Understanding pain


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Understanding pain

The gift in pain

Pain is a messenger

If you think about it, for most of us, pain always appears to be caused by something external to our being and is something that is done to us. Even if the pain originates within our body such as cramps or a muscle ache of some type, we perceive it impinging or invading us in some fashion and we desire it to leave the body. We hear such comment as “I wish this pain would leave or go away” as if it came from somewhere external. There seemed to be an undertone that the pain does not belong in the body. Rather  it is seen being caused from something outside the body and something outside of our being. When we look at the physical process of pain much of this thinking appears to be true. There always seems to be a cause we can point to and say “This is the reasons I have pain.” So, we look for medications and treatments to relieve us of the pain. Most are almost willing to pay any price for someone to relieve them of their pain if our medications don’t work.

We ask, “Why is there pain?” but do we really want to hear the answer? Rather there is the need not to know the real origin of pain for in knowing comes responsibility to act on what is known. We prefer to just have the pain taken away and numbing it or doing something to alleviate. That is is much easier than understanding it origins and dealing with it at its root.

There are two types of pain that we experience which at first glance seem very different. The first type is the physical pain of the body that which come through the physical pain sensors of the body. The second type of pain is pain which does not depend on the pain sensors. This second type of pain is best described as the pain of consciousness where the pain of consciousness is what arises totally within one’s being and is in no way tied to an external physical stimulus impinging on the body.

This second type of pain arises from within our being and can be a non-physical pain or a physical pain which has no apparent physical origin. For example consider the amputee who still feel a pain in the limb that has been amputated. Or, you love an individual but you can’t get their attention so you experience a pain or agony within your being. The occasion may be external, that is, the person you want in your life, but nothing is directly impinging on your body to cause the pain.

Both types of pain function to tell us something is being harmed and/or something is not working. If you truly study physical pain and ask, “Why is there pain?” you will come to see that pain is a gift in that it warns you when damage is occurring, or there is the potential for damage to occur, to some aspect of your being. The lesson of the physical experience and the function of pain is to teach us or get us to a point to realize that something is being harmed at some level.

The gift in pain (Top)

To understand how pain warns us of harm, it is appropriate to look at the mechanism of physical pain. Physical pain uses the same system as any physical sensation,. There is a sensor, a transmission line to the brain and an experience of the energy transmitted in the brain. Without physical pain or the loss of the feeling sensation of pain, we are not aware of the conditions that damage the body. For example, leprosy is a condition that affects the nerve transmission and the pain signals are blocked. The problem with leprosy is that without the awareness of pain because the transmission line is shut down, the body tissue becomes damaged. For example, look at the normal abrasion of skin or a cut. Without the ability to sense the pain one does not pull away from what is causing the damage. The damaged tissues is then further damaged beyond what would normally cause pain and allow one to pull away. The damaged tissue then becomes susceptible to infection. Again, without feeling the pain as a result of the infection one does not know to dress the wound. In knowing the horrific body damage that leprosy can cause because the pain sensation is lost, one come to realize the importance of pain in protecting the individual and the gift inherent in pain. Within an understanding of pain, one will find the gift that pain is capable of giving goes well beyond warning of harm to the body.

Pain is a messenger (Top)

So, pain in its simplest expression is very straight forward. The first awareness about pain is that it as messenger. Pain at any level is there to tell you when something is harmful or potentially harmful to the limit that you have choose to contain your being. One of the more simpler physical examples is to put your finger on a hot stove. You feel pain and your body wisdom and the construction of the automatic response causes you to immediately withdraw from that which is causing the pain. Similarly, if you wear new shoes that are too tight, over time you foot becomes sore and your body wisdom tells you to change your shoes. In either case, your body has approached the limits of its endurance. The pain is present and you respond to that pain even before you can think about what is happening. Pain is a mechanism your body uses to tell you something can be potentially injurious to your well being.

Without pain your body would not be warned of danger. If there is physical pain present, then at some level some aspect of your body has the potential of being harmed or is being harmed. However we come to associate the hot stove, or rather hot objects, as causing the pain. But in reality hot objects do not cause pain. Rather it is our body’s ability to response or not respond to the energy and mind's interpretation of that energy to know to response which causes pain such that the body knows something is harmful to the body as the body is constructed. With proper training and conditioning, or a proper intervention such a hypnosis or certain chemicals, esoteric yogic training and the like, one can learn to tolerate things that are at first unimaginable. If we are within our ability to response to a situation, we will not feel pain. We can change our being to respond differently to the conditions that causes pain to respond to that we could previously not tolerate.

Knowing that pain is a messenger that warns us that harm is being done, or potentially being done, at some level of being and it is a warning to us that something is being taken past it limits of endurance, we are faced with two issues. One is the origins of the non-physical pain we feel. In this cases the question is, ‘What is ultimately being harmed in the pain of consciousness?” What is being harmed when we feel a deep emotional pain or a deep pain of not having something that we desire and we long to obtain it in our life? The other issue is what about the physical pain we face that has no seeable or identifiable cause? There are the myriad types of pain that don’t seem to be so straight forward to this simple analysis above as to how we are exceeding the a limit of endurance at some level of our being. There is the pain that come to you because a part of your body just stops functioning properly. We assume the pain results from the disfunctional body part rather than considering, at some level of our being, our endurance is being exceeded or we have passed some limit or boundary within our being. Similar, we associate getting a contagious illness from an external cause as opposed to something being exceeded within our own being that allows the pathogen to cause the illness. Of course, this list can go on and on. However, if you can get past the pain itself and look at it origins you will find its purpose is the same at any level. It is a warning, a messenger, an alarm.

What is difficult for most to accept is that pain represents one’s best interest and at any, and all levels of our being, (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical). It is only a warning that something is potentially harmful to our being. Ultimately the pain can be related to the fact we are approaching the limit of endurance of a truth of our being.

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