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Somewhere in the process of reconstituting our creative life energy to create the reality of our choice, exploring the depth and breadth of our creativity, and/or returning to creative play, it is inevitable we will stumble on, or into, the intention that lies behind our life and the reason for our incarnation. There are two reasons for this. One is that in working with our creativity, we will see there is an influence on our creativity that can only be explain by an intention for our life. The other reason is when we work with this material and see the power of our intentions to create reality, we will come to the conclusion there are no accidents and chance occurrences. The seeming randomness of reality is only the unfocused nature of consciousness in unawareness. The more focused consciousness becomes, the more probable a possibility becomes. If the focus is unbroken, eventually what is held will become a certainty. It is the way we create our experiences and the reality we experience. An intention held become physically manifested.

There is one extremely profound implication if you are going to accept the concept that our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness. The implication is that there is an intention that brought us into this world and there is an intention for our life. Our body is a mass of energy and has taken its particular form in response to the focus of the attention and awareness of some consciousness, some intention. Whether we believe in God and He/She created us, or we believe that we create our reality, or that if we were created by some other means, there is an intention and purpose for our incarnation.

In this realization, we will realize there is a reason for us to be in our particular body for our body is only the result of an intention held somewhere and it is the body that is the key to the intention behind our life, not our mind. We will never access the intention for our life and our body and the reason for us coming into this world by our mind as it currently exists and by how we have come to defined ourselves in this lifetime for the intention for our life lies below what our enculturated mind can remember. The intention for our body was present and encoded in our body in the instant the sperm of our father fertilized the egg of our mother. Our mother carries numerous eggs. Yet only one particular egg drops down to be impregnated at a time. Our father released numerous sperm cells. Yet only one fertilizes the egg. A very unique genetic combination occurred in that moment and it provides us will all that tools that we need to have the physical experiences we need to manifest the dream that created we. Yet our mind as we currently know it and experience it was no where present in its conscious form at the moment of fertilization. We will only access what we need to know through our nonconscious mind and through our body.

The problem for many individuals is that they need to fully embrace the body for the body embodies the dream. We canít know our intention until we live in the body. We have to fully accept the body as it is. No opinions and no judgements about it in any way. We have to intimately know the body and allow ourselves to be with that body and most importantly, we have to intimately feel the body and allow ourselves to be fully in the body. When we work with the body in this way it will reveal its secrets to us. The body stores memories and those memories including the one that created it, will be revealed to us but we will have to learn to communicate with our body and its method of communicate is unique to each of us.

How our body communicates will not necessarily be the same as anyone else. In general it can be said the body will communicate the intention for our life in the awareness in a feeling - one of the deepest feelings which we can have. There will be numerous similarities existing between individuals in how to understand and use this awareness, but we will have to figure out exactly how our body communicates. In doing so, we will have knowings, images, thoughts feelings and/or sensations that give us an awareness why things are the way they are what where we need to be going in our life. The easiest why to explore and discover our body and what information it has to give us is to explore it in the spontaneous innocence of childlike play. We can only do this if we have allowed ourselves to enter that state of play working through all the obstacles that stand in our way.

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