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 Death and the transformation process


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Within the creative process for any creative endeavor, there is a required sacrifice of creation. Some of the existing form will need to dissolve or transform into the new. Depending on how we have focused our attention and awareness through what we think and believe, we can experience the necessary sacrifice of creation as some type and kind of death. That, in turn, causes the fear of death to arise in many individuals.

The idea of facing a death is troubling to most individuals. It is often troubling because we think physical death and/or the loss of everything. We think we need to become a hero and die for our cause. Most will never have to under go a physical death. Maybe an illness but not death. However, in terms of what we may lose, we do have to be prepared to lose everything. This can be terrifying when it faced But it is something we just have to accept and go through it. However, we can come to realize although we have to be prepared to lose everything, much of our world only becomes transformed. We are that scarab which turns the waste and byproducts of the existing life which has been lived into nutrients for the new life. Similarly, we are the phoenix which can rise out of its own ashes to recreate a new life. We can come to see we live with what is in our world in a different way.

The prospect of facing a death in any part of our world can be frightening. However, the death and transformation is essential. It is necessary to get us out of our programmed and enculturated thinking to begin to accept who and what we really are and what we are here to do. We need to think about how much our troubles have forced us to see life differently. We need to realize how often our life forces us to experience some type and kind of death and we never see it as such. For example going to sleep each night is one such example.

If we are open to the experiences we have, we can realize much of what we are going through is to obtain the understanding to guide others out of the prison of their own mind and their past programming and enculturation to freedom. Having been through it, we will be able to guide others. Although their path will be unique and they must choose how they are going to do it, we will know what they can expect to face. It is the same for all of us. We all are ultimately made of the same stuff - only experienced differently.

Additionally, as a result of how our inner world is  reflected in the outer, some part of our existing inner and outer world will need to change. Since any true creative endeavor takes into the unknown beyond the experiences of our mind, our mind will not know exactly what will need to be sacrificed. If we are willing to let go of what needs to change and/or be removed from our life, the creative process can be without pain. However, if we hold onto what needs to be released and no longer serves us and what we desire to experience, we can expect discomfort if not pain.

We need to learn to creatively dance and have the freedom to do the dance that is required to create what we desire and undergo the transformation. When we are not free to flow with the process we create what has been called the dark night of the soul at some level within our being. How intense the experience of the dark night of the soul we face and how much pain we create depends on what we desire to create and how much we hold onto that which must be sacrificed/transformed for the new creation. Any transformation can be painless and it is possible to make any transformation process faster, gentler and easier and create a gentle phoenix

The recommendation made here is to become aware of what we think and feel about death and note if any fears, concern or the like arise around the topics of death, transformation and a required sacrifice for any creation.

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