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Any creative endeavor requires our creative spirit to be free to one degree or another to create what we desire. However, as a result of the experiences in life where our creative spirit becomes thwarted in its effort and/or we experience pain for some reason or another in our creative effort, our creative spirit withdraws. As a result, mind creates response patterns to life in an effort to protect our creative spirit. Yet in the end, these response patterns are simply a cage of our own making in which we keep our creative spirit captive.

For many creative endeavors, we must be willing to face the reason why we have the response patterns to life that we do. Often this involved facing the pain of the past for experiences where the protective response patterns we developed do more to hold our creative spirit captive that truly protect it as it engages in life.

We begin this process by giving ourselves permission to release our creative spirit and face the past to effectively release the energy we have bound in the painful or unpleasant memories whatever they may be. In this process we can look at our mind and what we think and believe as the guardian of our vulnerable creative spirit. As any guarding protecting a vulnerable child, permission must be given for the child to engage in any activity where the guardian thinks the child could be injured. Similarly, our mind must be willing to let our creative spirit be free to explore what it needs to explore.

The guardian consent form is designed to be reviewed and acted upon prior to engaging in a creative endeavor to sufficient release our creative spirit to create what we desire. In particular, this approach is recommended when we desire to relearn and return to a state of innocent childlike play were we are free to spontaneously and innocently discover and explore ourselves and the world we inhabit.

Key to any creative endeavor is to be able to create a safe and secure space and enter a state of innocent childlike play to explore options initially in our own creative imagination . Then, we need to be able to create the safe and secure space to bring what we find into physical form in some way to experiment with the possibility of making what we find in our creative imagination a real physical experience. Prototyping, model making, rituals ceremonies, metatheater and the like can be used to see if what we find in our creative imagination can be brought into physical form. If we regain this ability , we are free to create anything we wish and/or desire as long as we do it in our physical body. After all, you did incarnate to have a physical experience. We will leave your body behind at an appropriate time so there is no need to rush the process in any way.

Guardian Consent to release the Spontaneous Playful Child Within

There is an extremely important aspect to creativity that is essential to the creative process. It is the ability to play and to be spontaneous in our play. Or, it is to play in a spontaneous fashion to freely and innocently discovery and explore the depth and breath of both our internal and external worlds. This state of spontaneous play is like the play experienced by a very young child before he/she begins to live according to all the limits, barriers, opinions, and judgments placed on the free expression of their creative spirit by their care givers, the world in which they grow up or their own mind in response to life.

We all possess such an ability to play and we all experienced that state of play at some time in our life. However, what has happened is this creative playful state of being has been left behind in our childhood. Although our body grow up into an adult, our creative and spontaneously playful child never grew up with the body. We have not grown into adult life with the same spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration that we experienced early in life. We have not experienced the innocent, spontaneously playful state we experienced as a child in an adult body and there are extremely important implications to this phenomenon.

One implication is that there is a "growing up" process that needs to occur within each individual. A second is that innocent spontaneous play in a child’s body will look and will be different in many ways than innocent spontaneous play in an adult body. As we will come to see, one particular reason is that an adult mind with its extensive life experience will frame or interpret the energy it experiences in life quite a different way than a child’s mind. In addition to having a more experiences in life from which to characterize the energy it experiences, an adult mind is also significantly biased as a result of those past experiences. An adult does not allow themselves to freely choose without bias. Rather, we have biased by our conscious and nonconscious likes and dislikes and/or preferences.

Whether we realize it or not, and/or wish to accept it or not, everyone has a child or an aspect of being within themselves that never grew up because of the environment in which they were raised no matter how loving and caring the environment may have been. The problem can best be described as that the uniqueness that is within our being was not allow to fully express who and what it is for one reason or another as we grew through infancy and childhood. It may have been simply that there were no life experiences that allowed us to fully express ourselves. Or, we may have been stifled as we tried to express ourselves. This is true, not necessarily because a care giver said "no" although that may be the case. Rather, it may have been simply a result of the fact that the body of a child was not sufficiently developed to do what we desired in that moment and our freedom to express became stifled. Whatever the reason may be does not really matter. The issue is that there are one or more aspects of our being that have never expressed themselves. Or they have remained stuck as opposed to coming to full maturity.

In the same way our physical body grew from an infant into an adult body according to its own nature (without our mind being involved in the process), it is necessary to allow these childlike aspects of our being to present themselves and allow them to fully develop according to their nature. In this regard, it is like allowing a child to grow up in a way the child needs to grown and/or chooses to grow according to its nature and not our judgment as to who we think the child needs to grow into. To allow this childlike creative aspect of our being to grow and experience what it needs to experience we need to give it permission to do so. It is like having a guardian give permission for a child in their care to do something that would otherwise be restricted. We may look at our ego, the identity as to who we think we are and how we think the world works, as the adult guardian of the child. The ego is controlling the expression of the child and determining whether or not that child is permitted to have certain experiences. Unless our ego gives the childlike spontaneous playful aspects of our being permission to grow and express itself in the innocence of childlike play, we will not be able to access many aspects of our creativity relative to our creative endeavor and/or access and release our unlimited creativity. We must allow our playful, spontaneous creative child to grow up and unfold in the way it needs to grow up.

Our intuitive guidance and the body wisdom that grew us from an infant into an adult without the need for mind will also guide the development and growth of our creative abilities from their childlike state where they are currently into a corresponding adult creativity. We have, and will further gain, the wisdom we need to assist us to recognize, access, and utilize our intuitive guidance and body wisdom to guide the growth of this creative child.

The consent form as in the sample below, is both a symbolic and literal way that we give permission to these childlike aspects of our being to grow and develop according to their nature. As such, it is recommended you use or create a similar form to meet your particular needs and sign the consent form to give your creative child permission to grow according to its own nature guided by your intuitive guidance and body wisdom.

It does need to be noted that whatever form we choose to use, it should be one that we fully understand what we are committing ourselves to doing. This is why it is recommended we create our own form in our own words and say it in the way we need and want to say it. All that needs to be ensured in whatever form we create or use is that we commit ourselves to the freedom of our creative spirit.

It is recommended you read whatever form you use aloud, or have it read aloud to you, and then sign it. In doing so, you will be swearing a loyalty to your own creative passion and connection with the Source of your being as found within your own heart. In doing so, be aware of the feelings, images, and thoughts that arise within you as you hear what is read. Do not be surprised if many memories begin to surface.

Sample Guardian Consent Form To Release The Playful Child Within

I (print)________________________________________ , on (date) _______________ give my consent and permission, including any assistance that may be needed, to allow the creative child within my being, my creative passion, my direct connection to the Source of my being, to grow and develop according to its own nature guided by my intuitive guidance and body wisdom.

I freely allow myself to return to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of both my internal and external worlds. I allow my intuitive guidance and body wisdom to guide me to create a safe and secure space to experience this and all aspects of my being.

In returning to this state of child like play, I place no expectations on how my efforts will manifest. I act because it is right to act. I create a gentle transition from who I think I am and the way I currently live my life to a way of being and living where I freely manifest the truth of my being and my creative abilities in all ways.

I allow the child within to grow, freely exploring and discovering the depth and breath of Creation in a spontaneous and innocent childlike play fully trusting the protection and nurturing of the Universe. As I progress on my journey, I know that as I grow and I am seen different from those who interact with me, I cause them no pain and they are gently lead to where they feel safe and secure.

I freely consent and give permission for this spontaneous and innocent childlike aspect of my being to fully express itself and I do not sign to "win the approval of another" or under any type of duress, pressure or intimidation. I am free in all aspect of my being to become who I choose to become.




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