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Creativity overview of the Seven Chakra Conceptual Areas
Seventh or Crown Chakra and the sefirah of Keter (Crown)
Sixth or Third Eye/Brow Chakra and the sefirah of Binah (Understanding) and Hokhmah (Wisdom)
Fifth or Throat Chakra and the sefirah of Hesed (Mercy) and Gevurah (Severity)
Fourth or Heart Chakra and the sefirah of Tifíeret (Beauty)
Third or Solar Plexus Chakra and the sefirah of Hod (Splendor) and Nezah (Victory)
Second or Spleen chakra and the sefirah of Yesod (Foundation)
First or Root chakra and the Sefirah of Shekhinah (Kingdom)

A creativity overview of the conceptual areas of the Seven Chakras as to how they influence our creativity to manifest a desired creation are provided below. For those familiar with the Kaballah, the corresponding Kaballah areas are also listed. This description of the chakras is by not meant to be a complete discussion of the chakras. What is provides coupled with the discuss, "The Seven Chakras" is about all that is needed to understand their impact on our creative ability and creative power.

What needs to be understood in using these seven areas is that the Seven Chakra System is a model for how our body works. The seven areas discussed are actually areas of our belief structure that tend to get expressed in the body around the chakra locations. That is, the chakra areas below can be seen as switches which turn the flow of our creative life energy on or off to areas or sections of the body. Remember, as discussed in the topic, "The Seven Chakras," the seven chakra are seen corresponding to the seven nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column. The flow of our creative life energy to these areas is based on how and what we believe and how and what we think based on what we believe does or does not direct our energy.

When we allow our creative life energy to flow, our body is energized to act in some way. When we do not allow a sufficient flow of energy to create a healthy condition we may need to explore why we would create such an experiences. That is, what do we think and believe such that insufficient energy is flowing to create what we would call health. In this regard, this approach should not been used for a medical diagnosis as to what needs to physically addressed when we have issues in various parts of our body. But this approach can provide insights as to the beliefs we hold about a topic that may be causing us the pain or discomfort in life so as to not repeat whatever conditions we caused.

Where the insights creating pain and discomfort are most beneficial are in perceiving the energy flow of a situation. For example, an individual has issues with their throat. In addition to doing what needs to be done medically, they may wish to explore have effectively they allow themselves to speak and or act on their truth since the fifth chakra is about speaking and acting our truth. The individual may want to start by asking their intuitive guidance, "Have I been denying my truth in some way which is causing my medical condition?" and see what arises.

In explore what they think and believe and how effectivity they are at acting on, or speaking, their own truth in a given area of life, they may come to discovery they are routinely denying their truth to satisfy someone in their world. In that realization, they may begin to see that whenever they deny an aspect of their truth they feel a passing pain or discomfort in the throat area. They can then acess the gift of pain and use that pain or discomfort as a warning they are denying themselves in some way. In doing so, they prevent creating an unhealthy condition in life by continually denying the flow of energy necessary to maintain health in that area of the body.

Seventh or Crown Chakra and the sefirah of Keter (Crown) (Top)

This chakra is representative of the beliefs and/or energy that we hold relative to how we view the unseen world of unmanifested energy or non localized energy and spirit. Although there is evidence to suggest areas or levels above the seventh chakra, the seventh chakra is representative of all those beliefs of the unseen world. These beliefs are above beliefs of judgement characteristic of the mind. To transcend the world of judgement is to live in the seventh chakra. It is beyond the beliefs of male and female, good and evil, right and wrong. It is beyond the beliefs of duality and separation. It is representative of the closest we can come to spirit and undifferentiation/separation and still be in the world.

The seventh chakra is about moving to become a detached witness to step out of mind to see and understand the lessons in each and every situation in life. It is to live in the mind of God to see through time and space. Here all, our ego filters are removed. It is here we find wisdom and understanding and become enlightened to become a light in the world.

Sixth or Third Eye/Brow Chakra and the sefirah of Binah (Understanding) and Hokhmah (Wisdom) (Top)

This chakra is representative of the mind and the beliefs and energy of the mind of how the world works. It is about how we understand the world and the wisdom we have or donít have to live in the world. It is the seat of judgement and enculturation. Enculturation of what we have been taught about how we should live in the world. The sixth chakra is about our personal view of the world. It is representative of what we think and belief is true and is representative of beliefs about truth and what is true.

The realm of the sixth chakra is where we choose what is our truth and is intimately tied to the question, "How do you know what is true?" Based on what we believe is true, we judge everything that is internal and external to us relative to what we think is true. Consequently, whatever we think is true or believe is true is extremely important.

What centers around the sixth chakra are all the judgements of our mind. It is where we hold the thoughts of all our wounds and scars. It is here we create the duality and separateness we experience in life. There is no need to transcend the body or Physical Creation. We only need to transcend the duality created by our mind which resides in the sixth chakra area. It is here we need to learn how to bridge and stand between two worlds- the world of the seen and unseen. It is here we learn to surrender and be fully present in life for each individual and each situation to respond as they need for the greatest common good.

Fifth or Throat Chakra and the sefirah of Hesed (Mercy) and Gevurah (Severity) (Top)

This chakra is representative of the belief about our strength of will, our will power and how we choose to act in the world. It is the level of speaking our truth as we see it or not speaking our truth. Remembering that thought becomes word and word becomes action, this chakra is the strength of our will to live our truth such that our thought are perfectly matched with our deeds and actions. It is that bridge of the taking the thought and making the words of those thoughts become flesh or manifest in the physical world.

The fifth chakra is about speaking our speak our truth and walk our talk in all ways in the world. All our intentions, thoughts, words and deeds must all be in complete alignment if we do not wish to experience separation. We must be fully congruent in all ways at all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Fourth or Heart Chakra and the sefirah of Tifíeret (Beauty) (Top)

This chakra is representative of our beliefs and energy connections relative to being and why we are in the world. It is about the free flow of our creative life energy into our creative passion. It is representative of our beliefs about emotions, passions, about life and about living and how we feel about things.

The beliefs of the fourth chakra or heart chakra are not the same as the heartís desire and/or our creative spirit. The heartís desire encompass all the beliefs about the creative spirit and what it and our physical form represents as seen from within, and above, the seventh chakra as opposed to our beliefs of our enculturated mind about the world and our physical form. Our heartís desire is the beliefs of the creative spirit about our essence as individualized energy consciousness as expressed in Physical Creation. The heart's desire is the translation of those eternal truths of our creative spirit into beliefs and feelings and subsequently translated into a phsycial experience.

The beliefs of the fourth chakra represent our beliefs and feelings about the creative spirit and our physical form as viewed from within the sixth chakra or the mind. The fourth chakra is what we feel about the world and what we think our physical forms represents in the world based on enculturation. The beliefs about, and of, the mind are of our past experiences in this incarnation. They are representative of what we think and believe physical or non-physical world we currently use to express the individualized creative spirit.

The beliefs of the fourth chakra are best described as to how we interpret or think about what we feel about something. Although the creative spirit expresses itself by what we feel in, and about life, our mind interprets these feelings of the heart by what it believes about the world and it has come to understand beauty. The heartís desire and the beliefs of the fourth chakra are only in alignment once one has stepped out of their enculturated mind and who they think they are and what they think they represent in the world.

From a ceativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, the heart chakra is very important. Love, passion, passion for what we love in life, are seen and experienced as coming through and from the heart. For many of us there appear to be many focuses for our passion for each of us have many loves. But we have only one true creative passion.

From the view of the mind, both love and passion are irrational, illogical unpredictable, and uncontrollable. To fully live them they require surrender and mind will lose control in that surrender. However, life of any type, whether it is physical life, or the life within an organization, life is conceived in passion and it is passion that is responsible for life. Whether that passion was a passion of unconditional love or was a passion rooted in only a sexual lust for procreation, life at any level of being was, and continues to be conceived in, passion and through passion.

In that same way, life at any level of being is born with passion, a passion to live and experience life. Unfortunately, most individuals are conditioned by the world they grow up to turn off and in many cases, kill their passion. As a child grows, they learned to fear and it is fear that slowly strangles and kills passion. So rather than living and embracing life, individuals learn to exist and "get by" minimizing their fears rather than expand and grow pushing the edge of their being in the same way a tree expands and grows beyond its previous form. What we think and believe that stifles our passion or allows it to flow freely are found around the heart chakra.

A true passion acted on in any one facet of our being will awaken the parts of our psyche and our being that had been buried years earlier, sometimes deeply buried, for whatever reason. In this awakening we may also awaken the fears of the past that originally strangled our passion. Fear itself is natural to the earth plane and exists to help us to survive and prevent us from be harmed from things or situations that are dangerous. From this view, fear should not be judged as good or bad but only something essential to life. To be scared in certain situations is natural. However, to be paralyzed by the fear of the situation is as dangerous, and sometimes more dangerous, as never experiencing the fear in the first place or facing the fear to do what needs to be done. Our fear will ultimately have to be confronted and understood as to what it is that is considered unsafe. We need to overcome the fear if we desire to live a passionate life, a life that embraces life and all that it has to offer.

Passion draws and stimulates passion. Living passionately in any one facet of our life and stepping into our fears as they arise can be expected to "bring out" or cause our sexuality to come alive. This is quite understandable for when we live in passion that energy flows through and enthuses our entire body to bring it life. This includes the sexuality aspects of our bing. To choose to live passionately will most probably cause us to confront our sexuality and how we express that sexuality in the world. We will need to decide if sexuality and its expression is something that we fear in some one in one way or another. But to live in passion it is a fear we cannot run away from but need to understand and appropriately embrace wish to embrace. How we choose to express the sexuality which aries will always be our choice It only needs to be understood how we choose to express it will impact other aspects of our being since the limits and barriers we places on any passion influences the all other aspects of our passion within our being. After all, we are not separated and compartmented as some thing. All parts of our being are interconnected and each influences the other. The topic, "Creative Sexuality" was created to help individuals address the issues of sexuality when they arise relative to our creativity and its creative expression.

Third or Solar Plexus Chakra and the sefirah of Hod (Splendor) and Nezah (Victory) (Top)

This connection is representative of our beliefs about who we are in the world, our identity in the world and questions and issues about self worth and self esteem. These beliefs are best represented by answers to the questions "Who am I?" If we donít derive our self esteem from our eternal beliefs of our creative spirit and as an individualized consciousness, then we derive our self esteem from the world of our expression and our self esteem is tied to that expression.

To live in and from and above the seventh chakra (to transcend the physical and our body) means that we derive our self esteem from who and what we are as individualized energy consciousness and a creative spirit. It is more about a creative spirit having an physical experience and not a physical body with a spirit.

Additionally, a self-esteem derived from the creative spirit is never changing. It is and always will be. It knows who and what it represents in any incarnation in any reality, at any time and in any place, no matter what is happening in the moment. This is why unless we derive our self esteem from the creative spirit, every time your physical world changes our self esteem will have to change. Every time our self esteem changes there will be a stripping away of that identity and result in what feels like a Dark Night of the Soul.

There only needs to be one Dark Night of the Soul in our life. It is only a matter of how we plug into our reality. If we plug into our reality through our creative spirit then we will expressing ourselves independent of our reality. If we plug ourselves into our reality first and get our identity from reality, every time our reality changes, we will have to change, hence another Dark Night of the Soul. We can choose to do it as often as we like. Just get our identity from our reality and sit and wait, it will come as assured as the sun will continue to rise. It is just the way it is.

The key is to obtain our self esteem from within our being and our Divine connection with the All That Is. It is to rely on no external source for understanding who and what we are.

Second or Spleen chakra and the sefirah of Yesod (Foundation) (Top)

This chakra is representative of our beliefs about control. Who we control or who we allow to control us and how we control and how we are controlled. The beliefs in this area are best representative of the answers to the questions "what do I seek power over and how?"

Being human, all of us will have areas or aspects of life in which we seek power. That is, there are areas or aspects of our lives that we seek to have things or people to respond to the way we wish. This in itself is not bad or negative. Being incarnate and having free will, we desire and wish things and that desire or wish in itself is an attempt to control what enters or leaves our life.

We need to be able to understand what it is we seek, wish for it and then let go of how the universe manifests what we seek. To attempt to make it happen opens the door to being caught in a power struggle. It is a power struggle between us and the universe as to how and in what particular fashion our will will manifest.

The key to our creative endeavor is to desire with all our heart holding a single point focus for what we desire but yet become like the wind free and unattached as what we experience in, and with, our life.

First or Root chakra and the Sefirah of Shekhinah (Kingdom) (Top)  

This chakra is representative of our beliefs about ownership. It is about those things we seek to own and possess. It is about the kingdom that we build on the physical plane and what which we claim as our own. It addresses many aspects of "I am this..., I am not that.." and "This is mine and this is not mine."

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