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Pain is ultimately enfolded in our previous actions and experiences that have not been let go. The energy bound in these past actions springs forth as seeds do in spring when the conditions are correct.

To track down the memories of the past that bind our energy which may spring to life to cause pain is difficult for two reason. One is that the fact that the manifestation of pain may occur at a location different than it source. We tend to look to the location the pain is experienced rather than look to source at other locations. The other is the fact that pain will be felt when we expand beyond ourselves. Because what we think and believe is a result of a nested and interwoven, interlocking set of beliefs in our belief structure, it is extremely hard to identify and untangle the particular belief that may be giving rise to our pain. These issues have lead to both the misapplication of pain and/or discipline and the remedy that may be applied to alleviate the pain.

It needs to be realized the pain we get looks nothing like the action from where it sprang including things we see as accident or natural to the life process. In the same way we have come to know hangovers come from drinking too much wine, and the sperm that is released in intercourse can become a man or a woman, and by the seed we plant we can tell what type of tree will be produced and the particular type of fruit it will bear, we can learn to identify what actions bear the fruits of pain. But to do so, we have to awaken and become aware to learn and understand about the process that translates that action into pain. Here again one can learn to feel what thoughts, which memories, what words and what actions serve or don’t serve you long before they manifest in pain. But to do so, one must awaken to what they feel and become observant. As with any mystery, we only need place our focus and attention on the issue and we will cause it to reveal itself.

All seeds are the fruit of some type of flowering. All individual flowers come from particular plants and we only need to pull the string and become very observant to find out what flower comes from what plant and what plant comes from what seed. Pain, and/or the seeds of pain, can be seen as a flowering and a fruit or the seed of a flowering and a fruit. It doesn’t really matter which seed produces what flower, the important things is that seeds will continually be produced unless one understands the origins of those seeds. It may take an entire growing cycle to do so but we can learn by watching and observing.

In watching and observing, we must remember the obvious answer to why is there pain will not necessarily be correct. We need to realize the answer may be beyond an obvious first choice answer which we see as “obvious” and look beyond into the unseen world. We also must remember that pain is a gift that warns us when we are begin harmed, it tells us that some injury is occurring or may occur at some level of our being. So what we need to purse is what is being harmed when we feel pain. This is especially true where there is no discernable physical causes. Also, it is not just what is physically being harmed for the physical manifestation of pain is point of weakest link. We must look deep at each and every level of our being.

We must look at what choices have we made in our live because of what we think and believe that has lead to the pain we now experience. We need to look into the where and what, and at what level our being is ultimately harmed and causing the physical manifestation of pain we experience. By setting a clear intent to find the origins of a pain and using our intuitive guidance to find that origin and doing what needs to be done in response to the intuitive guidance you will uncover the source.

On this note, it needs to be emphasized that the pain you have can awaken consciousness. As discussed in the topics of “Understanding pain” and the “Origins of Pain,” pain warns us that either injury is occurring or there is the potential for harm or injury. However, the harm or injury only comes form an attachment that needs to be let go. By following our pain, pain allows us to awaken to our attachment and ultimately to see how we have created our reality and the experiences we have. Hence pain is our key to both awakening our consciousness at many of its infinite levels and in doing so leads us into the awareness of our own being. It truly is a gift if we learn how to use it.

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