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To gain clarity of intent, one needs to have a very clear end or goal in sight as to what one would like to create. One’s death is probably the clearest end point we each are capable of contemplating one way or another. It is the end point for all that you do in your current life. All of your efforts are brought to an end at this point. The question that can then be asked is, “At the time of my death, whenever that may be, will I have completed all that I desire, and will I be remembered in a way that I would like to be remembered?” This question of course raises the issue that we normally don’t know when we will die and begs to ask the question, “Am I living my life such that I am moving closer and closer each day to what I wish to create in my life such that if I die today, I will have gotten as far as I possible could?”

One particular methodology that is extremely effective in gaining clarity of intent for what ever one desire to create is to write the eulogy one would wish to be given at the end of one’s life at their funeral and to state clearly what one would wish to have manifested in one’s life before one dies. The two can be tied together, yet, in many ways, each is separate. For this exercise, the eulogy is more focused on your way of being in the world and is about you as an entity.

What you wish to manifest in your life is more about what you create and do with your life that may or may not live on after you. The reason why this exercise is so useful is that whether we realize it or not, we each carry some idea about how we desire to be remembered and what we wish to do in our life. Sometimes that understanding is conscious. But more often than not, it is subconscious. Our mind has become enculturated. Many of the ideas we have about what is important in life are the value of our family and/or society. They are not necessarily reflective of who and what we are and our reason for being here in physical incarnation. We tend to live in accordance with the world we have been taught as opposed to living according to what is in symbolized in our heart and in alignment with our creative spirit and own unique creative passion.

The eulogy is a spoken or written piece of high praise, especially when written and delivered publically. To write your eulogy for your life, assume that you are going to write the eulogy for your own funeral. When it is all said and done with, what is it you want to be remembered for doing or being?

Write out your eulogy, editing it as much as necessary, until you think you have obtained exactly what you would like to have said in this eulogy. This eulogy can then become the intent for your life to fulfill and can become your guiding light in all that you do. As you write your eulogy, look back at your life and how you are living life now to see if you are living the life that you desire. Are you making the types and kinds of impacts on people and the world in the way that you would like to have stated in your eulogy or have you allowed life to lead you on some other path?

The other piece of the exercise is to write out what you wish to manifest with your life. What do you wish to create? It can be some object or something more intangible like an organization or a way of life that others can follow. Or it may simple be that you created the space for others to live the freedom of their creative spirit and a space to fulfill their dreams. It doesn’t matter what you create. All that matter is that it is what you desire to create and not something you create and/or do because your family, friends, society or anyone else wants you to create. It is something that will allow you to feel complete when you come to the end of your life and you can feel that you have done a job well done.

When each of these two items are completed, you can then look at all that you do in your life and see if what you do is allowing you to achieve these ends. What you probably will find is that you have conflicting intentions. You then of course have to decide what is more important to you and where you really desire to focus your attention and awareness.

On this note it must be remembered that you are free to create and experience what ever you wish. That is what free will is all about. You only need to be aware that you will have to deal with the consequences of your actions and your choices. There are no judgements by the Divine on what you do and what you create. The only judgements you experience are those from within your own being and those around you and the standards that they use as to what they believe is good or bad, right or wrong. The only question is whether or not you live your life based on the external standards of the world in which your find yourself. Or, you life the standards of your own heart and the creative life energy that flows within your being that has created you and is sustaining you for your reason for incarnating, the intention for your life.

To write an eulogy that is effective for what you wish to create with your life, it may be appropriate to review the events in your life. The hyperlinked files below may provide some assistance in this area.

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