Pain inherent in awareness and compassion


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Both pain and pleasure arise from body sensations. They are related much like opposite sides of
of a coin or a sine wave. For the pain or pleasure sensation, there is a rise in intensity of what you feel to give the sensation of pain or pleasure. Then as the sensation is removed, the pain or pleasure decreases. However, if one strongly attaches to the pleasure one feels, as the sensation causing the pleasure is removed, one may feel pain. Similarly, if one strongly reject pain, as the sensation causing the pain is removed, one may feel pleasure. Hence there is a cyclic aspect to the rise and fall of pleasure and plain.

When the sensation first starts we do not always know whether will be painful or pleasurable. Some experiences have an uncanny way of not truly revealing their full nature until they become intense. So, if we fear pain, we will turn off such experiences long before they become intense. But in doing so one also denies the pleasure that is possible. Of if we fear intense feeling of pleasure because their absence is experienced as pain, we will terminate them long before they become intense. In doing this we do not allow the range of possibilities to exist.

What is not realized is that we can experience pleasure only to the depth we allow ourselves to experience pain. As one begin to become awake and aware, they move from seeing themselves as an isolated individual separate from the rest of creation. Them move to seeing themselves to an independent consciousness at one with all that is. The being to see themselves as a fragment of that infinite consciousness discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. They being to see all lies within their own being.

As one awakes and moves beyond their separateness, they have the possibility of feeling pain in two different ways. One is the discussed in most of the topics related to pain. It is to see the limits and barriers that we have constructed in our life to have a physical experience that we have. Here, we realizes we will need to expand beyond these limits to fully experience the depth and breadth of our own creativity and that of the universe.

However, as we begin to explore this deep inner world, we may find the conscious awareness of our attachment to Creation to be too strong and the pain too great. So many would rather remain asleep than feeling the pain that lies within the collective and release what we need to let go to live in the awareness of the existence of this pain. This pain is the demons that Buddha faces in coming into realization. These demons are no more than the attachments that hold us bound in our own creation so as to not see and know the interconnectedness of all that exists.

When we are able to see how we have created the separation between ourselves and the rest of the universe, we will also come to understand how we each create our own separation to have the physical experiences that we do. It is in that realization we realizes that if we properly focus to ourselves we can feel and experience the pain of another. We can experience the pain that results from the limits and barriers they have constructed in their lives to keep their creative spirit safe. In this realization we can see there is nothing any one individual can do for other for only the individual can take the bars of the cage of their own making. Yet we can see we can create the space for the individual to see that the bars that keep them bound fall outward. When the proper space is created the bars will fall freely outward if the individual is willing to live their own truth and thrust outward into creation in that truth. In doing so the set themselves feel and claim their birthright as the creators that they are.

This is the pain of interconnectedness and it is extremely easy to see and feel anotherís pain. It is also relatively easy to see what needs to be done to create that space for another to become free. Yet, for most, it is much easier to remain asleep and live in the need not to know. It is easier to not to know rather live in the awareness of our own pain created by our attachments and than have the possibility of experiencing the pain of another through the interconnectedness of all that is. It is much easier to live in separation and see the other as a complete separate and independent entity. However, in this awareness true compassion arises. In this awareness one realizes all they can do is create a safe space for another to experience what they themselves have created and the limits and boundaries they have constructed around themselves to keep themselves safe but in the end putting their creative spirit in a cage of their own making.

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