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Going within to align with the creative life energy that flows within our being requires a very deep intimacy with that energy and a return of our consciousness to a state of oneness with this energy. When we are deeply intimate with ourselves and follow the old adage to "know thyself" we will become aligned with the creative spirit/creative life energy within ourselves.

By living our life to align ourselves with the flow of our creative life energy, we will release a creative spirit accompanied with energy within our being similar to that described by mystical traditions as the awakening of the Kundalini energy so frequently discussed in the Eastern spiritual literature. The awareness within this creative spirit is an awakening to the awareness of the what has been called the Higher Self in many of the Western traditions. The release of this creative spirit/creative life energy can also be described similar to the birth of the spirit, "to be reborn again," that occurs in both the Catholic and Protestant Charismatic traditions of the Western Christian spiritual traditions. The Jewish tradition addresses this energy within the mystical Kaballah. Islam manifests this occurrence within the Sufi path of the heart. In the less organized tribal traditions, this energy was manifested in the shamanic experience and reflected in the different shamanic traditions tribe to tribe.

Although each of these traditions describe it somewhat differently, and how much creative life energy any one such tradition releases varies from tradition to tradition and individual to individual. The essence is nonetheless the same. However, whatever is described in these traditions, what is really happening is the awakening of ourselves to a level of conscious awareness of the creative life energy that is sustaining our being. This awakening is the first step toward an experience of the Ultimate Accident and an experience of the infinity of our being and the Source of Creation.

In any of the above traditions, there are ways to surrender to this flow. In surrendering to this flow we will begin to see how to consciously flow in this energy and to direct this energy the way one would align with flow of the wind or river current using sails or a rudder to utilize that current. Within these traditions, the tradition supplies the rudder and steering as opposed to the individualís heart and internal compass. To become true to ourselves to live and be in the world in our truth, we need to learn to steer this energy from within our own being.

Said another way, the energy behind all traditions is only the expression of the unique creative passion of its founders and how its founders perceive this energy.. Rather than teaching individuals within the tradition to become their own unique creative passion, expressing their creative spirit and creativity in the way the individual consciousness within the body desires to express that creativity, each tradition attempts to mold its followers into the image provided by its founder and/or leaders. Each tradition was founded by an intention and that intention governs that tradition. For any tradition to continue to exist, it must mold it members into the form it desires.

In any case, however the awareness of the creative spirit awakens and whatever tradition may be used, awakening of this energy can and will change our life. If we do not change the creative spirit has not been awakened. Whether we awaken to the energy within a tradition or outside a tradition, we will not be the same person we were before awakening.

The main difference between the principles and processes discussed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material and these spiritual tradition is that this material provides the framework for how to channel this energy into the individualís unlimited creativity to create the reality of their choice as opposed to the form of a particular existing tradition. Additionally, this material makes no judgment about the physical or spiritual realm. Rather, all is seen to emanate from oneness and the same Source. As such, each aspect is the Source experienced differently. The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective and the topic, "Origins of Creation" provide a way to understand how this is possible.

The physical and spiritual realms are only seen to be just different expression of the exact same material of Creation. It is much like ice and water, just different form of the same material. One form flows freely the other is fixed and rigid. In particular this material provides a way to utilize our own intuitive guidance to channel this energy into the path that we choose for the expression of the free unfoldment of our creative spirit as opposed to an external tradition.

In releasing our creative spirit, it is recommended we access the intention for our life and understand why we incarnated in the body that we have before we go about directing the energy where we wish. In this regard, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material addresses the transformation of this creative life energy beyond existing traditions. In many ways it can be said this understanding and material establishes a new tradition - a tradition based on individual self determination at every level of our being, or rather a true democracy where each individual is free to choose how their creative life energy within their being expresses itself within the world. However, the word "tradition" loses its meaning when each individual becomes a unique creation unto itself at every level of its being.

If awakened, this energy will impact our spirituality, physical health, emotions, sexuality, and entire outlook on the world and the belief structure in which we were raised. Here it needs to be noted that this energy cannot be manifested or sustained in an individualís life unless they choose to have it in their life, give permission for their creative spirit to come out, and are willing to surrender to the flow of the creative life energy and follow its lead. To sustain this energy it is necessary for the individual to; 1) freely choose this energy to be present; 2) take full responsibility for their choices and actions; 3) follow the lead of the energy; 4) have the courage to grow where this energy leads them; and, 5) face the obstacles that arise in their path to the expression of this energy.

Every individual is at a different point in their life and we each will need to decide where we are in our life. If we allow our creative spirit to freely unfold, we need to realize other individuals in our life may not wish to have their lives changed. In this regard, it is suggested that we set the intention that individuals in our life who do not like the changes that are occurring in us are gently lead to where they are safe and secure. We should not be surprised if all our old friends leave and we gain an entirely new circle of friends. The good news is that they will be much more intimate at all levels of our being.

In becoming intimate at all levels of our being, we can expect to experience some type and kind of sexual awakening. Sexuality is the vehicle that is use to create life and sustain life. As such, we will most probably feel increased sexuality when we are in touch with our creative spirit/creative life energy. If we cannot or do not feel some sexuality when we think we are aligned with our being we are most probably not in full alignment with our creative life energy. This is why the Eastern literature talks about the Kundalini rising from the base of the spine up the spine and the Kundalini energy being so closely associated with sexual energy.

In many ways, we are not in full alignment with this energy until the sexual fully "kicks in." When the sexuality "kicks in" it means that our being want to create life and sustain life and give life to the universe in the way it has been given to us. What needs to be understood is that if we deny the feelings of sexuality we deny the creative life energy that is within our being. To attempt to deny the sexual energy and transmute the energy is a denial of the energy that we are seeking. How we choose to act on the sexual feelings we have is a different issue. Many traditions have their answer, but it is suggested here that if the sexuality is denied and or suppressed it is a denial and suppression of the creative life energy itself and will have a great influence on what we can and canít create. The topic, "Creative Sexuality" provides some thoughts in this area if sexuality does arise.

We will not experience the depth and breath of the issues discussed here unless we elect to access and release our creative spirit. Exploration of an aspect of our creativity in a particular area of our life or for a particular manifestation will not normally cause these issues to arise. The universe has placed a safety valve over our creative energies and they cannot be released unless, and until, we choose to release them. The issues discussed within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material such as the nature of creativity, the way creativity functions, the interconnectedness of our being and the illusionary fragmentation that our infinite consciousness utilized to have a physical experience are under our control. We need to remember, the consciousness/awareness that is inhabiting our body that we experience as us, utilizes a process that is best described as a fragmentation or the creation of illusionary compartments within itself to experience different aspects of its being. As we begin to consciously exercise our creativity, the creativity itself leads us to explore these various compartments. If we are consciously aware of this exploration process, one creative act leads to another and each successive act tends to become larger than the last. This, in turn, leads to an integration of the parts and the destruction of the barriers between the illusionary compartments that your consciousness has created.

As we expand and grow our awareness though these successive creative acts, we will begin to face more and more of these issues. So in effect, we begin to give ourselves permission to access and release our unlimited creativity and creative spirit without necessarily consciously realizing it. However, it does need to be repeated, we are free to start and stop the process whenever we choose and however we choose. We need to give ourselves permission to reexperience the innocence of childlike play and give ourselves permission to explore the depth and breadth of our own creativity. If we do give ourselves permission to explore our creativity but are unwilling to let go of our existing world, we may be required to enter what has been called the "Dark Night of the Soul" as we shed the enculturated ego.

Awakening to our creative spirit, the Kundalini and the Dark Night of the Soul

There is an Eastern mystical concept called the Kundalini rising which is only the re-awakening of our creative spirit and that which has been asleep within our own being. It is only finding that which was lost. What our creative spirit awakens, it is experience a powerful flow of passionate creative energy.

What needs to be understood, energy and consciousness are one and the same thing. In the same way energy can neither be created or destroyed only transformed, our consciousness cannot be destroyed only transformed. To awaken our consciousness is to transform it from a consciousness that is asleep to one that is awake. As such, both the identity of who we think we are will change and how we define ourselves in the world and our world itself will change. The flow of creative life energy that is reflective of the release of the past to create that new life is reflected as a powerful passion flow of energy, the Kundalini rising. In addition to feeling a passion flow of energy, there is a tremendous increase in our creative ability and/or awakening of what can be called psychic abilities.

In our western society with all our attachments to material things and a strong ego identity, before we can awaken this Kundalini energy we will need to enter what has been traditionally called the Dark Night of the Soul. Our attachments that will determine the depth and breath of the dark night that we enter.

The process is literally and figurative like awakening from sleep. If you awaken gradually with dawn, we can see rather well and there is nothing in the dark to stumble over for we are surrounded by light. If we follow the slower process access to our creative potential as described in the topic entitled, "The spectrum between a fast way and a slow to manifest a creative endeavor and it takes time" we will awaken ourselves gradually slowing growing into the light of our own truth and our own being. How much time it takes is entirely up to us.

However it is possible to just awaken in the middle of the darkness and have forgotten where we are. Or, we may we awaken in the middle of a dream not knowing where we are. In having forgotten or not knowing, we may stumble around in the darkness for awhile until we can find some light. But, we will nevertheless quickly awake and find a light. Otherwise we will continue to stumble in the dark or simply go back to sleep. To awaken in the dark not realizing where we are not knowing who we are can be quite terrifying. We will simply have to shed all that we think know about ourselves and where we find ourselves and relearn our new environment and who we are in that environment.

The Dark Night of the Soul is simply the shedding who we are and how we think the world works to come to a new realization to understand who we really are and what reality is really like. How fast it takes is our choice depends on how much change we are willing to endure. The time it can take to awaken can be as short as the proverbial "twinkling of the eye" to eternity itself. Of course when we do awaken, we can see how there really is no time and one is just as long or short as the other.

As we awaken and free our creative spirit to release our unlimited creativity and access our creative potential and begin to see how the energy is affecting our spiritual life, emotional well being, mental outlook and physical health we may also wish, and it is highly recommended, to utilize energy grounding techniques. That is, manifest something in the physical world. It can be something such marshal arts, yogic, a physical exercise program or some artistic type endeavor (music, painting, theater, writing) to "ground" our energy or to bring our energy into manifestation. Or, if we choose, we can follow the mystical practices of some established tradition.

In choosing a focus to ground this flow of energy within our being, we need not worry about what it is we may ultimately need to create or how our creative passion will manifest itself,. We just need to do something that keeps our energy focused. The more creative the better. The more we can utilize our body the better. We just need to be careful so as to not stuck in our grounding technique.

For example if we use the route of anyone of the mystical traditions, we will need to be aware that an established traditions focuses our energy into a predetermined objective and that objective may not fully align with the purpose of our incarnation and/or what we desire to create. If the tradition and our purpose are not aligned, we will have to deal with that issue at a later time. But the same it true for any endeavor we choose. We can become attached to the endeavor and not surrender to the lead of the creative life energy itself. Any attachment only prolongs the Dark Night of the Soul. The key to making the transition in "the twinkling of an eye" is to have not attachments. We can desire all we want and see how we respond to our desires. Just donít attach.

The experience of the awakening and releasing our creative spirit causes us to strip away from our psyche and ego all that we think we are to become who we really are. If we enter the Dark Night of the Soul, our world will literally and figurative be turned upside down. Usually the amount of change required in our life makes us afraid so we choose to step off the path as soon as the going gets rough and stop at a comfortable place which can be called the "Valley of Contentment." Very few individuals will choose to make the entire journey of the Dark Night of the Soul. There is nothing wrong with this for, after all, we are an infinitely creative being choosing our experience of creation/Creation and we have a free will to choose whatever we wish.

In actuality, this journey is actually much easier the earlier it is done in life. Because of how consciousness defines itself and crystalizes its patterns, there is a mind body connection between what we think and the body. In addition to mental memories and habits, the body forms habits and body memories. These body memories and body habits hold us in particular patterns making the journey more difficult as we get older. In many ways the younger and less rigid an individual is, the easier it is for them to become spiritually self determined. In this regard, young child or adolescent is actually better suited for the journey but they lack the mental maturity and wisdom of life to know what really serves them. If we allow ourselves to return to the creative state of spontaneous play as done by a child, the journey can be made tremendously easier. It is highly recommended to relearn how to be in that innocent childlike play of exploration and discovery of the universe. That ability makes your journey much, much easier.

In some cases, the issue is not our habits but it is simply the expression of this released energy that is so difficult for a person. There are two ways an individual can live in the world. One is the conventional path where the individual lives in alignment with the traditions of the family and tribe in which they were raised and then there is the non-conventional path, the left hand path, where the individual lives outside traditions of the family and tribe. This does not mean the individual is breaking the laws of the land and living an immoral life as judged by the tribe and family, but rather their path is just non-traditional. For example a child raised by a mother and father who are well established within a well structured and organized life style may choose to life the life of a gypsy artisan or a child raised in the Jewish tradition may choose to convert to Islam or vice versa. Such radical changes in oneís life style as they travel through the Dark Night of the Soul are very common and are to be expected.

If one chooses to access their unique creative passion, it is highly unlikely that they will find comfort in any existing highly structured or well structured tradition. However, it is not rebellion. The reason for this is simply the transformative property of the energy. We need to understand, the energy that flows within our being and sustains our life is the same energy that supplies our creativity, spirituality, emotions, sexuality, mental processes, health and our physical body. There is only one energy within our being. How we choose to express that energy is a decision that we make in our mind.

Our mind, what it believes and the choices we make, switches the energy on or off. Since we only have so much energy flowing within our being, channeling some of that energy into creativity means we will have to divert some of this energy from some other aspect of our life. That decision to shift the energy in creativity will cause a chain reaction restructuring our entire life. It is hard remain in a fixed way of being when the energy that is creating that way of being changes. It is the desire for creating that which is new and different that causes the change, not rebellion.

All that is occurring is that when an individual lives a self determined life at all levels of their being, their life will be very unique and creative and it will not fit any existing mold or form. It will look and be different and this difference frightens many people. It frightens both the one who needs to transform and those in the individualís life. Again it needs to be remembered, the choice is always ours and we are free to choose, or not to choose, such an experience. As such, it is most important that we understand the concepts related to our creative spirit for they have the power to transform our life if we choose to experience that transformation.

In undergoing this transformation process, we will find our creative ability challenges our spiritually and we will find ourselves transforming our concept of God, however we believe in God. What we find is the we cannot imagine a concept of God big enough to contain our own infinite creative capacity no matter how hard we try. Quite simply our mind is too small to do so. God, or rather any concept of God, will always be what we can imagine and infinitely more. We will find ourselves focusing on what that "infinitely more" really means. In that process we will feel as though our God has abandoned us but will most probably come to a completely new understanding of God and how God works in the world based on new creative experiences,

Mentally we may feel schizophrenic where we are split between two worlds. There is the world and the reality of the truth of our being that we see and dream that we know is real. Then there is the world that we are currently forced to live in that we know is illusionary. It is illusionary because it is build around our ingrained habits of our thinking and our previous experiences in life and learning that we have either been taught or absorbed into ourselves by the society in which we live. Yet we know that we are infinitely more that however we define ourselves.

Emotionally we will feel depressed. Either we will have no energy or we are too busy and scattered by what we need to do in the mundane world to focus our energy. If we look into this depression we will feel very tired or we will feel as though all of our energy to act and do anything has been completely drained from us and we long enter some type of fueling station to recharge our passion for living and for life. If we are too busy to focus our energy, we will seemingly be scattered in our life and unable to achieve what we desire because our energy is too dispersed and scattered to be focused to manifest the dream that we carry.

Physically we will probably get some type illness or have some type of physical discomfort. Or, we may experience an accident or a set back of some type that cause us to refocus our energy as our beliefs are forced to change. The need for any physical experience is only the result of our being needing to process the beliefs that we hold that are so well crystalized and hardened into form within our being that the only possibility of them being released is to have them actually be lived through and processed before we can change. It does need to be noted that we say, "the possibility of being releases" because sometimes we hold so strongly that even the physical manifestation of the energy is insufficient to adequately dissipate it.

This whole process It is much like having to move a room full of furniture to put down a new carpet. If, we didnít clutter the space of the room with furniture, we wouldnít have to move the furniture out of the way when we want to change what the room looks like. However, because we have accumulated so much furniture we are faced with having to move everything around to change the carpet. We may or may not have to get rid of some furniture and we may, or may not, have to move all the furniture. It entirely depends on the type and kind of carpet we are going to lay. Similarly, how much the current enculturated ego and the habits of the mind fight the process of transformation to manifest life where we are free to live our truth is unique to each individual and our truth. How much pain that will be present is determined by how hard your enculturated ego holds on to that which must be released.

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