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The pool of water analogy overview for Creation is an abbreviated discussion of looking at creation/Creation as a pool of water. It may be seen as simple but it is a very effective way to view the how Creation arises.

The simplest way to understand how energy consciousness manifests a given creation is to imagine a calm pool of water what has no ripples. It has no form other that being a calm pool of water and as such it is a place of "no-thing-ness," no ripples exist. A ripple in the pool is a disturbance of the pool caused by disturbing the calmness by inserting energy into the pool such a dropping a pebble into the water or causing a vibration in the pool in some other way. A creation is a disturbance in this calm pool and is a ripple in this pool of water. The ripple, or the creation, is a result of a disturbance in the pool. If the pond is disturbed once, the ripple move out into infinity and its energy dissipated. If the vibration continues, the ripple takes on an ongoing shape emanated from the place of disturbance or its source. But being an infinite pool, any one point is as good as any other point to originate the vibration. Hence the source exists at every point but is only manifested in one given vibration or form. To understand how Creation manifests, imagine this calm pool of water has an infinite number of dimensions each operating this way and each point can independently capable of creating a ripple. It is the overlay of all of this which creates the Creation we experience. Now, if you imagine an infinity of these infinitely dimensional pools of water each representing a dimension or realm of Creation overlapping the others, their superposition is Creation.

The calm pool of water can be seen as our energy consciousness and is our being. We and the energy consciousness are one. When our being is calm, it has no form, no identity, other that being that calm pool of water and we are that place of "no-thing-ness," out of which all creation forms. When we sit and meditate or simply sit and calm ourselves we are returning to that place of "no-thing-ness" inside us.

The disturbance in this energy consciousness is the thought we think and is what we experience as creation. If we wish, we can look at the thought as a experience of consciousness or as an experience created by our consciousness. Every time we think a thought and/or focus our attention and awareness in any way is to insert energy into this pond to cause a disturbance and the manifestation of a creation. The thought we think is actually the creation and product of how we have focused our attention and awareness and directed our energy.

Every thought we have is an conscious experience of creation. If we hold that thought, we create a feedback loop adding more energy into that thought. In adding energy it becomes a different and more expanded experience of creation. In many ways the expanded experience of the though is the fruit of the first experience.

To sustain the creation, we have to hold the thought which is the same as continually disturbing the pool of the water to sustain the ripple. The longer we hold the thought we do and the more energy we can put into that thought, the more "solidified" the creation becomes.

Since we are an infinitely dimensional being, we are capable of creating these ripples on each and every one of these dimensions. Some are only passing ripples where as other are sustained and result in the illusion of mind that we experience as a physical experience or an experience on any other realm of existence. As an infinitely dimensional being, the more levels we can bring into calmness when we insert a thought, the greater the creative power behind that thought. However, as a manifested being in a created form, there are only so many of these infinite dimensions we can calm or otherwise we will not retain the created form that we have.

However all your consciousness is not conscious. We have a nonconscious with very deep parts that can best be described as dormant and do not awaken unless we have a very concentrated and directed focus of our attention and awareness or the existing conditions are correct to awaken it much the way the season of spring awakens the life in a tree that has lied dormant for the winter. At some level within our nonconscious and dormant consciousness we have created and hold the necessary thoughts to create a physical experience we have. To hold to that experience, we channel a significant portion of our creative life energy into the physical experience to sustain that experience.

Memories are the vehicles that consciousness uses to hold thoughts and how and what we believe. The way we hold the memory is reflective of how and what we believe about the experience that generated the memory. It may or may not be a correct reflection of reality and doesnít matter. What matters is that we are using the memory to hold the thought that create the reality we experience and the experiences we have. The more passion and energy we hold in the memory, the greater amount of our creative life energy we are directing into those thoughts that we hold. That in turn creates the experience that we have. The main problem is that many of our memories hold ways of thinking and beliefs that no longer serve what we now desire but continue to direct our creative life energy into old patterns. If we donít go back and revision those memories they will continually fragment and scatter our creative life energy.

On this note of calmness, we are a being that stands between two world. We have a body which is of the earth in the sense that it follows the "law and rules" of the physical plane but it has a consciousness and awareness unto itself for all is energy consciousness. In this regard, the body offers a very unique view into Physical Creation and will allows us to understand how physical creation has manifested and provides us with a common ground to communicate. As consciousness, the body stores memories like any other consciousness. In storing these memories our mind also stored energy in who and what it feels about the memory. However, the memory our mind has may or may not be reflective of the truth of the situation that was experienced and does not always serve us for what we desire to create. Many of these memories will need to be accessed to refocus the way the memory is directing our creative life energy.

In addition to the body, we are also an individuated point of consciousness that is totally unique unto itself and an infinitely dimensional reality unto itself. Only we can understand it and know its inner workings. It ultimately functions the same way any other aspect of Creation but only we can determine what is the most effective way to use it to manifest what we desire. No one can do it for us. Here again we will have to access and revisit the memories that no longer serve us and release the bound energy as to become available for the next creation.

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