Pain of stretching who we are


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In studying the creation process, we find that are a creation and we create by how and what we think and believe. Our being, at any level has been created by the limits and barriers that we have have created for ourselves. Whether we created them consciously or subconsciously, voluntarily or involuntary by how you were raised and experienced early life, we nevertheless created them. They in turn, become a part of our identity and some of them will in fact be our identity. For example, whenever an individual gets married in any culture, they impose a limit and barrier on who and what they are and what they can and can’t do by what it means to be married in that culture. But being married also creates an identify for you within that society of being the significant other of another within the socially sanctions laws or customs.

When ever we move pass these limits, and/or attempt to remove these limits, there is the possibility we will feel pain in some way. The pain arises from the fact that we are harming, or potentially harming, the creation we have created. To separate yourself from a marriage and the identity it created can be very painful for some but very liberating for another. What is the difference. Quite simply it had to deal with the level of attachment to that limit or barrier on one’s actions or ability to act.

Whether we are evolving and growing in a normal sequence of life, or we are trying to accomplish great feats, create magic, become a Buddha and spiritually enlightened, or simply trying to create a healthy and strong being, we will have to push past our existing limits or stretch them to meet the new creation. When we face such circumstances, much like with exercising the body to develop our muscles, we can establish a regiment and structured program to move into any aspect of being, at any level, that we wish to strengthen or create. In working in a structured program, we build up the strength and ability to move past our existing limits in a relative painless way. The structured program can be one created by us or by another who understands what we desire to create and creates one specifically for us.

The “no pain, no gain” philosophy is not necessary for developing a strong body and being, developing our creative power and ability, and/or to create a new creation. As with muscles, if one routinely exercises the particular “muscle groups” and abilities in a systematic fashion going a little beyond one’s self each time, one slowly developed the muscle tone. Similarly we can developed the ability to move pass who we think they are and how we constructed ourselves to be in a relative painless way. That is we can recreate ourselves and our life in a relatively painless way. The only question is then “What “creative muscle groups,” that is what particular creative abilities do we need to exercise for what we wish to create.

It is to be noted that trust in oneself and the universe is an ability that must be develop. With our creative endeavors, pain may occur at a location different than it source. That is we may stumble across things to which we are attached have no conscious awareness that we are attached. But we must trust ourselves and the universe that we can use the pain to find the attachment. Pain be a vehicle for enlightenment and awareness and it can be used to find our attachments.

Similarly, pain will be felt when we expand beyond ourselves but we are not allowing ourselves to grow. We can use that fact to find were are attached to our ego identity. It needs to be realized there is nothing wrong with ego and there is no need to transcend the ego. The ego is simply a vehicle our consciousness uses to experience creation. It is completely malleable if we allow it to be. The issue arises when we become attached to the ego or some attribute or characteristic of the ego. In this case, the attachment holds us back and causes pain just an any other attachment.

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