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In any creative endeavor, there are obstacles which we face. If there were no obstacles we would already have what we desire. The obstacles, whatever they may be and however we perceive them, are the reasons why we cannot already have what we desire. So, if we are going to manifest what we desire we need to address the obstacles which arise.

It has been observed that the most energetic items surfaces as an obstruction or impediment to be addressed in response to the intention we hold first and then the other obstructions surface sequentially according to the energy that they hold. The reason why these obstacles are the most energetic is that they usually involve the reason we shy away or withdraw from an activity. Often it is the most frighten or expected painful aspect of our effort. That is why they are on the surface or arise first. It is only our denial of what we feel and sense in any given situation that keeps them bound. As we give ourselves permission to play and let go, they come screaming to the surface for resolution.

Often these obstacles are memories were we have bound our creative life energy/creative spirit for one reason or another. Often what surfaces is not a particular memory. What we will find is that each and every experience of the past that is binding our creative life energy does not surface. Rather the experiences will rise either collectively as a composite "best fit" or "best representative experience" or as selected real experiences that are most representative of what needs to be addressed in the moment. Although we may not be consciously thinking about the fact the obstacles preventing the manifestation of our desired creation are the most energetic aspect arises to be addressed, it is the awareness of the most energetic rising to be addressed which requires us to address whatever arises. We cannot shy away from what arises for in knowing the most energetic is arising we know that if the obstacle is not addressed it will thwart the manifestation of our own desire.

Although what surfaces initially is usually the most energetic, the subsequent memories actually seem more powerful and seem to bind more creative life energy. This is because they lie deeper in our psyche and are controlling the flow of our creative life energy at deeper levels that the most energetic. In these regard, the deeper memories lie at a better leverage point than the most energetic. Hence a smaller shift in perspective has a much greater impact on the surface and in what is expressed.

In any case, as these most energetic aspects arise, we need to act them out in some way. That is, the energy rises to be processed and dissipated. We process and dissipate in having an experience. If we do not allow the energy to flow freely, it will not dissipate and we simply suppress what must be released.

On the point of dissipating bound energy, most of us hold a tremendous amount of our creative power bound in the memories of our past experiences. Many of us need to do the work to release this energy if we wish to develop the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power. In pursuing the release of the energy we have bound in the past, the most energetic aspects arises in response to the intention we hold. By changing and varying our intention we can surface different aspects of our past. However, it does need to be noted, the intention we hold for which the obstacle arises is the composite intention of all our conscious and nonconscious intentions. The most energetic aspect that arises is arising in response to that composite intention. This is why it is important to develop a deep clear intention (one on which we have pulled the string as to the motivation behind the intention) and a single point focus. The deeper our intention goes into our nonconscious mind, the greater the purity of our composite intention relative to our consciously desired intention.

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