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The energy of the universe can exist in a wave form or a particle form. In either case, the energy has a component that permeates all of reality. Although it may be infinitesimally small at any particular location, it nevertheless exists. A particle is only an energy that has localized itself into a given form at a given point. Again, although most of the particle’s energy is localized at a point, it energy still permeates all of reality. Our body is a localized energy that exists at a given location but it has a portion that permeates all of reality and is capable of sense all of reality. However, it is best suited for sensing physical reality as a whole and it is even better the closer it gets to any one particular object. We only needs to appropriate focus our body’s attention and awareness to use this ability.

To observe the wave nature of your body, we need to understand and accept that our body is just like the antenna of a radio or TV that senses the electromagnetic signals that then generates the music we hear or the TV picture that we see based on the electromagnetic energy it senses. How we focus our awareness and attention is how we “change” channels.

Our body is always sensing and experiencing the energy of the environment in which we find ourselves. Our body continually relays that information to the brain but as a human, we filter most of it out so we can have the experience of being human. If we were aware of all that we can sense, we would not perceive the separation it takes to live as a human.

In any case, in many ways the body is much like an antenna of a radio. The antenna on your radio or TV is only a piece of metal that is sensitive to radio or TV waves in the air. If TV or radio waves are present, the antenna vibrates and by tuning the receiver you can transform the vibration in the antenna to a sound that you can hear and/or use. The antenna continues to vibrate whether or not one turns the receiver on. Without the receiver, the antenna serves no purpose.

Our bodies do the same thing. It senses the energy of its environment and then translates that energy into perceptions, the strongest of which what we call feelings (physical and emotional). Weaker signals we perceive as sensations, thoughts or simply the whisper of a sensation that something passed through our being. Some of these can be converted to images based on the experiences one has had.

In this regard, It is inherent in the nature of your body to think thoughts. Our body will think thoughts but those thoughts are not necessary ours thoughts but characteristic of the energy we are sensing. What needs to be understood our particular body is unique. It does not pick up the same identical signals as another. Consequently, we can fully expect to think differently than another. It does need to be noted that different size and shaped antennae receive different electromagnetic signals. So too with our body. The difference in our size and shape cause each of our bodies to act like different antennae sensitive to slightly different energies. Similarly, the chemistry of our bodies, although extremely similar, are different and these variations influence why we see differently than others. The particular physical body you have (size, blood type, metabolism and the like), our genetics make up (both expressed and unexpressed), and the conditions of enculturation under which we were born (time, place, location, and such) determines the type of antenna that we physically are, how it can be used and what energy we are capable of routinely perceiving.

The enculturation of our life, what we have learned, been taught and the experiences we have had, is what determines how we have been trained to use this antenna. Our current life and the conditions of our life is how we are currently using the antenna. How we are currently using our antenna and how we have been taught to use it may have give us extremely little understanding of the full rage of capabilities it has.

It behooves us to have the receiver of our mind tuned to pick up and monitor what the body is sensing. To do that we must first turn it on and we do that by choosing to become aware of what the body is sensing. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel our bodies because of past hurt and pain or because we have numbed ourselves because of the pain of not aligning with the flow of our creative life energy we will have to reestablish the ability to feel. Even when we do feel, most of us, however, do not listen to our bodies or our body wisdom. Our minds have been trained to think, judge and keep active so we miss what the body is trying to communicate to us. Many of us intentionally keep the mind occupied by thinking as a way to avoid what we are feeling.

All of the signals the body senses are picked up by the nonconscious mind and the nonconscious mind can present to your conscious mind images, thoughts and “knowings” such that you know things but you don’t know how you know or where the information came from. The information just seems to “pop” into your mind. However, if you are too busy thinking of other things or we have trained ourselves to disregard and judge these thoughts, then we will miss the information that is being communicated to us. Remember, creativity is the way consciousness communicates. Our body consciousness will become creative in order to get our attention. The consciousness that is inherent in our body is trying to communicate with our mind and it will become creative by trying to relay to us the best way it can the information it has. It will use body feelings and sensations or it will use images and thoughts that we can understand figurative or literally. However, we have to be listening to receive the communication.

What needs to be noted that most of us have not been in touch with our physical body, have not been properly trained to use it, or are not using it properly. Even if we are already a psychic or think we have perceived the ultimate knowledge of the universe because of the experiences we had because of becoming enlightened, there is a very good chance we are not properly using our body for all that it is capable of being. If we were, we would our consciousnesses would be interacting at a completely different level of awareness.

What needs to be understood, is that as an antenna, we both receive and send out energy. We do so by how we focus our awareness and attention both consciously and subconsciously. When it is subconscious it is a continual broadcast or reception of information. When our focus is conscious it is either the amplification of an existing broadcast or reception, or it is equivalent to turning on a new transmission and transmitting.

Our beliefs act as the boundaries that determining in part the energy that we perceive and create what can best be described as standing wave forms that create the illusion of reality. Our belief locks the creative life energy that we experience into patterns and we call them thoughts. If we hold our attention on the thought long enough and put enough energy into it, that belief will manifest as a physical experience and we will have turned a conception into a perception. The beliefs we hold lock our energy and our view of reality into an unchanging focus that maintains this locked focus by the judgments and discriminations we make in comparison of good and bad or one thing or experience being better than another. The boundaries that prevent us from radiating out in all dimensions thorough all portions of the universe being the unlimited and unbounded being that we are similarly receiving such energy transmission are really only created in one way. The way is by what we choose to believe. Only in stepping out of mind do we break the way we are currently sensing the energy of reality and create the space to the depth and breath of our true sensitivity.

The body we have best suits who and what we are as an evolving consciousness or rather unfolding consciousness. It allows us to create what we desire yet we are restrained in our creation so as not to create things and experiences that we would otherwise regret. However, we must first become mindful and aware of 1) how and what we think and believe and 2) what we long for in our hearts to understand exactly what we are creating and how. Otherwise we create subconsciously and never understand how creative we really are. In essence, we have to make our subconscious conscious.

Our particular body is the perfect vehicle for what we came to do. Whether we chose wisely in anticipation for what we wished to accomplish in life or we chose impulsively and irresponsibly only to get a vehicle to allow us to become physical, we nevertheless have chosen perfectly. Perfectly for what we needed to learn or to understand about how we create. If we are not mindful and aware and not wise but irresponsible then the lesson we have to learn is to become mindful and aware and wise in our choices. On this point, it needs to be fully understood, that whether we have some type of ailment or disability with our body or whether we like or dislike our body it nevertheless is sufficient and adequate. Illness and disease does not mean we made a bad choice of vehicle or we are somehow punished. Many time the illness and disease is exactly what we needed to experience to create the experiences we desire. It needs to be remembered there is only experience. Everything that exists in any form will pass a way. Only experience is what continues on and on and there are an infinite number of which we can experience.

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