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  Self generated soul retrieval


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The self generated soul retrieval builds on the concept of the soul retrieval. It is recommended the discussion "Soul retrieval" be reviewed prior to consideration of creating a self generated soul retrieval.

In a traditional soul retrieval, a shaman or some other healer appears to do the essential work. Often, the reason why the shamanic soul retrieval is successful is that the shaman works outside the social, religious, spiritual and political system which caused the loss of trust and caused the individual to deny their creative passion. We say appears to do the essential work for healing ultimately comes from within and the shaman or healer is simply playing a role for us as a result of the experience we think we need to have at some level of our being and they create a safe and secure space for our creative spirit to do its work. The soul retrieval, or what we do outwardly, is ultimately only symbolic of what we are doing inwardly. A self generated soul retrieval is about we ourselves doing what the shaman or healer does for us in a way that provided an equivalent "healing."

It is said one reason why the soul retrieval is successful is that the shaman works outside the social, religious, spiritual and political system which caused the loss of trust and caused the individual to deny their creative passion. It cannot be over emphasized that many organizational systems are designed to castrate the creative spirit so as to have the creative spirit harnessed to do what the organization desires. In stepping out of the system one can get around the causes of how the creative spirit is held captive to free it and then one can go back and remove the limits which kept it bound.

In regards to a part of our creative power and creative ability being lost or denied, that loss or denial creates a void within our being. A void is created when for whatever reason we do not act to fill with life. The void is then experienced as a loss of enthusiasm and passion or is filled with something which challenges our creativity such as a accident, illness, disease or other type of challenge in life. Or, it can be experienced as a entity unto itself giving rise to the concept of being possessed by an alien entity of some type. If the void is filled by some awareness totally opposite from what a person consciously believes is acceptable to believe, the void will be perceived as demonic or evil and possible exhibit what would be called demonic or evil characteristics and/or desires. Yet the void is only and aspect of our own being which we fail to consciously embrace and/or recognize to fill with life

What many do not realizes is that we can sense these voids in our life about an issue, a place or a person. This is why it is so important to become aware of what we feel and be open to feeling. It is in what we feel about a person, place or situation that will tell us where our creative spirit is, or is not, being denied, supported or otherwise available to us. We can use this ability to feel the voids to help create a self generated soul retrieval to either regains fragments of our creative spirit which we have denied or to prevent their loss when we are creatively wounded. We can explore the existence of these voids in our creative imagination  to see what gives us life or robs us of life. We can then bring what we find back into the real world as discussed in the topic, "Complex integration."

For a soul retrieval to work, the individual must believe in the shaman at some level of their being and choose to have the shaman be that outward representation of what is happening within. All healing ultimately comes from within the individual. Those external can help create the conditions to heal but it is our own creative spirit which does the healing. In the end, it is ultimately done the way our creative spirit wants to do it. Similarly, to do a self generated soul retrieval, we must sufficient believe in ourselves and our creative ability and creative power to retrieve what we lost or to heal.

A self generated soul retrieval is about going back and become aware of our past to release the frozen or bound energy or release a mental pattern which is diverting our creative life energy. A self generated soul retrieval is about regaining and calling back our creative power for we are the ones doing what is necessary to be done. In actually, any calling back of our creative power in any form is a self generated soul retrieval. Processing the energy would be to go back and deal with the pain and suffering of the original trauma that caused us to turn our awareness off. This is also what we would do in a traditional soul retrieval. That is, the soul retrieval, through the intermediary of a shaman, allows us to go back and bring the focus of our attention and awareness to the event to restore our life given properties and release the bound energy.

A self generated soul retrieval is about bring our physical life into alignment with the intention for our life. We need to realize the intention for our life is the source of our creative power in our life and it is what has brought us into life and gives us life. It is about calling back into our life that which gives us life and allows us to access our creative power. The discussion, "Calling back our creative power" and the "Journey of reconstitution" address the same types and kinds of issues in a parallel way and each can be considered a discussion of self generated soul retrieval.

We have to chose to act is to give ourselves permission for our heart to open to be able to have a self generated soul retrieval. We need that open heart to guide us in the unknown and to explore the dark side of our being through what we feel. That is, we need to make aspects of our nonconscious conscious and bring the light of awareness as to what we have lost and why we have lost it. Choosing to act to retrieve our soul for something larger than ourselves and benefits others more than ourselves is one simply, fast, easy way to open our heart.

In doing a self guided soul retrieval, we will have do extensive work in addressing the issues of the heart that we avoided by shutting it down. The work entails making the appropriate aspects of the nonconscious conscious. In particular, we will have to resurface the understanding of how we turn feelings and emotions on and off with how and what we consciously and nonconsciously believe.

To create a self generated soul retrieval, we need a strong enough incentive to break free of our past and how our attachments to the past are binding our energy. Often the level of passion that is requires is that we need the passion of a drowning person has for air. How we find that passion is to find something in life that is both worth living and dying for. That is, we are willing to give our life to the effort regardless of whether or not we succeed or fail. Rather what we seek is worth the price of our life.

A self generated soul retrieval is to be able to go into our creative imagination  and use the concept of complex integration to find the real part that is lost and bring it back. It is to explore options to see where we are free and not free to act. Then pull the string on where we are not free as to the root cause which is preventing our freedom of movement and address the root cause. What this means is there are many images and ideas we can have about what we experience and there are many different images we can have. However, what we feel and what allows for an expansion of what we feel is what is real. What we bring back is the awareness of the feeling for our creative power lies in what we feel.

The description of the traditional soul retrieval is the shaman leaves this dimension to go to another realm. The shaman goes into the realm that can best be described as residual emotional energy. But exactly what is this other realm? It is however the shaman’s mind experiences it and it can be and will different for different shamans. How and what they bring back is what allows the person to feel the lost aspect of their being is repaired. They retrieve or obtain something which is described as part of the soul or part of our spirit from this other realm bringing it back into this dimension to give a different way of being in this dimension. The key here is that there are other realms in which we can go that cannot be fully comprehended or explained by our mind to work solutions to our problems, and bring back these workable solutions into our physical existence. For all practical purposes, these other realities are out of time or out of phases with our normally seen world and only exist in our creative imagination . Yet, these realms are different forms or aspects of energy and can be accessed and understood by understanding the non localized aspects of our being.

A ritual can be designed to go symbolically back through time and space to retrieve what was lost. Even if we have no idea as to what was lost or how we gave our creative power away, we can ask our intuitive guidance. When asked, it will provide us with the guidance to construct a ritual to retrieve the lost soul parts and/or provide us the guidance as to what we need to do in life.

Often a soul retrieval of some type is attempted when faced with an illness or other discomfort. However, when facing illness and disease we do need to be aware that maybe the illness or disease is a life experience we have created through a nonconscious aspect of our being. That is, we create the experience for a specific reason or for specific experiences and it has not been the result of a soul lose. In any case, our intuitive guidance is capable of informing us of what needs to be done and/or what we may need to experience as a result of the illness or disease.

Need for at least one other

For any experience we desire to have, creation/Creation is not done alone. Another or other is needed in some way. Although a self guided soul retrieval requires us to be a light unto oneself, there will be the need for another in some way. Exactly how that other is needed and what they do for us depends on what aspects of our being we desire to access.

The major issue which gives rise for the need for a self generated soul retrieval is no one is there for us to encourage us to regain what is los so we me need to do it ourselves. In doing a self guided soul retrieval we need to understand our community did not support us when necessary. As a result, we lost aspects of ourselves and our community will not necessarily support our finding the aspects we lost. As such we may not be acceptable to society and we will be required to live the left hand path without any support.

If we are intent on calling back our creative power and we ask Creation for assistance, those who are needed will be lead to us. But we must be open to who is lead to us and what is required. They may not look like what we think they should be and/or have us do what we wish. In fact, often individuals are lead to us who are needed to become the occasion to surface previous memories, fears, and pain that are binding the creative life energy we need to create what we desire.

Without a tremendous passion and we have no one there to helps hold focus, it is very difficult to hold focus when the whole world seems to be seeking and/or pushing us to go in another direction. Yet, the Universe will offer the assistance we need if we are open to the way it is provided. The biggest issues we face is that what we are given is to what the mind wants and/or the way we want it.

Some thoughts on an approach

How we have lost aspects of our being is unique to us and we all do it differently. There will be similarities, but we are all different. As such, we will also regain what we lost in a unique way. Again, there will be similarities but it will be different. The key to a self generated soul retrieval is our intuitive guidance and body wisdom and feeling our way into the freedom of our own being.

We can start the self generated soul retrieval in the following steps.

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