The Birthing Pain of a New Creation

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We have talked about pain and how pain is a messenger or alarm indicating that harm is occurring at some level of one’s being. We have also talked about if one move into that pain, they are able to use the pain to awaken their consciousness. There is another form of pain that is destroying some level of being but is involved with Creation and one’s ability to manifest a new creation. In much the same way, child birth and the creation of life can be painful, there is a pain in creating a new reality and a new way of living in the world.

Pain and the Creative Process" discussed the pain of attachments and most probably we are attached so some part of what needs to be sacrificed. “Pain of stretching who we are” discussed the pain is associated with stretching beyond our limits or that we are entering a new aspect of our being, leaving the old behind. However, even if you effectively address these issues, you may find you are faced with another pain that is a combination of all of the above but tied together through the collective unconsciousness.

This pain of birthing is more associated with were you are trying to birth a dream, belief, vision, or any thing else that is going against the predominate currents of life. That is, it goes against what the prevalent thinks is as to what it means to be human. Here you are attempting to not only stretch your own mind and what you think and believe you are attempting to stretch the mind of the human collective.

Obviously, anything new is different than that which is in existence. So the new creation will be going against some of the existing reality. If one wishes to create a new reality that is not going in the same direction as the current reality, there will be addition pain as one struggles against the existing currents of creation. The more the new way of being opposes the current ways of being, the greater the potential pain. The amount of pain greatly depends on the number and strength of attachments one has to the existing form and way of being in the world. If a new way of being, a new life or a new reality is going to be brought into physical form, someone will have to endure the pain and hold to the dream or vision until it manifest and becomes strong enough to stand on its own. However if the pain is the pain of a new creation, and it is motivated from the heart, there will be the internal satisfaction of the heart and a knowing that all is as it should be no matter what is happening external to the individual. The inner satisfaction will carry the individual through the creation and birthing process.

The real problem with this type of pain is that you cannot let go of certain things of the past. It is not necessarily that you cannot let go because you are personally attached to them. Rather, you are trying to create within an existing creation and the existing creation may not fully support the creation in which you are trying to birth. In some ways it is the difference in renovating an old house as opposed to completely redesigning it and starting from no existing form. The old house forces you to stay within a given form. Or it may be like trying to fly to the moon in a rocket where you must struggle against the pull of gravity. You are not personally attached to the gravity, it is just a constrain on what you are trying to do that you must over come.

In this type of creation, it is essential to be able to hold a clear intention and just
surrender to the flow of energy you create. The path of least resistance to this creation is not only through your own mind but also through the collective unconsciousness. What you think and what others advise will be of little help. If you were creating something that another had already experienced in some way, you could use their advice and maybe even follow much of their path. However, when your creative effort also directly involves the human collective, there is almost no one who can advised you. The only individual who can advise you is some who also had to overcome the pull of the collective. But then, they created something different so their advice will be limited.

In any case, the question is as it is for any creative effort, “Do we learn to freely work with the flow or be pulled along unconsciously and struggle against our attachments to our past creations and the existing from?” Here again, if faced with a birthing pain, look to your intuitive guidance to see what you can to address the root of the pain.

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