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Since this material is about creativity and very secular in its thrust, the author does not like to talk about the spiritual teaching of others when it comes to discussing creativity. Nor does it like to talk about the lives of spiritual teacher in relation to creativity. This dislike does not arise because there is not valuable information available in such discussions. Rather it is because religion and spiritual traditions have created too much psychological baggage regarding those teaching and the lives of their great teachers to discuss their creativity implications. So to avoid the baggage that comes with such discussions, the discussion are normally avoided.

However, there is an important message in the Christ Story that needs to be revised when one is trying to deal with their own creative power and what is available to them. The issue is related to being “...about My Father’s business” for it is an issue/subject that frequently arises in applying the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology in an individual’s life.

There is a story about Christ when he was twelve. He and his parents went to Jerusalem and Christ become separated from his parents. His parents looked for him for three days. After three days they found Him in the Temple teaching and talking to the priests. When His parents found Him and said for Him to come home, His reply was, “Do you not know I must be about My Father’s business.” His parents were confused since Joseph, His earthly father, was a carpenter. But , here is Jesus is in the Temple teaching and talking to the priests stating that this is His Father’s business..

What is important about this story and seemingly often overlooked is that we each have business of our Father (the Creator) which we are here to do. Christ was not unique in this regard. He was unique only in that He recognized that He had business of His Father to do. We can debate if the creator is the Creator or a creator. But that does not change the fact that there is business we are here to attend to doing. Your business is not my business and we each need to explore our own internal world to find it.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology addresses this business of the Father as the intention for your life. Or, better said when viewed creatively is the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity address the business of the Creator/creator as the intention for your life. You can access it and come to know it through feeling. That is, the feeling that allows you to feel full of life and causes you to desire to engage in life. It is what causes you to want to create life. In this regard, the business of your life can be readily found within your sexual feelings if you know how to look for it for sexuality is about creating life. But finding it through feeling is not limited to one’s sexuality. You do not have to be sexual to access the business of your life. You just need to become very aware and look behind and what is giving rise to what fills you full of life, causes you want to create a life, causes you to want to engage in life and/or give you a deep internal passion, especially a passion for life.

In any case, we each come fully equipped with an internal homing device than can help guide us to Creator’s/creator’s business. Your internal compass can assist you in finding and staying aligned with this feeling and this business. Aligning with the business of the Creator/creator requires one to surrender to it. Although the Creator’s/creator’s will is a source of great inner satisfaction, the concept of surrendering to the Creator’s/creator’s will can be quite terrifying to many.

Surrendering can be terrifying to many because the Creator’s/creator’s will is not our will and often we are lead to do what we would rather not do. In the Christ story, this is clearly reflected the night before He died. The night before Christ died he pleaded in the garden. - “Let his cup pass.” But he also realized it was something that He had to do and it was is role to do it when he said, “ Thy will be done.”

There is a fear in many that surrender to the Creator’s/creator’s will mean their death. Unfortunately, to be honest, it does mean death. But it does not mean physical death, and especially not something like crucifixion at the hands of society. It does require the death and transformation of the ego and who and what we think and believe about ourselves and what we are doing here. This, of course, only makes sense because the intention for our life existed before our mind develop its awareness and ego identity. So we will have to leave the ego identity our mind created to find out what who we really are. The ego simply masks our true identity.

It needs to be pointed out that before the attempt to find an alternative way, the author was clueless as to the existence of the Creator’s/creator’s business in his life and the lives of others. He only became aware of it when he started to work with psychics to see what they could tell him about human being exploring the unseen realms of energy. Different psychics, at different times, about different individuals said the author would help then to “set up their business” or, “you will give them a key.”

Relative to “set up their business,” the author initially interpreted that to mean that he would help the individuals set up physical a physical business to earn money in their life. So, he worked at a very physical level helping those individuals establish or improve the business they were doing in their life. In some cases he helped them tremendously to completely shift their business into a more lucrative product line. In other cases he simply outright failed. In one case you could say he helped to create a disaster. Fortunately, the disaster was in time and effort spent and no sever financial lost was incurred. In fact there is evidence to suggest he did help prevent a major financial loss. Nevertheless, his efforts seemed to be a total loss.

But it was the what the psychics said about “you will give them a key,” that started him to reflect deeper on exactly what was being seen. Fortunately, there was one individual the author was told you he would both help them to set up their business and give them a key. This was the individual who the author helped to created a disaster. It was in the outright failure of the physical business that cause him to look deeper. But he could not figure out what was the key that he gave them.

In time he stumbled across other people whom other psychics told them that there would be a younger man who would come into their life and give them a key. It was usually after the author began to work with the individual that the individual would then point to the author as say that he was the fulfillment of what the psychics said to them. So the author being to take a hard look at exactly what he was doing for these individuals.

What he came to understand over time was that he was getting them in touch with their own creative power and, in particular, how they gave their creative power away in the past. The key he gave them was a way to get their creative power back. It was the key to the cage of their own making that locked their creative power away. In many ways it was like a knight retreating to a castle to defend themselves only to find their castle becomes a prison of their own making.

As a young child there are many ways our creative power is taken from us. By the time we reach adolescence, most of us have been effectively robbed of much of our creative power. To defend and protect ourselves as children, we create defensive measure and responses to the world. We then retreat behind those defenses to protect ourselves and keep us safe. To one degree they do keep us safe. But then we being to become comfortable in our defenses and never venture out into the unknown creative world. The key the author was providing them was a way to open the castle door and reenter the playful world of creativity. In doing so, the author was also helping them to access the intention for their life.

The intention for our lives is the seat of our creative power. It is what gives us life and calls us forth to engage life. It is the business of our life. It is what gives us the currency or the money to create what we desire. Just as was have a business or profession to earn money to live our physical life in today’s world, there is an currency or energy we need to create. The business of the Creator/creator, is what gives us the energy we need to create what we desire. The business of our life is what we do in life that allows us to access the passion and the energy to move through life no matter what life presents in front of us.

There are many things we can do in life and there are many things that gives us energy to create things in life. But we each have a narrow set of true passions in life and there is usually only very few ways to align all those passions into one set of activities. The business of the Creator/creator is what we do in life that aligns all those passions. The business of the Creator/creator is what supplies the energy, courage and desire to leave the safety of our castle and go out on a quest. It is the mythical quest for the holy grail. It is the mythical quest for the fountain of youth. It is the quest for salvation and transcend all that is physical without every having to leave the physical or anything it has to offer.

What has not been adequately and effectively communicated is that it is the intention for our life, the business of the Creator/creator, that provide the feeling that gives us a fulness of life and desire to live life is what we are here to do. If we don’t do it, we will never find an inner satisfaction in life that never runs dry. If we don’t find it we will begin to feel and think something wrong with life. We will being to think we must transcend life and get out of the physical. But nothing can be father from the truth. The proverbial heaven that so many seek is here and now. It is found in doing our Creator’s/creator’s business whatever it is.

What the author has come to learn is that for many there is tremendous fear associate with surrendering to the business of our life. There is fear of the loss of one’s tribe. There is the fear of loss of one’s livelihood. There is the fear of loss of one’s friends and loved one’s. There is the fear of loss of one’s wealth. But yet, the Creator’s/creator’s business, the intention for our life, is what gives us our life. It is where we find life. It is in the business of our life that we access the depth and breadth of our creative power that we find a life that is everlasting. It is in our creative power we find that which never dies. We find the awareness of the detached witness, the one who watches and the one who creates, and we find the energy power and ability to create whatever we desire.

In looking back on the disaster the author helped to create he saw something different. In the eyes of the world, there was a disastrous and failed attempt to create a business. But in that failed attempt a key was given. The key was to the door that locked the individual’s creative spirit in a cage created by the past experiences of the individual. It many ways it was soul retrieval. The soul of their being that long since withdrew because of the experiences of the past was now free to come out come. The failed business attempt only created the space for the individual to take a hard look at what was driving their life and to see what really gave them life. The took a hard look at what makes a life worth living. In the end, they were free. The learned how to step free of the past and all those who held or tried to hold their life bound. In the end they found they could get on with the business of their life.

In reflecting on what he had learned about helping individuals set up the business of their life and/or giving them a key he began to see that often the child, at the earliest ages of consciousness, knows metaphorically what they are here to do. Besides feeling it, their mind will give them a image with the information it has gain in life up to that point to tell the individual what they are here to do. He has seen it repeatedly in individuals as they talk about their early years of life.

What the author saw in his own life, he saw in the lives of others. It was said in the discussion, “The Time Capsule - Second Mystical Experience of Memory” the author wanted to play the violin at age four. Although he was told in awareness that he was too young to play the violin and the had to make the violin he wanted, at age four, his life was revealed. Or, rather it should be said it could have been revealed if there would have been some way or someone to interpret what was being revealed.

What the author did not realizes was the violin was an exceptionally good symbol for what his creative spirit desired to do in this life. The violin is a powerful instrument to make music in passion since it can bet used to make so many different types and kinds of music. What the author did not realized at this early age nor those around him was that his life is the creation, the violin which must be played. The awareness within his being was the musician who determined how it would be played and the music it would make. He was both the violin and the musician who tuned and played that violin. His life was the music of that violin and he was the one who needed to learn how to play it. He was both the creator and the creation. It was who and what he though he was and what he believed that was cut down after forty years to create that violin. The ten years following the Ultimate Accident, that turning point, was only the time spend making the violin and learning how to play it.

His life is an example of the creative process in which we all participate and have the option to change. His life is an example about coming to the awareness that we each need to be about our Creator’s/creator’s business. It can be said that at forty four the author was reborn. There was a rebirth. There is a description of a rebirth that did occur in response to the changes that were happening. It is about the business of the Creator/creator. It is about becoming ripe and sharing our fruits. But to do that, we must surrender our selves to the business of the Creator/creator.

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