create something that better serves us. It is to understand whomever we find before us, they are there only to give us the experiences which we have choose to have at some level of our being.

This second way is to understand we create what we think or choose to experience. If we believe we need to be healed, then we will create an experience with a healer. If we believe the world is full of danger we will create experiences which reinforce the belief the world is a dangerous place. This does not mean we create pain or experience violence in our life although it could. Rather we simply create experiences which reinforce the beliefs the world in painful and/or dangerous.

Within this understanding we realized that we do not need an excuse to have the experiences we desire. That is, if we desire to withdraw from the work we do, we need not make ourselves sick to be able to withdraw from work. Rather we simply realize the work we do is not serving us and giving us the type and kind of experience we desire. Rather than get sick and have to leave work, we being to look for another type and kind of work that is more fulfilling. Many find illness is the only acceptable reason they can give for withdrawing from some type and kind of activity. Many are not taught how to say know to things that do not serve them.

To know what we need to do to unlock the cage that keeps our creativity captive, we only need to ask our intuitive guidance what we need to do and then honor the guidance we receive. How we choose to honor that intuitive guidance is our choice. We can seek another to help address what we see or simply become creative and create a way to honor our intuitive guidance in the way we wish to honor it. In doing so, we will open the door to letting our creative spirit out. It may take awhile to experience its new found freedom and learn how to create in that freedom, but it nevertheless will be free and, if allowed, in time, it will unfold true to itself.

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