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Throughout the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material it is said creation/Creation is a dance and/or the concept of a dance is discussed. The question is, “What does it really mean to dance and why is creation/Creation a dance?”

As applicable here, to dance is typically defined as the movement the body and feet rhythmically, especially to music. It is to move about lightly or excitedly as to leap about. A dance is a series of rhythmic regular steps or movements usually performed to music.

There are several things to note about dancing. One is that a dance is characterized by movement. That is, there is a flow of energy. The question is, “How does the energy flow to cause the movement?” This, in turn, leads to the point that the dance tends to be rhythmic. That is, a dance is usually not a random series of movements. There is an “organization” of some type with the flow of energy that is giving rise to the dance. That is the rhythm of the dance. The rhythm of the dance is what determined when each foot it moved and/or the body is moved. There is a time to move and a time not to move. When you look from outside the dance you will see constant movement. When you look from the perspective of one of the feet, there is a time of rest and nothing seems to happen. If you move before the last step is completed. You must wait. If you move too early you will fall out of the dance if not stumble and fall down.

A second notes is there needs to be a lightness to be able to move in rhythmic manner. One must be free.If one holds on to the last movement, they cannot make the next move.

A third thing about the dance is that there is a rhythm to the dance. The rhythm controls the dance and determines what the dance looks like. The rhythm lies outside the dance. The rhythm exists before the dance. It is the “blueprint” for the dance. If we change the rhythm we change the dance. The rhythm is what is key to the performance of the dance and determines the movements. We must surrender to the rhythm of the dance and allow it to lead our actions.

In looking at the dance, probably the most import thing about the dance is that before you can dance you must learn to walk and to walk is about knowing how to go in and out of balance.

Relative to our creative endeavors, it can be said, there will be a flow of energy that determines the time to move and time not to move. We must let go of the past and be free to move when the flow of energy requires us to move. We must surrender to the movement that is required or otherwise we will not create what we desire. The flow of energy to create what we desire is determined by the intention we set and the environment in which we find ourselves.

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