Characteristics of the creative spirit - a life giving wisdom

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Characteristics of the creative spirit - a life giving wisdom

A Wisdom within this spirit

A life giving wisdom

The ability to heal - a by product of this life giving wisdom

A Wisdom within this spirit (Top)

It needs to be realized there is a wisdom within the creative spirit and it does know what it is doing. This wisdom is not age dependent, relationship dependent or tradition dependent. It knows what it needs to experience and can see through time and space. Mind thinks it is wiser but it is not. Mind only knows the past. This creative spirit knows past, present and future and is simultaneously aware of all of them if we open ourselves to becoming intimate with this creative spirit. It knows why it and where it came from. It knows where it is going and what it is here to do. It knows which step to take in any given moment. It is only a matter of how this creative spirit is focused as to what it creates. We focus the creative spirit by what we think and believe and the choices we make. A creativity perspective will help mind to step outside itself and not interfere with the intended journey.

A life giving wisdom (Top)

The wisdom within the creative spirit is about life and creating life. It gives life. This creative spirit and the flow of energy of energy it represents is what brought us into life. The unfoldment of this spirit teaches us about life and leads us into life to give a fulness of life and a fulness of being. It seeks life and desires to engage life. It is what allows us to create a life worth living. This creative spirit flows from the source of life within our being and, as such, as a minium it looks to sustain life. In reality it looks to create life. It leads us on a path that is life giving for it leads us to the life which gives us the experience we incarnated to have.

The ability to heal - a by product of this life giving wisdom (Top)

The potential for a profound healing ability exists within the release of this creative spirit. Because this creative spirit seeks life, it will seek to create a vehicle to experience the life it desires to have. But we need to surrender to its lead. Our body is the creation of this creative spirit and the vehicle it chose and/or the necessary and appropriate vehicle it needs to experience the life it desires to experience. As such, this creative spirit has the power to create the conditions of health or illness that you experience in the body. The release and free flow expression of this energy enthuses through our entire being. When it does so, it has the power to heal at the deepest levels of our being, fix a broken heart, empower one to courageously (or to some, foolishly) step into life, to make and sustain life and to recreate the life we have created.

If you wonder how it is possible that this creative spirit, which can only be felt, can give rise to health or illness in our body and the experiences we have, we needs to be realized that the seed which unfolds into a tree or the fertilized egg that unfolds into a human adult looks nothing like the final product. So too the creative ability within our being. It looks nothing like the fruits of its expression. It is something that must be explored.

Although this creative spirit within each of knows how to create life and give life, we need to follow its lead to obtain that life. To do that we must learn how to step out of mind or move beyond mind. To step out of mind means different things to different people. To the mystic it is to transcend mind and the body. To most people it means to become crazy. To the creative spirit stepping out of mind is freedom. It is to be allowed to play, be free to experience Creation in the way it seeks to experience Creation, and enjoy the free expression of itself and exploration of alternative beliefs and ways of thinking. To the creative spirit is nothing to transcend but one’s own belief structure what keeps it bound for it desired to be here.

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