Ultimate root of pain


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Ultimate root of pain

The conflict in attachments is the ultimate root of pain

Pain as tension in the boat

Two ways to view pain

The conflict in attachments is the ultimate root of pain (Top)

Pain is the experience of not letting go of an attachment as the creation to which we are attached changes in response to what the creator desires to create. You, the creator, remain attached to what was and do not let go of the creation as it was. Your desire is not the cause of your pain. With a creativity perspective, the conflict between your attachments and what you desire is the cause. We hold the past for whatever reason and project it into the future when we have to let go of the past to allow the future to unfold in an unfettered way.

Pain as tension in the boat (Top)

To help understanding this issue, it is useful to look at an analogy for pain where you have a boat on the river. In discussing the creative process it was said the there is a flow the energy of the universe that flows into and out of your life and experiences and/or things must pass out of your life to be recycled for the next experience. The easiest way to see the association of pain and attachment is to see a row boat (you) in a river (the flow of life) and the boat is tied to a pier or dock (the creation you now experience) by a single rope (your attachment).

Suppose you tie your row boat to the pier or to the bank along the river because you like the view or what that particular place or thing has to offer. Although you have tied your boat, the river keep flowing. As the river flows a tension develops in the rope holding your boat. That tension goes through all the structural membranes of the boat as that rope holds the boat in a fixed position against the current of the river. As the current of the river increases, because it is time to move on or a new creation is starting to occur, the tension in the rope increases. At the current become greater and greater, eventually either the rope breaks, you let go or the boat rips apart.

The boat tied to the pier will not hold back the river current. Something will eventually give. More often that not the flow life will not give but something in your being will give. When we hold things in our life that need to be let go, the tension that results from holding against the current flows of the universe causes us to feel pain. Analogously if we cause the boat to rip apart, you can look at that as being the accident, illness, disease or misfortune that one creates as result of holding to what needed to be released.

What also needs to be understood is that all pain does not manifest at the exact point of the cause of the tension. It manifests at the point of weakness much like the way a chain breaks at the weakest link. Given our row boat example. If the back of the boat is ripped off because the front of the boat is attached to a rope holding it to a pier, the place the boat separates give no indications of what the actual cause of the problem was that created the rip in the boat.

So too pain. If you look exactly at the location of the pain you will not necessarily see its cause which created the pain. You may only be looking at the weakest link in the chain. The ultimate cause is the rope is tied to the pier and is holding the boat against the flow of the river. The cause of pain is your attachment.

It also needs to be noted that in the body, some organs do not have a great ability to indicate pain and its only though neighboring tissues or associated tissues that the warning is heard. So too with part of our being. Where the pain manifests may only be the warning offered by a neighboring tissue or part of our being. To treat the location of pain, the cause of the pain may in fact be missed and subsequently you end up masking the cause.

Two ways to view pain (Top)

Now there are two primary ways we experience pain. One is through our desire for experience and the pain is only the warning we may be exceeding one of our existing limits to our current creation. In this case, the pain brings us to the awareness to look and see the rope holding the boat. In this situation, our current creation is that we want the experience the shore can give us. That is why we have attached our boat at this place in the river. But we are holding to the vehicle we created for an experience of the. The vehicle for the river, the boat, does not serves us on the shore. So we need to decided whether we go with the flow of the river and the boat or do we leave the boat and stay on the shore and experience a different flow of energy.

The second way to view pain is as a denial of a truth. The truth is that we are holding to an attachment that must be let go. The boat is holding to the shore. Here, we have a vehicle for the experience of the river and we want the experience of the river. But by being attached to the shore, we hold to an experience that is not of the river and not appropriate to the vehicle we have chosen. So where we must face the truth. Do we want to experience the river or do we wish to experience the shore.

In the end, both views are the same whether. We limit what we can create and cause ourselves pain by restricting ourselves to the current creation. We hold to an attachment that does not support the creation we desire to experience. In either case, we are holding to something that will need to be let go. In one case we hold to the experience at the point of where the shore and river meet and in the other case we hold to the vehicle that is being pulled by the flow. In either case we have to let go. Either get out of the boat or let the rope go.

Now note needs to be made here. Letting go of the rope requires a different action than getting out of the boat. Yet both actions will adequately and effectively address removing the tension in the rope. However, you need to ask yourself which action is what you desire to experience or are you listening to the guidance of someone else because they appear to know how to remove the pain. Alternatively said, there are more than one way to relieve the pain you experience. The question is which method or approach serves your overall creative needs as opposed to simply responding to the pain and allowing it and the advice of others lead you to something that may be pleasurable but not not necessarily serves your unique needs.

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