Ultimate lesson in pain


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The ultimate lesson in pain is that we are identifying with our creations. We, the awareness that is us, are the creator, not the creation. The creation is the mind, the ego and the body which are all vehicles to experience Creation and our awareness creates all of them. Pain at all levels ultimately results from a holding of something that needs to be let go. Consciousness creates to experience creation not to hold onto the creation it creates. The creation, any creation is only a vehicle for/of experience.

When ever we hold onto the creation we have created we will create pain. It is our own way of tells ourselves to let go and not get stuck and is the way we ultimately allow ourselves to find freedom to become who and we truly are. The goal if there is one, is to become like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing with the awareness that what we hold is what causes creation to manifest. It is a dance between mind and heart. The mind which holds and thrusts from, and in, a masculine way to create the experiences we have and the heart, that feminine aspect of being, that flows freely into form creating the experience we desire and the free dissolving the form to flow unfettered into a new creation. Anything we hold binds the heart and the free flow of our creative life energy and limits what mind can create.  But it mind that interferes with it own creation and its ability to create.

There is an ancient Egyptian metaphor to determine if one would be allowed to enter heaven. It was said that when an individual died, their heart was placed on a scale with a feather. Only if the individualís heart was found to be lighter than a feather would the individual enter heaven.

For your creative spirit, the flow of your creative life energy, the heart of your being, to be free, you need to let go of your attachments and identifying with your creations. Your creations are your life and the experiences you have with and in that life, including the reality of your experiences. Your life is the product of your being. It is not you. Donít become constipated by holding onto it. Rather, become like the wind. See what serves and doesnít serve your freedom. You can feel it. Feel each thought, word, memory and deed to see if the give your creative spirit freedom. Hold your creativity and its expression sacred. In doing so, you heart will be lighter than a feather.

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