Two rowboats and a helicopter -
An offer routinely made to claim our birthright


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It was stated in the discussion “Our Birthright” that we must claim our birthright. If you seek your birthright you shall find it for it is always been offered to you in some way. But to seek it you have to look within and align with it through feeling.

On this point of accepting your birthright when offered, it is much like an old joke which goes as follows. There was a religious teacher whose place of worship was being flooded. You can substitute the religious teacher of your choice - priest, minister, rabbi, mullah, guru or whatever - and the place of worship - church, synagogue, temple, mosque, tabernacle as you like. As the story goes, there is a great story and the river water is rising to flood the place of workshop. A rowboat rows up to the door way and say, “Get in the row boat, you will be safe, the water is rising.” The teacher says, “God gave me this church and He will protect me.” The rains continue and the water rises. When the water is up to the alter, another rowboat comes. The teacher is told, “Get in, the dam will break and flood your place of worship.” The teacher replies, “God gave me this place and He will protect me.” A little while later, the teacher is up on the roof and a helicopter comes with a rope and the pilot says, “Get it, the dam is breaking.” The teacher replies, “God gave me this place and He will protect me.” The next thing the teacher knows is that he is standing before God in heaven and asks, “Why didn’t you protect me?” God replies, “What do you want, I sent you two row boats and a helicopter - why didn’t you get in?”

So too our birthright. We get offers and occasions all through our life to accept and act on our birthright. We are never removed from it and it cannot be taken away from us.. However most of us are reluctant and refuse to take responsibility for what we create when offered. A part of us knows our enculturation cannot do justice to explain and/or show us how to live in Physical Creation where we do have an active role is determining why we are here and we create the experiences we have. Although it is necessary to forget our role in how we created the experiences we have to have the experience of our creation, most of us prefer to be kept in the dark about our role. It is easier to blame others, or even God, for what we experience that to create something different. Yet such an attitude lead to a victim consciousness where we are as a puppet on a string at the mercy of God or others. The bottom line here is that we cannot blame God for not offering to help. People and situations are routinely sent into our life for to consciously claim our birthright.

The only real question is, “How much pain and suffering do we need to experience before we choose to understand the role of pain and how we do create the experiences we have?”

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