Pain, ego and attachments

- consciousness and the coconut - creating the seed for the next creation

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There is an effective analogy to help understand what needs to happen in relative to our ego and our attachments to free ourselves from unnecessary pain. The life of the coconut is something that can help explains what actually happens or can potentially happen at two levels of our being.

The fruit of the coconut palm contains a kernel or a seed, which we call the coconut surround by an outer vegetable like shell. The kernel or the seed is what most people think about when one says “coconut.” The seed consists of a white edible meat enclosed in a hard shell containing a milky liquid called coconut milk which most of us are aware. So there are four parts to the coconut fruit - the shell surrounding the kernel or seed, the hard shell of the seed, the edible parts of the seed and the milk.

The coconut as we know it does not come form the coconut tree in the form we see the seed. The seed comes as a fruit. The fruit consist of the kernel or seed and a surround by the vegetable like shell. When ripe, the seed can be separated from the coconut fruit. However, when the coconut fruit is unripe and raw, if the shell around the kernel is broken, the kernel will also break. In the raw coconut fruit, the seed and the shell are joined together. However, the dried ripe coconut is different. If the fruit is dried, the kernel can be removed intact. The seed of the dry coconut shrinks inside the shell and becomes separated from the shell. There is now a distance between the shell and seed. The seed or kernel contains the hard shell and a white meat can be eaten and the liquid the coconut milk can be drunk to give life.

A similar thing occurs with our consciousness. It believes it is its creation. Our consciousness creates a vehicle for an experience and then believes it is the vehicle. It believes the shell, the vehicle, and the kernel, the awareness that created the vehicle are one. However, there will come a time when the consciousness becomes ripe. It become ripe when it becomes aware. That, it becomes aware it is the creator and as the creator, it separates from its creation. We call it death. In death there is a distance or detachment between the body and the consciousness inhabiting the body but the process doesn’t stop there.

So too the ego. It too is a shell used by the consciousness to define itself and it too can be separated from the consciousness. The ego is like that shell of the kernel that you need to break to get at the edible white meat and the coconut milk. It is the edible white meat and the coconut milk that supports life, not the shell of the seed. The shell of the seed protects the edible parts and the coconut milk. Analogously the ego protect the creative spirit so the creative spirit is available to give a new life when called forth for the next creation. The body and its experiences are a manifestation of your past form of the ego. The ego, what protects your creative spirit and can be separated from the body, is what gives rise to your next experience. Yet the ego is analogously the same as the body. It too is only a vehicle that consciousness uses to define itself and have an experience.

The essence that is you is what creates the identity by the experience it has. That essence that is you is the white edible parts and coconut milk that supports life. Your body and its experiences is the manifestation of the previous seed protected by the previous ego. Your current ego is protecting the life giving portions that will give rise to your next experience. As such, your ego needs to die and change to give rise to the next experience of life in the same way the seed dies to create the next tree.

The body is like the outer vegetable like shell of the coconut fruit and the ego is like the hard outer shell of the seed and gives a form to the seed and hold and protects the edible parts inside the seed that can be used to create or sustain life. The ego can be separated from the essence that gives life. All the entities of the unseen world that have an identity are simply the egos projected by the consciousness inside the ego expressing themselves in the identity it projects. They are all seeds for future manifestations. You are no different. You are the seed and that seed will create life ad infinitum in whatever realm that it exists.

However, you have a choice. You can wait till you die and have the consciousness and ego separated from the body and wander around the universe as that seed ready to crate a new life based on, and in the identity, you have created. If that seeds falls on fertile ground and conditions are correct it will grow into a new life repeating the life cycle all over again. This phenomenon is what gives rise to the idea of past lives and karma for unless you break the hard shell of the ego, that identity mind has created for itself in this life, it will continues to create generation after generation after generation based on the ego it has created slowly evolving itself bases on the experiences it has.

Whether the life it creates for itself is in the seen physical Creation as a human or one of the unseen realities of Creation as some spirit entity in some part of the infinite Creation, a life will be created based on the seed. But you can if you wish, separate your awareness ego from your body before it physically dies. And, going one step further, you can separate your ego and mind from the awareness that gives rise to the ego and mind. In that awareness beyond ego and mind, you can see you have the “stuff” it takes to create any life in any form in any world in any realm of Creation, seen or unseen. You only need to create the vehicle to do so. This is what it really means to transcend the ego and what many mystics have been trying to communicate for eons and is the source of your creative power. Learn to identify with the “stuff” inside the hard shell of the seed beyond the form that exists.

Relative to creating your future and shifting your ego, you may want to consider an exercise entitled, “Looking to the future.” You may find it interesting as to what you wish to create with the life you have.

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