Facing the fire of pain and moving beyond pain


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Facing the fire of pain and moving beyond pain

What is to be gained by jumping into the fire?

The question that probably arises I, “How can I create a life where I remove the pain?” The answer is that you will never fully remove pain. As discussed in the file “An ongoing issue for the Creator/creator - the ultimate pain we face” there is the pain of loneliness that fuels Creation at its deepest levels and you will have to face it one way or another. This of course is a disappointment to most.

However, in that realization, one can create a life for oneself or another that greatly reduces the pain if not creating a life is essentially pain free. “How is this possible?” you may ask. The key is to understand what each of us are ultimately seeking. In one way or another, we all seek to address the ultimate pain we face. In essence, it is the pain of our own uniqueness that there is no other that can meet our uniqueness in every way. But in this awareness, we can learn to dance with others. Each giving and receiving to address the pain that arise from the need to fulfill this deep inner need.

The key to the dance is to seek true freedom and become like the wind - free and unattached. Coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. It is accomplished by following an ancient proverbial wisdom. The wisdom is as follows: “He who jumps into the water comes out in the fire. He who jumps into the fire comes out in the water.” Alternatively said, if we seek pleasure and avoid the pain we will end up in pain. However, if we are willing to jump in to the pain and explore our pain, we will find the freedom we seek and the inner satisfaction that comes with that wisdom. When you find and access this inner satisfaction all you can do, if not lead to do, is to create the space for others to access it.

There is a pain pleasure cycle in which most individuals become trapped for they think the avoidance of pain will provide the pleasure that they seek. Most of the pleasures individuals seek and experience are only the flip side of pain. When the experience of the source of their pleasure is over, they return to another cycle of pain and longing for relief for that next experience of pleasure. However, as the creator/Creator, we entered this life what an intention and as we surrender to that intention we experience the joy and inner satisfaction of the creator/Creator seeking their playmate as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.

In alignment with this flow we will experience a fullness of being. That fulness of being will provide an inner satisfaction that doesn’t run dry no matter what is happening in one’s life. It is a feeling of expansion within one’s being such that one can go through life ever feeling the continual expansion of their own being. To align with this flow we only need feel the expansion and align with those activities in life that allows us to maintain that feeling as much as possible. Unfortunately, the fulness of being is not something that can be fully understood by mind. Mind can create the conditions to experience the fulness of being and it can remember the circumstances in which it was experienced but fulness of being is not an experience of the mind. Fulness of being is an experience of being. In particular, being totally true to the true within oneself. .

Mind is what creates the pain pleasure cycle for it is what judges one experience over another as painful or pleasurable, acceptable or unacceptable. This does not mean one needs to lie to themselves and some how embrace pain. Rather it is to see the gift in pain and pull the string on the pain as to its origins. It is to step out of mind and our normal way of thinking that the pain is caused by something other than our own actions and beliefs. We will need to give up all those things we use for security and to keep our self safe from the pain that arise. It is to give up our addictive patterns that we use to not feel and be distracted from our feeling. No matter what happens to us to experience pain, we must understand that some how, for some reason we have created the experience that gives rise to the pain we experience. This view is quite difficult for mind to accept. Yet, it is in using this understanding and seeking the root cause of our pain and that we can jump into the fire. In doing so we do find that inner satisfaction that never runs dry. We break the pain pleasure cycle and align with the fulness of being.

What is to be gained by jumping into the fire? (Top)

What is to be gain by jumping into the fire and exploring the origins of our pain? Probably the best way to see what will happen and what is possible is through an analogous story as to the last time humanity faced fire the first time.

Within the story of the development of humanity, one of the more intriguing questions is “How did humanity first discover fire?” There are probably many theories and many ancient culture have their myth as to how humanity came to obtain fire.

Given the ways most of our early discoveries are made, fire was probably discovered by observing nature. Somewhere, someone observed fire. They eventually made the choice to step past their fear and explore it. So what did man observe in nature to experience fire.

Probably the two most common way early humanity experience fire was around volcanoes and in lightening strikes. But for humanity to begin to understand fire, someone had to become brave. Someone has to transcend the normal reaction of most animals which they do instinctively, including early man. That is, to run away from fire. Someone had to become brave enough to set aside their fears and not run away. They had to approach the fire.

In approaching the fire, humanity was at a cross road in its evolution. If that human was careless, got burnt and ran any, the potential to harness fire would be lost. However, if they did the unimaginable and conquer their instinctive fear, and maybe overcome some initial pain at being burnt, the potential existed for humanity to harness a new power. The individual needed to reach toward the fire and grab something that was burning. They had to grab it and carry it to a place where they could nurse that fire and sustain it.

When that flame was nursed and sustained humanity took a big leap forward. Fire was captured. Once fire was captured all the things which needs fire to make suddenly become possibilities. It may have take centuries to fully harness fire, but nevertheless it was a huge advance by humanity. For starters, fire gave humanity heat to stay warm in cold climates. It give them light to travel into the dark. It gave them protection from all animals and others who feared fire. Pottery, smelting, and the like soon followed. Yet, it all started with one individual brave enough to go against their instinctive response. Brave enough to reach into the fire and bring out the gift that is contained within fire.

So too pain. However, the difference in pain is that pain is your unique experience and unique to your being. No one else experiences our pain as you do. Only you can go in and harness that pain and access the gift within your being that lies buried in that pain. And what lies buried within that pain? Your creative power resides in that pain and in that creative power is a gift. A gift of inner satisfaction to yourself and your uniqueness to humanity.

When you are in that inner satisfaction you give two gifts to humanity. One is your uniqueness and your own unique creative ability. The other is a form of love. When you access this inner satisfaction, all you can do is create the space for another to experience it. That is the love the Creator has given each of use. We have been given the space for each of us to express that inner satisfaction in our lives. But one has to be willing to step out of mind and take the bars of the cage of our own making that holds our creative spirit captive.

It needs to be remembered that in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, the consciousness within Creation shattered itself into an infinite number of fragments. You, as is each of us, are one of those fragments. Each of us, as an infinite being will take and infinite number of experiences to totally reveal what lies behind Creation. Creation and each of our experiences of Creation is incomplete unless you access and release your true creative power. In each of us stepping into the fire to explore our pain we add to the process of releasing an infinite creativity within humanity. Then with that creative power, we can create what it means to be human any way we desire.

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