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The source of our creative life energy and our creative power lies within our being and is ultimately the Source of Creation. It is not found outside ourselves but within our own heart. It is the source of our life and what animates our being and provides an inner satisfaction and internal joy and bliss which never runs dry.

We can never be removed from it. But, through the illusion of mind, we can separate ourselves from the joy and bliss it can provide. We can also disable our ability to manage it to create the life of our choice and/or a life worth living.

The flow of our creative life energy existed before our current mind and ego developed . To access this energy, we need to step out of mind. We need to step out of the thinking and judging mind and its associated ego. We need to surrender to the flow of this energy to become intimately familiar with it by allowing it lead and manage our life. Once we learn its intimacy and how it communicates to us, we are then free to manage and direct the flow in whatever way that we wish.

To understand how the source of our creative life energy and creative power is the Source of Creation and we can never be removed from it, we need to understand that energy and consciousness are one and the same. Yet we do not always see how they are related. The more conscious and aware we become on any particular topic, the more energy we will have available in that area of life. We do not necessarily see it as the energy. But it is nevertheless present. We see and/or experience this energy manifesting as understanding of a simpler way of achieving our aim with greatly reduced effort. We come to see education and understanding making life easier In reality we are only working with energy in the realm of the mind through awareness to access energy from a consciousness perspective and in consciousness before it manifests into physical manifestation.

To access energy from the energy perspective we need to step out of mind and surrender to the flow energy itself. Our heart and what we feel is the source of our energy. We will have to look to the feelings of the heart, or within the heart, and allow the heart to lead. As we learn to access our heart and follow the love of the heart and that which gives us passion for life we will find a phenomenal amount of energy accompanied by joy and bliss. However mind can mask the heart. If mind has interjected itself, the joy and bliss we feel, as will the energy, will evaporate and become dry. We will lose the pleasure and we will become tired, if not sleepy. In fact, this is one of the ways we put our consciousness to sleep. That is, we let our mind mask as their heart and what we feel. If we are out of mind and freely allow the heart to lead, we will not lose the joy and bliss and the energy will sustain itself giving us all that we need to accomplish what we seek.

This principle in turn leads to a “rule of thumb” about whether or not we are being lead by our heart or mind, especially when we achieve what we have set out to do. When we are lead by the heart, no matter how difficult the path becomes and no matter what happens in the external world, we continues to have the energy and passion to move forward. We act because it is correct to act and we leave the result to destiny. We do what needs to be done no matter what it looks like. Yet, there is an inner satisfaction and inner joy whether or not our efforts are recognized and/or accepted by the external world.

When we live from the mind or follows the heart as directed by the enculturated mind we will find an evaporation of our energy and enthusiasm for what we intend to do. Often we are tired, and/or we feel we are exerting great effort to do what needs to be done. When we achieves our objective, there is a hollowness and a feeling of unfulfillment, or a feeling as though something is missing no matter how successful the world may think we are or how successful we are in meeting the standards of our mind.

The difference between heart and mind is the difference between work and/or a job and play and doing what one loves to do whether or not they get paid. To remain aligned with the Source of our creative life energy, we need to transform as much of our life as possible to play and do what one loves to do. That does not mean we do not get paid for what we do. Rather, our work and our play are one.

If we can learn to walk and dance to do the dance between mind and heart we will be able to use our wisdom and understanding to guide us in the easiest path and yet access the tremendous flow of energy from the source/Source. The key to accessing the combined source of energy from the mind and the heart is to surrender to the intention that we hold with all our heart allowing our intuitive guidance and body wisdom to lead us, as opposed to our thinking and judging mind. On this note, to hold something with all our heart is to desire with passion the way a drowning man gasps for air, that is, as if our life depended on it. It is our deep longing of the heart that ultimately fuels creation.

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