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A process we all follow overview

Although any generality involving human beings will be false, nevertheless it can be said that we all follow a process causing us to lose our spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. This process is the basis of such statements as man being born with an "original sin" or some "fall from grace." The process goes something like this. We are born, we lose the innocence of spontaneous play causing a disconnect between mind and heart. That is, we live the expectation of our external world versus the pull and desire of our internal world and creative spirit. We make peace with the damage we suffer until one or more crises and/or disappointments with life occur that challenge who we think we are and how we defined how the world works requiring us to explore if there is not something more to life. Here we all face the choice of how we will pursue the pain we feel. It can be numbed, denied, addressed but its root remains unexplored or we can explore the roots of our pain. How we choose makes all the difference.


In talking about humans and the human experience there is probably no general statement that can be made unless that statement is that we all are born of a woman and we all die. It can also be said that we will live in a male or female body that normally has a the same minimum number of essential parts, and each of us need to breath air, eat food and drink water. Other than that, there always seems to be exception to any statement that can be made about the human experience or there is always something or some one that lies well beyond several standard deviations of the normal distribution of a population. What is clear is there is no one general pattern to being human. We each lead very unique and different lives.

Yet there is a process that is so general to humans and that is never discussed that no matter how great the mind and how spiritually enlightened an individual may become they still see the human experience as some how less that adequate - that there is something less than Divine in the physical experience. There is a tendency to think that which is Divine and spiritual is somehow separate from that which is physical and material. Something about the physical experiences removes us and separates us from the Source of Creation, that God or that Divinity that individuals perceive as lying behind Creation or outside Creation. They may claim that the human achievement is the greatest accomplishment of God and is the human is the pinnacle of Creation. Yet, they urge individuals to obtain a spiritual state that is somehow closer to God or somehow better than being in Physical Creation in a physical body.

Others claim that all is one and all emanate from the same material of Creation yet the physical experiences is somehow made this Divine substance out of which everything is created something less that Divine in its materialization. The Divine somehow loses its Divineness in becoming physical. There is a tendency to see Physical Creation itself as something less than spirit and something to be transcended. Because physical Creation is what it is and the existence of this strange phenomenon of the Divine becoming incarnate losing its Divinity in the process, many have said that man is born with an "original sin" or some "fall from grace" and that we need to find our way back to a state of eternal bliss and joy, to find Heaven.

Few ever seem to talk as though the Physical Creation could maybe be the greatest experience in both the seen and unseen realms of Creation. No one seems to want to think that maybe there are lines and lines of spirits waiting to get the privilege of incarnating into a human body for a physical experience. It terrifies many to think that maybe the human experience is the best that all Creation at any level has to offer.

Still, there is another view that even fewer talk about. It is the possibility that Physical Creation is no more or no less than any other realm of Creation, seen or unseen. Few want to think that maybe having a physical experiences is not much different than choosing to go to the beach or the mountains for a weekend vacation. It is only one of a variety of realities we can choose to experience. It may be no better or worse than any other. It is only different and one can obtain a different perspective about creation than they can in any other realm. It may be all the other realms of Creation have their equivalent analogs to any experience we have here.

We experience physical pain while in a body thinking there is no pain anywhere else. Yet it is reported again and again in the esoteric literature that other realms have their equivalent pain. However, the pain of other realms is described more as difficulties and/or forms of bondage, and or separation, but we only experienced them differently than pain. In particular, in Physical Creation it may be we experience our bondage, difficulties and separation more intensely. That is, we experience them as painful

It may be that Physical Creation may be the plane of existence that allows us to amplify both the pain and pleasure we find within our own being. It is as though physical Creation allows us the opportunity to bring to our awareness how separated and fragmented we really are and that separation is experience as pain. Hence, the desire and recommendation by much of the esoteric literature to leave the physical plane rather than risk experience the pain of our own internal separation. However, it may be that Physical Creation serves as a great tool for in the awareness of the pain we can realize our attachments and release them and/or deal with the separation we feel.

It is this latter statement, that we carry an internal separation that can be experienced as painful, is the basis of why some think we are born with an "Original sin" or "we fall from grace" in becoming incarnate in a physical body. But to leave the physical plane before we heal the separation we have within our being throws away and discards the real gift and purpose of the physical experience. We become physical to bring the separation within our own being into awareness to be processed and healed to return ourselves to a wholeness of being.

The truth of the matter is that the physical plane is a direct mapping or translation of our non physical being or spirit if you wish to call it that into a physical form. The separation we have within ourselves before we incarnate is only magnified and intensified in Physical Creation. If we leave before we heal that separation we take it with us back into the unseen realms. Here we would enter one of the realms described as hell. The gift of the physical plane is that it allows us the opportunity to directly experience our inner separation and heal that separation if we so choose to do so. There no "original sin" or "fall from grace" for we only reveal what is already inside us.

The normal state of any consciousness, whether It is All That Is or one of the infinite number of individuated points of consciousness that has not been biased by the mind inherent within consciousness is to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. That is our true state of being. In that state, without the interference of our mind, there is wonderment and "Ah" at all of Creation in any and all realms of Creation. This state of its own nature provides an internal satisfaction and joy and bliss that never runs dry. This state is what has traditionally has been seen as Heaven. It is a state of freedom.

However it is our natural state of being in any realm of exists physical or otherwise only if our mind allows us to live there. It is our mind and what we choose to retain in mind and how we choose to retain it that keeps us out of this state of being that allows for this inner satisfaction that never runs dry. In some ways we can say that Physical Creation is a "mind amplifier." That is, it amplifies what we have in our mind to see it expressed directly in physical manifestation. The problem is we have not understood the connection between that which we think and that which we experience for there is often a time lag between thinking and manifestation. In many ways, time too is a gift. It slows done the cause effect chain  and how fast we suffer the consequences of our thinking and gives us the opportunity to change how and what we think before it fully manifests.

We are born into Physical Creation with "a clean slate" or, for the more modern among us, an empty hard drive. No data is present to clutter up the operation. We have a free will to put whatever data we wish on the hard drive. Consciousness is always aware and awake and is perceiving at some level of it being and its awareness lies on a spectrum between its most dormant form and its most aware and awake form. Being born without a conscious consciousness or rather allowing our conscious self to go to sleep upon entering human life, we allow ourselves to have a clean slate. We allow ourselves temporarily to remove our mind from our actions.

Initially we are biased only by the time, place, the general flow of the energy of the universe at the time of our incarnation, and the flow of energy created by our care givers. The choice of time, place, flow of the universal energy and the flow of energy with our initial care givers sets, or fixes, the intention for our life. Here the term "set" or "fixes" is used in the context as concrete would set in a form to harden. These initial parameters, along with the genes in our body provides us with all the necessary starting parameters to achieve what we intend to achieve in our life time. As a minimum we will be able to see and experience how big a separation we have within our own being and that we have accumulated in our prior experiences within the Universe. We only need to maintain an alignment with the flow of energy within our being to achieve this end and there is much more latitude to do what we want to do than one would expect when one is in alignment with the intention for our life.

Other than needing to choose to be in alignment with the flow, we are free to define ourselves however we wish and still live with an internal joy and bliss and achieve what we intended to achieve. All we need to do is to surrender to the flow of energy within our being and allow ourselves to be in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the experiences that flow provides to us. If we can remain in this play long enough in childhood before we allow our conscious mind to interject itself with it judgments and memories, we will create a response to life that is very spontaneous, innocent and playful and be able discover and explore our way though life with a conscious mind and to surface and heal all the separations within our being in one lifetime.

It is an opportunity we all are offered at the time of our birth. We are born from Heaven into Heaven when we incarnate into a physical body whether we realize it or not. All that changes is the vehicle that we use for the experiences we have. That is, we take on a physical body. But the fact we take on a physical body does not remove us from the state of Heaven. By allowing our consciousness to be asleep, our conscious mind and all the judgments and biases it carries and all that it ever had experienced are also asleep. We are free for a short period of time to define ourselves and the spontaneous playful consciousness that we already are.

The gift of Physical Creation is that we are allowed or rather given the opportunity to awaken our consciousness within the same state of being in which we are born. That is, in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of both our internal and external worlds. In this state we would be able to define ourselves as a state of being in wonderment and "Ah" at the Universe with an internal joy and bliss and our internal compass. That is one form of our birthright and was available to each of us. In this state, we are be fully equipped to awake our mind and its memories and freely discovery and explore the separation with our being and literally and figuratively "play" our way into wholeness.

However, as we all know, something is lost and we are unable to maintain that state of spontaneous play. In essence we lose the connection between the mind and the heart. Rather than allowing ourselves to remain in the flow and alignment with the creative life energy within our being allowing it to lead us where it wants to go and do what it wants us to do, defining ourselves from within this energy, we learn to interject mind and go in other directions in response to our external world. We learn to define ourselves outside this flow.

Over time we come to believe how we have defined ourselves. As such, we keep ourselves outside the alignment with the flow of our creative life energy and the direction it has chosen for our life. Of course, we can step outside this flow only so far. The more we push the extreme edges of this flow the greater and greater resistance life offers us pushing us back into the flow though some experience of life that causes us to rethink how we have been living our life. For some it is an accident, for other it is an illness, for others it is an accident or illness of a loved one. Or, it may be simply a career set back or a disappoint in life even though we are achieving what our mind has learned to see as successful.

The overall process is just what we see as a normal life cycle or the way most experience life. We are born into a state of freedom and in spontaneous play. For a few years in life, we are free to do whatever we are lead to do before we become consciously aware starting to choose in response to our external world.

As we live life two things happen. One is that we learn to respond to life based on the experiences we have whatever they are. If we can live in freedom and play, we learn to respond to life in freedom and play. If our early care givers do not create the space for us to be free to discovery and explore the universe as lead for within our own being, we learn to respond to life based on how they consciously or nonconsciously channel our energy. Nonconsciously we copy their response to life for it is the only model we have to use. Consciously we learn to chose how we respond to life based on the pressure they exert on us to do what they want us to do.

The second thing that happens is that as we have experiences in life that remind us of the past, any habits that we developed in similar situations that we carry that we have not dissipated or dissolved surface as a nonconscious response to life. They lie dormant, but as soon as conditions are correct they surface and being to become active again. Some are useful and helpful to us in this new life where as others are distracting if not destructive in relation to what we incarnated to do. However, that separation between where our past habits are trying to take us as opposed to what we wish to create in this life is exactly the type and kind of separation within our own being we incarnated to heal. Past lives or past lives experiences discussed in many esoteric traditions are no more than past habits that normally donít surface until we have a current life experience that causes that habit to surface or rather causes us to fall back into that response pattern.

If we are aware of what is happening, that is, the surfacing of an old pattern, we are free to dissolve that pattern and make the energy available to create some new and more to our current liking. If we donít change the pattern, we simply recreate the past again and again. On this note, if we what to know our past lives we only need to look to see what deep habits and response patterns arise in our life in response to particular events. If we pull the string and look to see why we responded the way we do we will either find a response pattern we developed in this life or some other life. In either case, as we work with the memories and deal with what needs to be dealt with to dissolve the pattern and free the energy, we will experience a feeling of freedom, a rise in energy, or a clarity that we did not previously have. The deeper the pattern controls our life, the greater the feeling, rush of energy or clarity that have. Many experience what has been called the Kundalini rising.

As we move though life developing response patterns to external events and surfacing patterns from the past, we will slowly create a disconnect between our heart and what our heart wants and how we are responding to life. Unless we remain in that spontaneous play of childhood, dealing with what arises rather than allowing it to lead or direct our life, we will lose the connection to the heart.

As a child just learning about life few are able to deal with what their care givers want. The child does not have the life experiences, intelligence or the trust and respect their care givers that they, the child, knows what they are doing. They must be taught. Yet, many care givers expect the child to act a certain way before they teach the child.

In this regard, unless it is acknowledged that the child has an intuitive guidance and body wisdom that is guiding them and the care givers work to ensure the child is following that internal wisdom, the care givers have no reason to trust the child knows what they are doing and will impose their will, their thinking and their response to life on the child. Additionally, if the care givers cannot recognize when the child is no longer responding spontaneous to life but following some unexplainable response pattern rather than a free choice of will, the care givers will not help the child to understand they have fallen into a pattern of the past. Or, if the care givers do not allow and/or create the space for the child to fully process the hurt and injuries they may suffer as they move thought life, the child will slowly bind its creative energy by no longer being free to move in the direction that caused them pain. In time the child learns to respond to life in a way that takes them out of the spontaneous play.

In time, the childís body begins to mature and as body wisdom and intuitive guidance on push the individual towards life and a passion for living and desire to create life. They all are intertwined. The awareness of sexuality becomes an issue but so too the magnitude of the separation of how the individual is living their life and what they came to do. The whole issue centers around each of us being able to answer the question, "What life, physical or otherwise, do I need to bring into the world?" Sexuality is the natural outlet for this energy of creating life when one thinks that we are only our bodies and fail to realize how we use the same energy to create spiritual, emotion or mental lives and offspring.

The adolescent feels turmoil and rebellion. At one level they are is trying to live life based on all the response patterns they developed in childhood. Yet they know thorough their undeveloped body wisdom and intuitive guidance they have to go in some other direction, namely that of the intention for their life and create that life. But they have not developed the reliance on their internal compass and that feeling of internal bliss and joy to lead them through life. They have not been taught to do so. Rather, they have been taught to look externally for guidance. As they lost their ability to be in spontaneous play, they also lost the ability to follow that internal compass. The beginning of addictions and desire to escapes are not uncommon as the individual looks to ways to numb the pain/discomfort or distract themselves from the pain/discomfort they feel. By the time we reach adolescence, most of us have developed a thick mask of denial of our essence to please our care givers and the world at large. For some it occurs much earlier in life for others much later in life.

However we learn to live life in our childhood, we learn to make our "peace" with life. We look to find method of contentment that allows us to seeming balance what we incarnated to do and how we have learn and taught to live. In particular we learn to avoid the experiences of life that would challenge our contentment. The permutations and combinations are endless. For some, we adopt strong spiritual beliefs and hold God responsible for all that is not well. For others, we drown ourselves in knowledge and intellectualism so that we do not have to feel. Others turn to sports and athletics. Others develop addictions. Others simply turn off to life and become more like the walking dead. Other simply accept what said and say, "Thatís life" absolving themselves of any responsibility for what they are experiencing.

In time, one or more crisis occur in life which are door ways to challenge how we have defined ourselves to be and who and what we think we are and how we think the world works. Again, the way are endless. May suffer illness, divorce, seeming career failures and/or setbacks, accidents, and the like. Whatever the situation may be, our ability to rationally integrate what has happened causes us to challenge our own thinking. These events cause us to address one or more aspects of our being. The deeper and broader the challenge to our thinking and how we have learned to respond to life, the greater the transformation that is possible. To transform with the idea of recreating ourselves in some way, we will need to allow ourselves to address all these aspects. We do not need to wait until the world provides the opportunity. It must be remember that we can only push the edge of the flow of our creative life energy only so far and then it will push us back into the flow.

In any case whether we take the invitation of the universe to explore how we have learned to respond to life and find a way of living the provides that deeper inner satisfaction of bliss and joy that never runs dry or we just deal with what happens and get on with our life much as before is a choice of free will. We are free to chose however we wish to choose.

Whether or not you believe this is the generic process we all follow is only something that you can show yourself. If you wish to understand why this material is true and prove to yourself, you can take a little journey. It is the journey to seek your passion and your bliss that flows from your heart, not the mind and who you think you are and how you think the world works. For anything in life, we cannot give what we ourselves do not have. Unless our actions in life come for the essence of our life where we are free to respond to our truth, we will not give life to another but only creating another cage in which they are forced to live in. To understand why this is true, we will have to experiment and see what works and doesnít work for us and come to see how our creative spirit has been put into a cage because of how we have learned to respond to life.

To gain the freedom of our creative spirit, we will need to deal with all levels of our being. We will need to address our: 1) intellectual understanding [the how and why of our thinking and believing and the judgments we make] 2) emotional and self expressions [who am I and what do I love and live for?] 3) moral understanding [who and what is right?] 4) psychic understanding [what do I know without any way of knowing?]; 5) spiritual understanding [who or what is the nature of God. Who is my teacher/guru/priest and why?]; 6) physical understanding [diet, exercise, self regulation]; 7) relationship [why this person and not another?] and ) sexuality and creativity [what are we trying to create? Pleasure? Offspring? A new way of life and being? What do we desire to propagate and give to the world?]

What we will find is that there will be overlap between these all these areas and there will be periods where each one has an intensity that can be overwhelming and feel as thought it will destroy and consume us. However, each will take us to the depth of our enculturated ego of our current incarnated being. In this regard we each are very unique and have developed very unique ways of dealing with life. Each of us have particular methods which we will need to abandoned or they will hold us bound to the past. It is a solo journey but it canít be done alone. We will need others to experience ourselves. However, if we take this journey, we will need to let our heart and what we feel to guide us for it is the only reliable source of our truth that we have. That is, we can feel our truth in the expansion of our being.

The intention that we hold for life will determine the nature of the work we must do. It needs to be understood that any intention held consciously or nonconsciously by our enculturated ego or within our enculturated mind, for example the desire for freedom from pain, the desire for power, etc. will manifest within the larger intention for your life. The intention for your life establishes an envelop of opportunities to give you the necessary experiences to manifest that intention. What we do within that flow of energy is our choice.

The intention held by our enculturated ego determines what we actually do within this larger intention for our life and how much and how often we push the edge of its flow. If we wish to optimally align with the flow of our creative life energy to feel what is feels like we can do so and we have the choice to stay in this flow or leave it. However, if we stop, we delay the process and we preserve and/or save the enculturated ego. If we jump in and allow the process to lead, we can and will destroy the enculturated ego and return to that state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and play way though life and the healing of any separation we carry within our being. It is a gift of untold proportions available to us. We only have to desire to return to that state of creative play with the deepest longings of our heart and the universe will provide the opportunities. Of course, we have a free will and are free to accept them or not.

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