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Walking is something we learn to do subconsciously and we can learn to be quite proficient at it with little effort. To walk, we go out of balance to the left (or right) and then catches ourselves from falling returning to balance. Then, allowing ourselves to go out of balance to the right (or left) only to again catch ourselves returning to balance to start the process all over again.

What needs to be clearly understood is that we walk forward by going into and out of balance. We fall either to the left or right and then in the opposite direction. Obviously, we must catch ourselves before we fall too far. In time, we never notice that we are going in and out of balance. However, when we are learning to walk as that young child we have a tendency to fall down.

As a little child, neither the child nor the care giver who is watching the child thinks twice about falling. It is part of the process. The child simply picks themselves up and tries again. The care giver freely gives the child permission to try to walk. Frequently the care giver will even try and help the child but ultimately the child needs to learn to walk themselves. No one can do it for the child. It is something only the child can experience and must face. The care giver can really do nothing for them. If we never allows ourselves to become out of balance, we will never learn to walk. If we never learn to walk we become confined to a very limited world.

Fortunately for us, we usually learn to walk before our conscious mind fully develops so we do not have fear to deal with. If we were consciously aware of our falling, we would being to fear falling and not be willing to step out and learn to walk. Fortunately, that does not happen.

Yet, it is also unfortunately for us that the experience of learning to walk and going into and out of balance is accomplished by most of us long before we became conscious of the process. The reason is that most of us do not necessarily remember the part and the associated feelings where we were constant falling and picking ourselves up again. It is a valuable experience for we feel that same types and kinds of feeling in our creative endeavor when we create anything new.

Fortunately, there is another experiences that many of us have had that is similar to learning to walk. Many have a conscious memory of learning to ride a bicycle. The process is the same. Here again you must learn to go in and out of balance but only now we do it on a bicycle to learn to ride bicycle. In learning to ride, we frequently fall down, unless of course if they have training wheel to help us through the process. Yet, even with training wheels we must take them off at some point and learn to balance ourselves without any assistance.

When we do learn to walk we find we are free to walk in any direction that we choose where we are able to physically walk. It is only because man can walk that he has been able to explore his physical world to the extent that we have done. Without that freedom of movement to explore, we would never have moved from wherever we come from.

After having learned to walk, in time, most of us have also learned to run and to dance. To run an dance are just more advanced and more intricate forms of going into and out of balance. If we allow ourselves to cooperate with others, we can also learn to play with others in our walking, running and dancing.

As we all know, life offers much less freedom of movement if we cannot walk, run or dance. On this point, if we were able to walk in all directions but had to confine our walking to only one direction we would be very bored if not also very frustrated. Similarly, if we could walk, run or dance and not be allowed to so we would be even more frustrated. Physical confinement has been one of the most popular ways throughout history of making individuals conform to the standards. We control another by restricting the movement of the other.

In many ways individually and collectively, we forcibly confine others and then use our ability to give them their freedom to move them in the direction we wish as a reward so as to condition them the way we want them to be. If you look carefully at yourself, others and society, you will see that we all use our ability to control another personís freedom to move as a way of controlling them and getting them to do what we want them to do. Sometimes we do it consciously. Other times we do it subconsciously. But, we, nevertheless, all have done it to some extent and, probably still do it and/or will do it.

Freedom of movement is essential to the development of oneís being. Yet we control it and control others much more than we realize. Many times we tell ourselves and the other that the control that we impose is for their own good when in reality it is only our desires.

We learn the feat of walking with our physical body at the earliest age of our life and take walking for granted. Similarly, most of us also learn to run but few do it routinely for few of us have the need to run. Others learn to dance, but again, it is not something done routinely by most people. Yet, relative to our creativity, most of us never learn to do the same within each of the two creative aspect of our being - our mind and what is symbolized in our heart. We never seem to realize that just as we learn to walk physically and as a result we, as humanity, have explored almost the entire physical planet and beyond, we must learn to walk spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and most importantly, creatively in these four areas. Just as we can run and dance physically, we can also learn to run and dance spiritually, mentally and emotionally and we need to do so if we really are to be free. Most importantly, we need to walk, run and dance with the creative life energy within our being itself.

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