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 The love of the mystic 


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This discussion addresses the question "Exactly what is this love that the mystic uses to access the Divine?" If it were readily available, we would be creating mystics a dime a dozen. But we donít. So the question is, "What exactly is this love that allows us to experience that direct and immediate consciousness of the Source of Creation?"

Mysticism and the mystic: The typical dictionary definition of mysticism and the mystic is as follows. Mysticism as typically defined is characterized as a belief that through love, in particular, a spiritual love, a man or woman can achieve a direct and immediate consciousness of God, Divine Truth or whatever you may call it, without the use of reason or any of the ordinary senses. The mystic is one who obtains such understanding and experience through love.

The answer to the question above based on the deep compassion to free the heart of another which become the occasion for the author to experience the Ultimate Accident and have an experience of the Source of Creation - a direct and immediate consciousness of the Creator is as follows:

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