The creator of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences


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Through out the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material it is said, or its equivalent, that we are the creator of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences. Most find these two statements too much to be believed. The discussion topic "Too much to be believed" addresses some of the reasons why such statements are so hard to accept. Yet one of the more fundamental reasons why we donít believe such statements is that we donít have any way of understanding how it is possible.

The energy consciousness model and the phenomenon of pair production and pair annihilation provide us a way to see how the environment and the unfoldment of a creation are integrally related and connected to each other and how the inner is reflected in the outer. They provide a way to see how what we think and believe manifests into a physical experience through the relationship of energy and consciousness. The related discussions on these topics look to find a way to help us see the truth of how we each are an independent point of consciousness and a creation within a creation, each sharing, or rather creating with, a common set of "creation rules" for this time and place on earth through which we are held bound through our body. The two topics how we create our experiences and how we create the reality we experience addresses these subjects directly.

The discussions hyperlinked above provide a way to see how we each can create our experiences and how we create the reality of those experiences. However, none of these discussion can convince you that you create your experiences and the reality of those experiences. It is something each of us must consciously experience for ourselves and come to know experientially. It is not sufficient to think or say we believe it and mouth the words. We must act to create something as a conscious creator that allows us to know we are such a powerful being.

  • The following is one recommended way to experience such creative power. Read the various hyperlinked files to give yourself a perspective that what is said here may just be true.

  • Contemplate these discussions and play with the pros and cons in your creative imagination  exploring options and possibilities.

  • Choose a creative endeavor that allows you to transcend your own thinking and limiting beliefs. That is, choose to create something that is larger than yourself appears possible for a human or humans to create but impossible or not likely that you can create

  • What you choose should serve your creative needs and allow you to create a life worth living. That is, you donít sacrifice yourself doing something you donít enjoy, does not provide an inner satisfaction and/or does not fulfill you. If you are going to sacrifice yourself to create something larger than yourself, then choose something that is enjoyable.

  • Whatever you choose should serve another more than it serves you. Doing so helps to transcend the ego and helps to keep the ego form getting in the way..

  • It should be something that you think is impossible so that you transcend the limitations of your current thinking, ego and beliefs of your current mind. It doesnít really matter if you ultimate create it. What matters is to attempt it will take you "out of mind" and allow you to transcend your limiting beliefs. In fact, you will probably become surprised at how much you could do pursuing something that at first appeared impossible.

  • Once you have identified what you will create, then ask your intuitive guidance how you should go about creating it. Ask it what you first step should be.

  • Whatever your intuitive guidance provides you, honor it. Use the desired creation and the associated intuitive guidance you receive as a single point focus to guide your actions.

  • When you have acted on and implemented your intuitive guidance, ask it for the next step and then next until you create what you desire.

  • You will surprise yourself in what you can accomplish - even if what you initially choose seemed impossible.

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