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Living from what is symbolized in the heart

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Living from what is symbolized in the heart enables one to have a vision. Vision is the ability to see beyond what one has experienced. It is to literally and figuratively see into the unknown and what lies before us and/or what is possible to create. Mind can only work with that which it has experienced. Living from the mind one can only recreate the past in a new way. The heart is different. It senses the energy of what is, as it is. If it can, it will present an image to the mind but frequently the best it can do is present a feeling and we must learn to run on those feelings. This is because mind’s interpretation of those feeling will be in error. To see the future and what has not yet been experienced is not something mind can necessarily understand. All it has it the past from which to work.

Running on feelings is like walking in a fog where we can only see the next step in front of us as it appears and not before. It requires a tremendous amount of trust to live by our feelings. However, from time to time, as we moves along our journey, the heart takes us to a vantage point where we are able to clearly see into the unknown for a great distance. What we see is capable of being expressed to the mind in an image, an understanding or a story of some type for it provided the equivalent of “guide points” or reference markers to the mind so the mind can come to know where it is along the journey.

What this is like is wondering and winding around in the mountains on a narrow trail then suddenly coming to a point where we can look out and see a broad sweeping valley. The valley one see is in the future. It lies in the direction we are going if they continue on the same path and descend down the mountain. Although they have not yet experienced the valley, we now have some idea of what it looks like and where we need to go or will be going. If we retains this image and holds this image, it will provide milestones and markers for our journey into the unknown.

The milestones and markers that we see from the mountain top will look somewhat different when viewed first hand directly before us as we experience them. Nevertheless can be used to mark our path through the valley and give us some indication as to how true to our course we are as we transit the valley. It does need to be noted here that the path down the mountain may become so winding and full of switchbacks that we become disorientated and loose our direction becoming lost. So, in addition to our vision, we still need to rely on our heart as that internal compass for the path our heart takes may seemingly be in the exact opposite of where our vision would require us to go. But it needs to be understood is that our descend into the valley or to transit the valley itself may need to move around obstacles that requires us to seemingly go backwards or in the opposite direction to go forward. The heart will always lead true. It should be utilized even if the vision we have says to go in another direction.

The universe is actually very generous. If we are not afraid of heights and what we might see, the universe will always offer us the opportunity to view from a mountain the valley in which we need to cross. Whether it is just prior to our incarnation or a journey we elect to take in response to an intention that we have set in life, we can have an overall view of our journey if you are willing to face what we see. The only thing that stops us from seeing is our own fears of what might be expected of us or what experiences we may be required have.

When an individual sets an intention and are willing to do whatever it takes to manifest that intention, they are given a vision that will guide them on their journey. It does need to be understood that the vision we get may not make complete sense at the time we have it for we have not had all the experiences, that minimum set of experiences, that we need for the vision to make complete sense and our mind can frame the energy into a picture or image the best it can with the experiences it has or remembers. Additionally what we see in the vision will not necessarily look like what we experience. But all the attributes that we saw in the vision will be present and we will recognized any one milestone if we remove our thinking and judging mind as to how we think it should look and look to see if the attributes are present.

When we set an intention, we can also ask for a vision or the understanding that we can utilize to help guide us on our journey. What needs to be understood is that to ask for a vision that we can use as a guide is another intention like any other intention. We have to deal with all the obstacles that lie within that do not allow us to routinely have vision. There may be subconscious fears and attachments that we will need to face before the vision can manifest.

For example, suppose we fear the loss of a particular person in our life. But for us to manifest the intention that we set for our life it will be necessary for that person as we know them to leave our life We will not have a vision that addresses that person for our fear and attachment blocks our vision. If however we let go and accept what is and whatever is necessary, a vision appropriate to guide us on our journey will come to us and it can be quite detailed.

The main reason we don’t have visions of the future is that we are too attached to allow ourselves to see. If we wish to know something about the future, we need to set the intention to see the future in the direction we wish to see. If nothing happens, we can expect we are too attached to something that not allowing us to see clearly. We will then have to set another intention to surface what stands in the way. Of course, whatever surfaces we will have to move out of the way or move to a new location to see, that is change what we think and how we believe.

When we have a vision, it is appropriate to hold that vision with unwavering faith realizing it is only an outline and the best our mind could do to frame the energy at the time of the vision. It need to be realize that if we are descending the mountain, we can never go back and look again with new understanding for we are down in the valley. We have to work with the vision we had until we outrun the length of the vison. We will need to go back into our memory and look and see what milestones are available to us and compare them to what we actually experienced. As we begin to see how close or how far off our mind characterized the energy in the view from the mountain top we will know how literally or figurative to take the images that we saw.

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