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When talking about creativity the issue of spirituality and/or mysticism and their relationship to creative, our creative power and creative ability will arise. It is inevitable. Although they are closely related, there are differences between them and some of the differences are quite significant. The issue of creativity and spiritual is somewhat addressed under the topic of “The Creative Spirit and the Spirit of Spirituality/Religion.” That discussion covers some of the basis point relating to the concept of spirit. However, the relationship of creativity and mysticism takes us to a much deeper level of understanding about the unseen nature of the Universe. As such it is appropriate to talk about the relationship of creativity and mysticism.

Mysticism is that aspect of humanity whose focus is on access and developing a relationship with the Source of Creation. It needs to be remembered that creativity takes us into the unknown. The unseen realms of Creation in which mystics deal is part of the unknown for most individuals. We should not be surprised if we stumble into a mystical experience as we explore the depth and breath of our own creativity. Accessing our unlimited creativity takes us to the source of our being. It is almost inevitable we will stumble into the Source of Creation.

Mysticism is typically characterized as a belief that through love a man or woman can achieve a direct and immediate consciousness of God, Divine Truth or whatever you may call it, without the use of reason or any of the ordinary senses. It affirms the idea that truths about the unknown and unseen elements of Creation may be directly apprehended by intuition and/or meditation. A mystic is one who embraces such an understanding and have had experiences of this truth.

As we can come to see, such truths can be gained. We can be accessed these truths through relatively simply techniques using out intuitive guidance and they contribute quite powerfully to any creative effort. In fact, accessing the deep undercurrents of Creation can give, but not necessarily will give, what many call mystical experiences every time they are entered. This is why it is recommended we are in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration when we enter these deep undercurrents. If we are in this state of creative play and access the Source then we will be in the proper state of being to explore what we find.

Because the heart is usually associated with love and/or mystics and the heart is symbolic of the flow of energy that lies at the source of our creative powers, we can see why conscious creativity as described within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology can be called applied mysticism. Applied mysticism is not about becoming a mystic. Rather it is about becoming a conscious creator where we access the truth of our own being through our own heart. The heart is the symbol of the flow of our creative life energy. In it and what we feel lies the source of our creative powers. Conscious creativity is to consciously act on what we know to step into the world and change the world based on the intuitive understanding we gain.

It needs to be noted that an increased observation is made in this area and it found there is a piece that has been missing in almost all mystical traditions. Most mystics have not learn how to step into the truth of their own being and explore why they have an ego in the first place. Similarly, they usually do not step into the truth of their own heart provided by their intuition and act on that truth in the world. Rather, they follow someone else’s truth, usually the truth found within the tradition or the path of their teacher rather than their own truth.

From a creativity perspective, shamans come the closest to living and being the truth of their own being in the world rather than mystics. Most mystics withdraw from the world and their disciples do the work in the world not them. There are reasons for this withdrawal and it has to deal with the level of their creative powers that they have, or have not accessed. The problem is that we can’t live our truth from the mind and what it thinks and what it has been told. It has to be done through the heart and through feelings. Living a mystical truth in the world as the world currently exists is extremely difficult. To do so is to ultimately walk the left hand path. It is much easier to withdraw from the world than walk the truth of one’s being in the world. The intent and purpose of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provides the doorway for you to enter this world if you so choose. If you act to became a conscious creator you can expect to have mystical experiences. However, if you become a mystic you will not necessarily become a conscious creator.

On the point of becoming a mystic or a conscious creator an important distinction needs to be made here. To mentally know we are an  multidimensional and infinite creative being as one discovers in the mystical experience is one thing. To act on that knowing even when our enculturated mind and society can not fully embrace what that means is something completely different. Acting on that knowing will result in a completely different experience of physical Creation. The difference is a great as night and day. In fact, the proverbial comparison of light being equated with awareness and understanding (enlightenment) and darkness equated to unawareness and lack of understanding is an attempt to bridge the magnitude of this difference. But the issue is not about a mental understanding, awareness and enlightenment as opposed to a lack of understanding, unawareness and unelightenment. It is the difference between knowing and not acting on what we know and knowing and fully acting on what we know.

The issue is acting and, in particular, acting on the truth of our being not the truth of another or a tradition. For example, to say there exists a God within another is very different than living and acting from that truth. To act on that truth is to realize we, as is each individual, are the perfect expression of that God. We are having the perfect experience desired by that God that resides within us. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with what we are experiencing no matter how joyful or painful it is. It is what the God within created and desires, for whatever reason, to experience. More importantly, the individual who stands before us whomever they be - lover, enemy or an annoyance and irritation or the experience we have is exactly what this God within has chosen to create an experience. To deny what is before us and the experience we have in any way and/or to deny the role of the God within in creating it and is to deny what is within our own being. So too each aspect of our own life. He or she who stands before us, whomever they are and whether we like them or not, is exactly what we have asked to experience.

If you read and act on what is in this material, you will see for yourself the truth of these words. For many, these words are too much to be believed and just another impossibility to be faced.

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