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Creativity is about bringing into exists something not seen or previously experienced. It does not matter whether it is seen or unseen or lies in the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical dimension.

Traditionally, spirituality was about the unseen aspects of Creation and that which pertain to the spirit. The spirit and that which is spiritual was about animating force or spirit within our being that brings forth life.

Spiritual as defined pertains to, having the nature of, or consisting of spirit, as distinguished from matter. It Pertains to or affects the immaterial nature or soul of man. It is about being of or pertaining to God or to the soul as acted upon by the Holy Spirit. It is seen as being holy, pure, sacred or religious, ecclesiastical and not lay or temporal.

The concept of spirit has been defined as the vital essence or animating force in living organisms especially man and often considered divine in origin. It is seen as the part of a human being that is incorporeal and invisible and is characterized by intelligence, personality, self-consciousness, and will; the mind and the emotional faculty of man, the heart. It is seen as the substance or universal aspect of reality, regarded as independent of and opposed to matter. In the Bible, the creative or animating power or divine influence of God. This spirit as an entity is has been experience as a supernatural or immaterial being, as an angel, demon, elf, fairy, etc or a disembodied soul regarded as manifested to the senses often as visible a ghost or specter. In very old interpretation it is any of several fluids formerly supposed to inhere in the body and to control various essential processes as nutrition, circulation, and motion and/or the breath.

Since creativity is about brining into existence an experience of any or all of that which is discussed under the definition of spirituality, spiritual and spirit or simultaneously can be seen as an a subset of Creation. What needs to be recognized is that modern physics changed how it is possible to deal with the unseen. Physic has changed what the concept of the unseen is all about. Additionally, it was seen that everything depends on energy. There is no motion nor is their life without a movement of energy. In many ways energy is seen to animate life and replaces the traditional concept of that which is spiritual. As a result may of the traditional concepts of spirituality and those of physics and energy have become blurred. One good example are the experience of the neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor author of the book, "My stroke of insight." Yet that which give live is an energy. Without a flow of energy nothing move.

The true relationship of spirituality and creativity centers on the creative life energy that manifest the universe and sustains our being is creative. Spirituality is only one way of describing and working with this creative life energy. Creative is another. Physics is another. Biology is another. It can be said spirituality is only one facet of the a crystal, As such, spirituality and the other aspects of this energy reflects a different aspect of this energy. Sometimes creative is the more appropriate way to view this energy and at other time it is spirituality.

Form a creativity perspective, creative power lies in feeling. The question is what do we feel and what gives rise to what we feel? How powerful are our passions? How deep are our convictions and how much passion do they cause to arise? What are we willing to sacrifice for our beliefs? For whom would we climb a mountain or swim an ocean? What are we afraid of? What do we feel unable to talk about? What can't we secretly stop thinking about?

The relationship in our own life relative to the relationship between creativity and spirituality is what do we think and believe that we call spiritual allows us to access the energy and passion to create what we desire. Similarly, what do we think and believe which will thwart the free expression of our creative spirit. The recommendation made here is to hold our creativity sacred and allow everything, including that which we call spiritual to be malleable

We each need to consider what serves us, and what doe not. We need to look for the" ah" feeling in what we think do and say. It needs to be remembered, spirituality is a concept of the mind. What a Moslem thinks is spiritual is not necessarily what a Jew thinks is spiritual and both would not necessarily agree with what a Buddhist, Taoist, Shintoist, Hindu or Christian thinks is spiritual. We will be misled if we think that which our mind thinks is spiritual serves us. Rather, it is suggested we use the ah feeling to know what serves us and what allows us to come to life and feel alive.

Much of what makes us feel alive may be what people call spiritual. But we need to look at the feeling we get not the label give it. For example, many would not think the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is spirit and some have even said to work with the material is about working for the dark side. Yet in some ways that is true. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding does bring light into that which is dark by knowing what lies in the dark. The rainmaker is not afraid to go into the dark to retrieve a lost aspect of a persons soul.

It is the classic explanation of the shamanic soul retrieval. God, the Creator or whatever has given us life. That which brings life into us and allows us to feel alive aligns with that Source and flows from that Source. On this point, it is highly recommend we use that feeling of ah" or its equivalent and look to what brings life into us. It has been observed, what people think is spiritual is not quite right and what they think about sex (including Tantra) is not quite right. Spirituality is a concept of the mind. The satisfactory feeling or inner satisfaction, is of the heart. We should not be mislead by labels. We need to look to the feeling in all that we do regardless of what mind thinks and judges as to what gives us that satisfactory feeling. It is highly recommend we use that satisfactory feeling to guide what we do.

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