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The source of our being is what gives us life and allows us to feel a passion for live and for living. It is a feeling. It is a deep feeling which inspires us to act. It is a feeling that makes us feel deeply alive. When we are at the optimum point, we are aware of the infinity of the depth of this feeling. For some it is frightening and appears as a deep abyss. For others it provides such a feeling of expansion that they are terrified they will blow up like a balloon and pop.

This feeling will be accompanied by an image or thought as to what we think give rise to this feeling or is the cause of this feeling. Most see it as an external causes. Many of us see it as that individual to whom we become attached and call our “soul mate” or our beloved. Others of see it externally but something so huge that it cannot be embodied in a human form so we see it as the Beloved or as God.

Yet wherever we think is in error and whatever we feel is only the tip of the iceberg. When at the source of our being we stand at a bridge point. Looking outward, we have the passion, the energy the desire to engage life to create something of intrinsic value to us wether it be an experience or some object. Looking inward and outside of what we think and believe about ourselves we will find and access the Source of Creation.

However, we cannot step into the Source of Creation for our own mind and what we think and believe keeps us out if it. It is something we fall or stumble into as in the Ultimate Accident. We can create the conditions to increase the possibility of an experience of the Source. But there is nothing we can do that will give us the experience. The whole journey to live the truth of our being and explore the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity will increase the possibility of accessing the Source. It is not so much by design but a natural byproduct of living our truth and acting on our inherent unlimited creativity.

The reason for this is as we come to see if we stumble into the Source is that the source of our being and the Source of Creation are actually one and the same. Hence, being at the source is a bridge point. We do see and experience them as one and the same because of our mind and what we think. Mind is finite and a product of Creation. It is too small a vehicle to hold an experience of the Source. So, whatever it experiences it encapsulates and characterizes as a thought or image based on the experience it has had and creates the source of our being.

The energy that flows form the Source is the same flow of energy in the source of our being. When we are in that flow of energy and totally surrendered to that flow, we are in the Source. We just do not realize it because mind keeps focusing on what it knows and has experienced. We may know the source but we can only feel the Source. In any case, we can act on the knowledge and know we have an infinite Source available to us to create what we desire. However, to act on that knowledge, we need a vessel, container or  belief system that is large enough to contain the flow of energy we access to create what we desire or we need to simply step out of mind and surrender to the flow without attachment.

It needs to be understood, there is a price to pay for any creative effort.Because of the nature of the creative process and what it means to create, there is a sacrifice and what needs to be sacrifice cannot be known by mind before hand. It is here whatever we create should somehow be offered to others. Either what we create is for others and not ourselves or we give to others what we have found. It is in giving we open ourselves to the flow from the Sourceand we become a pass through for the Source. We cannot hold what comes from the Source or control it with our mind.
The Source is infinite and we are finite. If we try and hold what we access, we will destroy ourselves in some way and keep ourselves in separation. However, we can be a pass through. If we allow what is in us that is coming out of us in the form of our creativity and somehow direct it to another or others without expectations and/or attachments, we become a pass through. We can experience the Source within and sustain what we found. We seeming separate ourselves from the Source when we try and hold it in some way or control it.

We can look at issue as follows. To create any experience we need a certain amount of energy. To direct that energy into what we desire we need a certain size pipe so to speak that is sufficient large to channel the flow and not loose any of the energy we need. However, if the pipe or channel we are trying to use is too small to carry the energy, we will be unable to create what we desire. The size of the pipe or channel is determined by our belief system. To create something huge, we need a huge channel or container. 
This is why individuals who create large projects often have a huge ego. It is not that we need a huge ego to create huge projects. But what often happens is holding a belief system that allows for us to create huge projects gives the individual a huge ego. The ego is the product of the belief system. We can, and individuals do have, beliefs systems that are capable of creating huge projects but yet have an ego that is very pleasant to be around. If we hold to a perspective where we hold our creativity sacred and not our ego, we are free to surrender to whatever flow is required and move to accommodate the flow in whatever way we need. In essence, we become a creative shape shifter and shift our shape according to the needs of the unfolding creation.

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