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All experiences of Creation result from a flow of energy. It is possible to step out of our normal way of experiencing Physical Creation to access these undercurrents giving rise to Creation to see in what direction they flow. In doing so, we can seemingly predict the future. That is, of course, assuming nothing arises to change or shift the flow of energy.

Psychics are individual who can see through an aspect of the illusion of mind to see these deeper  undercurrents of energy. Exactly what current any one psychic taps into depend on their mind and their past experiences. Normally they use some aspect of a particular individual, the person themselves, their name, a possession and the like to access the undercurrent giving rise to that individual’s life. The psychic then interprets what they see by the filter of their mind.  How accurate they see, what facet they see of the individual, and how accurate they interpret the information depends on the individual psychic, their experiences and what they believe.

What does need to be understood we all have such abilities. However, most of us, if we use them, tend to use such ability through our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. In essence psychic abilities are just a more conscious use of the intuitive guidance and body wisdom. Intuitive guidance and body wisdom arise from the fact that our body and our being are always sensing the energy flows of creation/Creation. Since each of our bodies are different, we each sense the flows of energy giving rise to Physical Creation slightly differently. These differences causes us to be more able or less able to use such abilities. Also we each have learned to focus our mind differently. In this regard, one can be trained to enhance their psychic power. However, the question always arises, “Why would you want to do so?” We only need to use our intuitive guidance and body wisdom we already have.

The major issue with anyone sensing any of the  undercurrents giving rise to any given creation is whether or not they have the minimum set of requisite experience to properly characterize it. If we do not have the necessary minimum set of experience our mind will be unable to properly characterize what it senses. In studying psychics,  it was found they make the same type and kind of errors we make using our intuitive guidance. The energy they sense is correct and the direction to which they are pointing is correct. However the interpretation by their mind provides can be inaccurate.

With this background about psychics, it is appropriate to make a note about psychics and using what others see about our journey into exploring our creativity and our path in life. To use another, we only need to realize that the intention for our life, as any intention, creates a flow of energy. That flow of energy creates an  undercurrent giving rise to our life. That undercurrent can be sensed and accessed much like any other undercurrent. As such, psychics can be used to help identify and interpret the intention for our life and/or the direction we need to travel in life. They can be help in identifying the types and kinds of play and/or activities that may be useful to help to us to tap into the play of what is symbolized by our heart.

Relative to using psychics and those who can access and see the  undercurrent, there are two types of people. They can best be described as helicopter pilots or “long necks” and guides. The helicopter pilot or “long neck” is one that can rise directly above where we are and look head into the future at our path. This is the traditional way most use psychics. The other type is what is best called the guide. The guide is someone who can actually go out and explore the terrain in front of us and inform us as to what we are going to face. Normally these are separate individuals and one does not do the job of the other although they could if they really wanted to do so.

The two work very differently although they may appear to be same to most. For the helicopter pilot or “long neck” type three things need to be realized. One is that they look from where we are and will see accordingly. If we are currently on the mountain top, they will rise a little higher and see an even more expansive valley than we do. However if we are deep in a canyon, even if they rise quite a bit above us, they may see very little that is useful along our journey other than telling us to continue to do what we do for there are usually very limited ways out of a canyon. There is the way in which we came in and the way we are going. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a canyon. These individuals have the same problem that we do. Their mind can only frame the energy that they see based on the experiences they have had. If what we are going to experience is significantly different than anything that they have experienced, they will do a poor job at explaining what they see in a way that we can effectively utilize. The third thing is there is nothing on the face of this earth that is better than our own intuitive guidance at discerning what direction we need to go in life. Our path is very unique. We have an internal compass that can guide us on the path. We need to learn to use it. We should use the external information provided by a psychic only as verification. If we cannot verify what we are told, we should use our internal compass.

Guides tend to be different. They can be quite useful and their descriptions of the path can be quite accurate for they have gone out and looked at the path. They know the terrain. However, two thing do need to be noted here. One is to understand if the guides are looking at our particular terrain based on our belief structure of who and what we think we are. Or, are they using a general path that they or their tradition laid out to reach the objective that we state is our objective. The two are quite different and how we travel them can be quite different. Again, we will need to look to our own heart and internal compass to discern if we feel what the guide is telling us to do is in alignment with our path. The second thing is that it needs to be remembered that the mind loves to impose itself and get us to believe what it likes us to hear. This is especially true if there are promises of an easy journey if we do it the way the guide says to do it or there are promises that we can remain in control of what happens to us. If our mind likes what it hears or maybe dislikes what it hears, it again, it may mask the heart. To follow the heart means to surrender to what we feel through our internal compass and intuitive guidance and step out of that thinking and judging mind that has the need to control.

The recommendation made here is that psychics guides can be use to help us understand the intention for our life and/or the path we need to take to either regain creative play or help us to explore the depth of our creative power. However, we should never give control of our life to another. We should always have a single point focus for our life based on clarity of intention with an accompanying internal compass heading based on the fullness of being, what gives us life and provided an inner satisfaction that never runs dry. If we do use psychic guides, we may want to give some consideration to using psychic triangulation to reduce the possibility of errors and become enamored or disillusioned with what any individual tells us about our path.

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