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Creativity is language of consciousness. What a consciousness creates is a communicate both to itself and to the outside world. It is a communication to itself is that what it communicated identifies and defines itself. It is a communication to the outside word for what is created reveal what the consciousness perceives about itself and the world it is experiencing.

We each have within our being a creative spirit. It too communicates through its creativity. Mind as we know mind and understanding mind, is outside this consciousness. The awareness that is mind is not the mind and lies beyond mind. What this creative spirit reveal directly to mind is interpreted by the mind based on the experiences it has. Mind only knows what it has experiences and, as such, it is limited in how it interprets what our creative spirit communicates. This gives rise to a relatively unique language of our inner world. Because mind will not always have a way of properly characterize what our creative spirit reveals, the metaphoric aspects of what is perceived by mind become more important than the particular symbol.

In the same way there are common elements in the world we share with others, there are common elements in this inner language. The common elements give rise to many of the traditional archetypes of a society or cross culture. But, in general, this inner language of our creative spirit is something unique to us and its symbols must be learned and understood. We can use the symbolism and interpretation of others, but we need to be caution putting another’s interpretation on our inner language. Our inner language is something we ourselves must explore.

We need to learn the symbols used within our own being and those used in other times and other places. The nonconscious mind characterizes the energy it experiences into thought, images, feelings and/or body sensations based on what the conscious mind has experienced. If we have no knowledge of music, the nonconscious mind cannot use music as one of its symbols and expect that our conscious mind will understand. Yet it may for music may be the only way in which the nonconscious mind can communicate what needs to be said. But our conscious mind will use only what the conscious mind understands to interpret and understand what is communicated. It will perceive. Our conscious mind may perceive a melody but it will not understand the melody or what is contained within the structure of the melody. In understanding this issue, the more diverse set of experiences that we can have and the more we are exposes to different types and kinds of knowledge, the more our nonconscious mind can utilize these experiences to characterize the energy it senses.

Learning and using the symbols of any tradition can be very useful in this regard. It doesn’t matter from what society and culture the symbols come. We just need to understand how the symbols are used within that culture and tradition. Our nonconscious mind and the creative spirit within our being can then use that understanding to communicate with us. However, we always need to remember the language of consciousness is creativity and our creative spirit may use the symbols of another in its own unique way. We should always “check in” with our feelings and what we feel to see if we are being served for any interpretation we give to what is being communicated through our inner language. The more ways and vehicles that our creative spirit has to communicate with us through our intuitive guidance and body wisdom, it will.

It does need to be noted that most probably we will be drawn to the symbols of the cultures and societies for which we have had the most experience. We need to remember that we are a being of infinite consciousness and always was and will be. We have a wealth of experience from may different times and places from which to draw upon. Most remain in our nonconscious mind and lie dormant. The symbols and traditions that have been most useful to us in the past will again surface for use in this life because they carry the most positive energy. However, we must learn not to get trapped in the past and with what worked for us in the past. What worked in the past was for a different time and a different play. What worked then may not be applicable now. We need to look to our intuitive guidance to guide s to the symbols and/or the traditions of the symbols that will be most useful to us in this lifetime. We need to allow your intuitive guidance to use what is most effect for its communication to us in this lifetime. We do this in honoring what our intuitive guidance provides.

In this light, toys can actually be extremely useful to the nonconscious mind. If we allow ourselves to go into a child’s play room with a well stocked diverse set of toys, our nonconscious will be pulled directly to those toys that will best allow it to express what it needs to express. If we find the tools that “feel” right and allow ourselves to play with those toys freely talking about what we are feeling, remembering and/or trying to express what we feel with that toy, we will be revealing the most energetic aspect of our being that desires to be expressed but otherwise has no effective vehicle in which to express itself.

We using the toys, we move toward that state of being of the spontaneous innocent child like play. Until the freedom of that child like play is recreated, most probably what will surface are the ways we shut down that ability earlier in life. If however, we have done the “clearing” work and can freely enter the state of being that corresponds to that spontaneously innocent child like play, we can access any information that we desire relative to any intention that we set or we can come to understand what we need to do to manifest the intention that we hold. Creative play must us toward the most creative state of being we can enter.

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