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 Creative powers of sexuality 


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Most are aware of the creative power of sexuality when it comes to procreating children. Many have also seen how it has been controlled, the impact it makes in/on peopleís life, its use in marketing, and all else that sex can be used to influence. However, all of this is a very small part of the creative powers of sexuality. The creative power inherent within sexuality arises as a result of the feelings it creates. Sex causes deep feelings to arise and there is great power in those deep feeling. Alternatively said, the creative power of sexuality is about creating life - creating life in us, in another and in the world. There is a life within the feeling which are generated and the question is, "How is that power directed?"


Creative power lies in feeling. Our creative power is accessed in feeling. Probably the most important reason to become mindful and aware of what we feel is that our creative power lies in what we feel. Unless we feel and have some level of passion to act, nothing happen. All creation/Creation and any experience in creation/Creation is a result of a flow of energy. It is the flow of energy that flows through our being which gives us our creative power. It is something we feel and not something we know through our mind. Our mind may direct and channel what we feel but the creative power to act and make something happens is a result of what we feel.

Sex creates tremendous feelings within our being about individuals and situations we face in life. Sex relative to our creativity is about accessing or creating passion and flow of energy that will sustain us through our creative endeavor. The power of sexuality lies in the feeling it creates and the desire to engage life, seek more of life and to engage another. The feelings can be so strong they are totally irrational. This, of course, is necessary to ensure the propagation of the species. However, this same strong desire can also be directed in what we feel about a particular creative endeavor.

Why so such thing as no casual sex

The sex drive arises from primitive parts of the brain to mate and breed. The instinct to mate comes from the hormone testosterone and it is found in both males and females. The neurochemical of romantic love is dopamine which regulates pleasure and focus. When we fall in love with someone dopamine levels in the brain increase. The dopamine then, in turn, triggers the testosterone associated with the sex drive. Hence the dopamine associated with love can lead us to lust and testosterone can mimic feelings of love. Any kind of sexual stimulation drives up not only testosterone associated with the sex drive, it also drives up the dopamine. This can then push one over the threshold of falling in love with someone. So casual sex is not casual. There are feelings which arise which cause us to act from a biological level and the nonconscious aspects of our being. Here we lose conscious control over our life.

Creative power of sex relative to creativity

MRI studies which attempt to map the architecture of human sexuality of the brain have discovered several things. One is areas of the frontal lobes of the brain associated with reward and pleasant feelings become active when the individual is sexually aroused. The omigdula, often become activated and it is one of the decision making of the brain. However, a second finding found that as the individual is sexually aroused other areas of the bring to become less active. There appears to be areas that are related to moral judgment of inhibition become less activated.

What this means is as the sex areas of the brain light up, the judgment areas of the brain being to turn off. The more aroused the person, the less access they have to clear judgment. What is seen inappropriate is no longer inhibiting and we move pass certain boundaries. In essence excessive lust has a connection with poor judgment. Too much lust and there is greatly reduced judgment which can become destructive. The issue here is excess and being aware of moving pass the boundaries and becoming obsessive in what is accessed. On one hand, this can be seen as a very negative aspect of sex. Yet, when understood and properly used, it is a tremendously powerful way to step out of the mind and past the limits and barriers of the mind. But what needs to be understood, the energy which is generated is energy neither good nor bad. We just need to understand what it provides and how to use it.

In understanding sex has the ability to take one pass the limits and controls of the mind it become a door way to explore options within the our creative imagination. This fact can be used to see and explore options not otherwise possible. Metatheater coupled with clear intention and playfulness can be an extremely effective way to use the powers of sexuality.

From a creativity perspective, we have not yet learned how to use sexuality, and in particular our sexuality as the creative force that it is. That is, the creative power of sexuality is about creating life, creating life in us, in another and in the world. Rather than looking to explore and observe what really lies behind sexuality, we have listened to others and their experiences at the expense of our own creative power. In particular, what we need to do for ourselves to hold our creativity sacred. Some of this goes to very deep programming obtained from the earliest days of our current life. Rather than observing how this creative force works in our life and the lives of others, and as lead by our creative spirit to do our own experiments, (that does not mean we need to engage with someone sexually - there are other ways to experiment with sexuality and never become sexual with someone), we have not learned to understand how this force works in our life as the creative force that it is in our life and the lives of others.

An observation about sexuality

The creative power of sexuality is to create life and enter the Source of Life to do it. The creative process requires us to dissolve the existing form, return to the Source to that place of "no-thing-ness" and flow out into the new creation. But although we donít realize it we are going to the Source of Life to create life. We cannot give what we do not have. To give life we have to go to the Source of Life and in that moment we are at the Source of Creation and the energy we access makes us feel alive. Whether we realize it or not, we pass through the Source of out which all arises.

To engage in sex with the intent of creating, it will causes us to pass through the Source in one way or another. Being mindful, aware and awake of the process and what is occurring, one can access the awareness of the Source in the feelings that can arise if we open ourselves deep enough This is the true origins of Tantra and the concept that we can access the Source through sexuality and the body. However, to do these we must open ourselves to feeling, the pain of the past, the fears which those pains caused to come into existence and have a perspective which allows us to understand and utilize what we access. This is too difficult for most and especially too difficult to it in the moment without awareness. In the past, different types and kinds of practices were created to help develop the necessary awareness. But, even with awareness, there is the difficulty of dealing with the feelings that arise.

What is sought lies beyond sexuality. Because one must go through the feelings that arise in sexuality, in many ways sexuality stands at the door way preventing us from entering the place where this awareness, wisdom and understanding can be readily accessed. But sexuality is ultimately not the issue. Some are frightened by sexuality and what it implies. This fear frightens many away from entering, which is a real possibility for most of us for a variety of reasons. Many seek the sexuality for the pleasure it provides and cannot find the wisdom and understanding for they have crossed over and stepped into the duality of mind. But the primary issue of sexuality is a result of the fact that sexuality is the second most creative state  we can enter. Without a clear intention and a single point focus, because of the creative power of sexuality and our lack of knowing how to use it that we never see beyond what lies behind, or beyond, the sex, sex, and the way it creates, creates such a diversion, distraction and raises issues in our life that we get taken completely off track. But, surprisingly all of the issue of sexuality can be relatively easily be overcome. The real issue is trust.

The most powerful experience we can have is the sexuality arises spontaneously and we are totally free to act on that sexuality as it arising from the passion that arises from deep within the body and enthuses the entire body during a creative endeavor. This can only be experienced when there is a mutually held agreed upon joint intention. This is in fact the reason why marriage works. Marriage falls apart when the either the joint intention is no longer held mutually or there is or was no joint intention and the interest was from the very beginning only for sex. But this is true in any relationship. This is where the concept of binding aka cords and/or jointly held intention becomes important. Binding aka cord is no more the making conscious and clear and mutually agreed upon joint intention.

What has been found is that our concept of God, our concepts and understanding about sexuality, pain, and fear, in particular, fear of pain, seem to be the greatest obstacles in preventing us from seeing and experiencing the depth and breadth of our true creative ability and creative power that is available to us. It has been observed that each of us will have to explore and understand to some extent the creative power inherent in sexuality and how sexuality does and doesnít function in our life. Of course, we will also have to face our concept God to see if it holds our creativity captive and face our pain and our fear. Theses items are key to holding our creativity captive and we need to look to see how and where our creativity is held captive regardless of what holds it captive. For many, it is the sexuality and knowing how to creativity uses it.

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