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Anything that manifests (seen or unseen) and/or experienced, whether experienced in mind and/or body, is the result of a flow of energy. There is a flow of energy which gives rise to the experience we have. Without a flow of energy there is no movement to have an experience. In being open to what we sense and feel, we can focus our attention and awareness into or on what we are experiencing to "know" and/or "perceive" information about the origins of the flow or where it lead. The conscious or nonconscious focus on what we sense gives rise to intuitive insights in our mind. That is, mind will characterizes what it is being experienced in the moment based on its past experiences.

What our intuitive guidance presents to us, whether perceived as a feeling or a thought, word or image is only the best our mind can do to describe what we experience. Mind is characterizing everything we experience all the time. What surfaces into our consciousness is determined by the composite of our nonconscious and conscious focus of our attention and awareness. By consciously choosing how we focus our attention and awareness we can access information about any topic. The question is whether or not we have the minimum set of requisite experience to understand what we sense for our mind to characterize it in a way we can understand it.

In needs to be understood, we can use our intuitive guidance to access any information that we desire and it will not limit the information it provides to what we desire. However, our intuitive guidance will not provide us any information unless we ask. We ask by setting a clear intention or we carry a set of believe that opens our intuitive guidance for routine use. The information our intuitive guidance surfaces when we donít not ask it anything in particular is only in response to the nonconscious intentions and direction we have set for our life. Without awareness, most of our response to life is survival, protection and keeping safe. Hence most individuals experience their intuitive guidance protecting them and keeping them safe if not warning them of potential problems.

Our conscious and nonconscious intention are focusing our intuitive guidance. This cannot be underestimated. They are determining what we see. We need to become aware of what we are looking at. To consult out intuitive guidance we need to establish a very clear intention. We need to become very clear and aware of the conscious intention we hold as to why we are consulting our intuitive guidance.

In becoming clear on our intentions, we need to pull the string as to why we have the intention we do we need to go as deep as possible to push aside or deactivate any nonconscious intention which would pull us away from our intention. Or, we need to do the work to create a coherent set of nonconscious intention that can readily be directed to address what we desire to consciously create. We need to look carefully at what we are really seeking and asking. This cannot be underestimated.

To help gain clarity, it is often useful to consider writing out what we seek with an appropriate accompanying ritual such as found in the discussion ĎSample format - "Huna" manifest.í When we become aware of exactly what we want to create with and in our life and know what a life worth living looks like for us, then we simply need to ask our intuitive guidance whatever question we have. We can be assured our answer will be biased in the direction for what we desire to create.

Consulting our inner wisdom - the scout for our creation

Our body wisdom and power of intuitive guidance knows quite well what type and kind of environments will serve us for what we desire to create. In a way that is similar to the way we can feel someoneís anger or annoyance or the warmth of their love, our body wisdom can feel what type and kind of environment will work best for us and it does quite will at understanding and communicating with symbols. It communicates to us through symbols and does quite well at understanding the symbols our mind can identify. In this regard, it is incumbent upon each of us to learn to the symbolism of our inner language.

However, our conscious mind does not always understand why a particular symbol "feels" correct. But our body wisdom is in intimate contact with our nonconscious and it knows exactly how and why that symbol has been chosen. It knows more about our nonconscious processes than our conscious mind. How we choose to use that symbol presented by our intuitive guidance in the world is then simply to compare the information of our body wisdom and ask the body wisdom to look at the energy flow path as it filters through the current world to the one we are creating using the realm of the nonconscious. It will tell we what that terrain looks like for the path we have chosen. In this regard, we can look at our body wisdom going before us in time the way a scout surveys the land in which we are choosing to travel. As a scout, our body wisdom and intuitive guidance, will come back and tell what our chosen direction will feel and look like if we travel it. Our conscious mind decides if it is pleasant or not. We then have the free will to change it according to what we choose to experience. However, just because our conscious mind does not see something as pleasant does not mean it is not the best path for us.

To effectively use our intuitive guidance, we need to follow our intuitive guidance with unwavering faith and allow our mind to question itself in response to analyzing why we believe what we do. What is being proposed here is we allow ourselves to become split. It is to act on our intuitive guidance and rather than letting the mind judge, analyze and critique how we are acting, direct mind to question why we are wanting to judge analyze and critique what the intuitive guidance is providing. In doing so, we will reveal many of our nonconscious beliefs and past experiences that give rise to our biases, judgments, prejudices and the like.

To start the process of consulting our intuitive guidance, we simply ask ourselves such questions as, "Based on manifesting my intention, what does the path look like?", "How should I do it?" "Who is involved with me in taking the path?", "Where do I do it?", "When should I do it?", "How do I feel about this guidance?" and other who, what, when and where such questions. It is highly recommend we stay away from "Why?" questions and other similar interrogatives that take we into our analytical, thinking and judging mind.

We should use the "Why?" questions when we want to pull the string to understand our beliefs, motives, past experience and the like which lie in the nonconscious mind. When we seek to consult our intuitive guidance we are more interested in the information it can provide as to how we need to proceed. In listening to the responses to the inquires we make, we need to be out of mind as much as possible. We need to keep our opinions, judgments and expectations out of the process. We need to honor our intuitive guidance and act because it is correct to act trusting fully we are doing the correct thing no matter what the consequences look like to our or the external world. However, we do have to be prepared to live the consequences.

In listening to our intuitive guidance, we only engage our mind to figure out exactly how we will honor the intuitive guidance as literally as possible based on the images, thoughts feelings and sensations that we have to guide us. However, if literal action would cause harm to us or another, we can create a theatrical performance, a metatheater, and/or ritual, to act out the literal as one would act in a stage play or create a symbolic action, a suorephex for each aspect we cannot do literally.

In listening to our intuitive guidance, we need to trust the creative process and the thought, images, feelings and body sensations as much as we possible can. We need to trust that the information is literally correct no matter how bizarre the information appears. We need to trust that our nonconscious mind has characterized the energy we need to experience to manifest our creation has been accurately transcribed and relayed to us. As we act and move in the direction of acting on the images literally, we will either find the literal interpretation is correct or we will get additional information as to why our initial information is inaccurate and new information will arise to guide us. In using our intuitive guidance, one of three things will occur.

One is that as soon as we act to manifest our intuitive guidance, a new insight will occur that takes us in a completely different direction . In essence, the new insights is like a new or different journey. It is like crossing what appears to be a completely level field only to find as we start to walk forward we find a deep chasm that we could not see in from a distance. As a result, we must move in another direction or go in a completely different way that which was first indicated. But, what is important here, is that we donít know there will be the need for a change in direction until we start to follow the intuitive guidance that we initially received. This simply reflects the fact that our mind did not have all the experience we needed to know exactly what to do. By honoring what we received, we gained the experience to know there needs to be a change in direction.

A second is that as we manifest the intuitive insight in a real or surrogate experience as in a metatheater or ritual, a suorephex, a new insight will be given to us. It is like crossing a stream on stepping stones in a fog so thick we cannot see the next stone on which to step until we step on the one directly in front of we. The new insight is leading us in the same direction but we are now asked to do something different or a new twist is added to the initial insight.

The third is that the intuitive guidance becomes the guiding star for a journey that will continue to guide us to what we need to do as we step out to manifest our desire. Although the terrain on which we travel may change and cause us to move in a variety of different directions to get around the obstacles in our path, we never lose focus and the guiding star remains unchanged. No matter how much we get diverted, we continually come back to the same course. Here the intuitive insight lies beyond the immediate environment and we always return to traveling towards that insight once we clear the obstacle. This parallels using our internal compass to navigate from the heart and using a particular feeling guide our actions. In using our intuitive guidance to guide us, rather using the feelings directly, we use the characterization that mind gives of that feeling we need to follow. Our thoughts, images, feelings and sensations are never wrong. They are correct for our understanding at that moment in time. If we trust what is as it is, it will lead us to where we need to go.

If we wish to look at it, the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac is an example of this. As told in the story, Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his only son. So Abraham prepared to follow Godís direction and only at the last minute did an angel appear to stop Abraham from killing his son. So too in the way we need to learn to follow our intuitive guidance. We must follow it as we understand it doing all that it requires. If, for some reason it is incorrect, we need to trust that we will be stopped or given other direction before someone is unnecessarily harmed. However, to ensure the safety of the individuals involved, because our mind can be a biased filter as to the energy it experiences and may even block or misinterpret new direction, it is suggested one act out the dangerous parts in a slightly different way than as told in the story of Abraham. Rather than preparing to literally harm another as in the Abraham story, we play out the actions symbolically in ritual or perform a metatheater as we would a theatrical play.

While we are engaged in following out our intuitive guidance, we need to allow our mind to question why we believe what we do in the way we do, including the actions we take to honor our intuitive guidance. We need to especially question why we have the judgments, criticisms and opinions we do. However, what ever we do, we need to allow our intuitive guidance to lead and allow it to show us how we have been inaccurately characterizing the energy we experience.

When we are in this process, when we act with our body or do anything with our body, we are utilizing and manifesting the creative life energy that flows through our being. When we act literally or figuratively on our beliefs, we are becoming a creator and the more we are acting in full alignment with those beliefs the more power there is behind our actions. Those actions will transform our life.

When our beliefs and actions are consistent with each other, we will consolidate our creative power. When our actions run counter to our beliefs, we are also becoming a creator but we are  fragmenting and scattering our power. It will seem we are losing our ability to control our life. Whenever our actions, literally or figuratively, are in full alignment with our beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that constitute our relationship with the creative powers/Creative Powers and principles that create and sustain the universe, we will be optimizing our creative abilities and what we are capable of manifesting. The more we direct and focus our attention and awareness on the concepts that we hold, the greater the possibility we will manifest those concepts. The more our beliefs, attitudes and emotions related to the powers and principles of creation and sustain Creation are in alignment with each other and consistent with each other, the more creative ability and creative power we will have to create the reality and create the experiences of our choice.

The paradox here is that as we surrender and allow our intuitive guidance to lead, which is only our nonconscious mindís understanding of the flow of the Source of Creation within our being, the more we will gain control over our external world and what we experience from that world. The more we move into mind and way from our intuitive guidance, the less control we actually gain. It is an illusion to believe our mind as we know it is more powerful than the flow of life within our being. As we allow our mind to question why we believe the way we do, we will come to see much of what we believe is not based on our experience or reality. Rather, it is based on some interpretation we have come to believe about reality that may or may not be true.

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