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There is something you may not have ever thought about. It is that your pain, your accidents, your illnesses, and your diseases happen to you and only you. Someone else may be involved in your accidents or someone else may get an illness or a disease similar to yours, but it is your pain, it is your accident, it is your illness, and it is your disease are not theirs. In this regard, the phenomena of pain shows you and emphasizes to you that you are different and you are unique. You cannot really share your pain, your accidents, your illness or your diseases with anyone. They are yours and only yours. Others may suffer consequences and pain because of your condition, but they themselves cannot experience what you experience. Your pains, your accidents, your illnesses and your diseases reinforce to you how uniquely different you are than anyone else yet at the a same time tell you how similar you are to others and you, as they, are vulnerable to conditions seemingly out of your control.

So you cannot expect anyone to truly understand your pain. They may relate to your pain because of similar experiences and can imagine what you are experience but they can’t really know. Unless, of course, they psychically open to you and are willing to step into your pain. However, most will never do that for they carry too much pain of their own to experience the pain of another.

The fact that no one has your pain, you illness, your disease or your accidents does not mean you can compare yourself to others and say you suffer more or less than the next person. Rather, all you can say is, “Whatever I experience, I experience and I can’t expect anyone else to fully understand what I experience.” They may, or may not, understand and they may be compassionate, but they cannot experience what you do.

You are ultimately the only person who can understand why you have the experience you do. It is your experience for a reason. There is a cause to each effect we experiences. Remember energy (your body) and your consciousness are ultimately one and the same and consciousness is very intentional in what it does. To be conscious is to be aware of how and what you choose. If you are aware of how and what you choose, you have a reason or intention for what you choose. Consciousness has its reason to do what is does if simply only because consciousness says, “I want.” If you are going to become conscious and a conscious creator, you have to accept there is a cause for what you are experiencing and only you can determine that cause because it is your consciousness that is involved with the experience. So, you are the one who will have to explore the nature and origins of your pains, your accidents, your illnesses and your diseases. No one else can do it for you. They may help and assist you, but you have to do the exploration. There are common aspects of pain, accidents, illnesses and diseases that can help guide you in exploring these phenomena.

Pain is frequently tied to accidents, illness and diseases for much of the pain we experience is in conjunction with types and kinds of life experience. Yet, accident, illness and disease are a somewhat different phenomena than pain and they provide us with different information as to how we are creating our realities. Pain is a gift. it is a warning that something is being or will be injured and/or harmed. Illness, accident and/or disease can be seen in several different ways that are ultimately the same. That is, you create experiences by the way you have or have not directed your creative life energy. Most don’t intentionally create pain but they do intentionally create circumstances that results in pain.

Often, but not always, accident, illness and disease, represent facets of your life that you have not provided sufficient creative life energy to fully finance what you would term as healthy conditions for whatever reason. Namely, you have fractionated and scattered your energy so that you cannot sufficiently fund all that is in your life. Most experiences of pain will pull you out of the patterns of your life where you not taking the opportunities to realign yourself and refocus your energy. Exactly how you realign and refocus yourself as a result of the illness, disease or accident is another question. If we explore our unique pains and the related unique experiences of accidents, illnesses and diseases, there is much we can learn as to how and why we create reality as we do. The type and kind of pain that we have with our illness, accident and/or disease can be indicators of the source and causes of the condition we are experiencing. (More on ....pain)

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